Chpt 5

You must be pleased I am writing this, because I am freezing while typing this. I'm fourteen now, being my birthday was on the eighth this month.

I don't own anything other then the story and plot line. Along with any lemons, if I put any.


Kanda had returned a few later, sweat dripping down his body, leaning against the doorway and gulping down the water in his hand. Ellen watched as he finished, and sat down to eat.

While he had been running, Kanda had made up his mind. He was going to confess to Ellen. Today. No one will stop him, not now. She was perfect, and understood him, she knew there was secrets he kept from her; yet she never tried to pry them out of him. He understood she had her own. He respected that.

Ellen smiled as he finished, before watching him come closer to her, and wrap an arm around her waist. He rested the bottom of his chin on top of her head for a second, thinking of how to word it. She was a bit surprised by how close he was to her. In the few days she had known him, she had leant that Yu Kanda hated to touch, and be touched. Kanda slowly lifted his chin from her head, and looked her in the eye, revealing love, compassion, and some confusion in her eyes.

Silently, he pressed his lips to hers; reveling in how soft they were against his. Kanda traced his tongue over her bottom lip, asking for entrance, pleased to find her open her mouth willingly to let him in. He swallowed her quiet moans of pleasure, pulling her closer to him, both hands settled on her hips; Ellen's arms wrapped around his neck and threading her finger through his hair.

They broke for air, the only sound being their pants. Kanda looked at her lovingly, her eyes slightly hazy from the amazing kiss. His confession ringing in the silence. "I… Love you, Ellen."

Ellen looked up at him, a bit surprised. She loved to here those words fall from his lips, the sound luring her to reply. "I love you too, Yu."

Kanda smiled at the used of his first name, and the reply to his feelings. He felt on top of the world. The woman of his dreams had just admitted her love to him, and was now smiling up at him.

Ellen's expression suddenly became sad, worrying him greatly. "Yu, I have something to tell you…"

"I'm not human, Yu."


Lavi watched as Lenalee sat at the table with her friends, longing to be near her, to be able to touch her. But that was a far away dream, especially when she had her sights set on Kanda, the lucky bastard.


Lenalee smiled at her friends, sitting down with them, feeling the hot gazes of lust sent her way by many boys.

"Lena, hun, what are you going to do? Your poor little dark night has run away. Perhaps a witch is holding him captive."

Lenalee smiled at her lackey. "I'm sure he has just gone off to find a ring, so that he may propose to me properly." At least, she hoped so. At that point, that was the only reason he would leave, other than being gay.