Scott devised a Truly Daring Plan.

Jean would enter the building quietly, and unnoticed. She would telepathically stun Eileen and get her out of the way. She was the loose cannon in the whole operation, and he was unsure whether she had been manipulated into the situation or had blithely gone along with it. Even he had to admit she was a bit of an airhead, though he hadn't really spent much time around her. Besides, she could have any number of unknown powers that she hadn't shown them and even if she couldn't do anything more than glow or walk walls, bright glowing could blind them all and, well, wall walking could get you just about anywhere.

Storm would follow and engage any guards that might still be alive in the building and serve as a distraction for Mystique.

Reagan would stay just inside the doorway, guarding it, and keeping an eye on the situation at hand. She could communicate with Jean, who would alert he and Storm to whatever might be happening.

Lastly he would follow and take out Mystique. They would turn her over to the police and take Eileen back with them to the Institute, where, hopefully, the Professor would be able to scan her mind and discover her motives for joining the Brotherhood, and any other useful information.

Logan would spend his time keeping the X-jet ready for takeoff should they need a speedy exit. Scott felt it would be an unwise risk to allow him anywhere near Magneto, where he might be bodily picked up and used for a weapon. Logan just sneered and muttered something about Scott not being man enough to handle a little competition.

Unfortunately Scott's "Truly Daring Plan," as is often the case with most daring plans didn't, well... it didn't quite go according to plan. He had misjudged a little something called Mystique's desire to rule the world.

Oh she had big plans. One of which was to knock off Magneto as soon as possible and take control of his little organization herself. So she fought and she fought hard. Sometime during the battle Jean telekinetically shoved Eileen to Reagan for safekeeping. Reagan just glared down at the little bundle of golden fluff and the moment she stirred, Reagan gave her a good jolt. It was highly satisfying to watch little purple lightning bolts zip through Eileen's mop of curly hair, like the electrodes in Dr. Frankenstein's lab.

Logan's voice crackled in her ear moments later.

"What's burning?" He asked.

Drat. She had forgotten about that sense of smell of his. "Nothing important." She hedged. "I'll put it right out." And she clamped her fingers over the frying bits of Eileen's hair. It was now slightly crispy looking, as though Eileen had had a really bad permanent, but otherwise she was none the worse for wear. Pity. Reagan wished for a good frying pan to knock her out with, but wishes do not always become frying pans. Even when one wants one very much.

"Is Eileen OK?" Logan's voice crackled again.

"Oh she's sleeping like a baby." Reagan assured him.

Meanwhile the fight was going on around her. Mystique was quite the acrobat, and seemingly as boneless as a cat at times. Storm's lightning bolts zipped around the area and tiny thunderstorms started here and there. Mistique continually changed shape so as to confuse her attackers, but she hadn't counted on Jean to lift her bodily so Scott could zap her with his optic beams. Once unconscious, she was little trouble.

They dragged her bodily to the X-jet, while Reagan followed behind, making sure Eileen's head bumped everything possible on the way inside.

What Scott hadn't counted on was Magneto's strength. He had been biding his time within his plastic prison, moving around discreet items to keep him mind active. Several blocks away, people had been wondering why their silverware wasn't always in the place they thought they had left it. So really it was a small matter to grab the bits and pieces of iron and steel Mistique had hidden away as weapons for him. His aim from inside his plastic prison wasn't very good, but the point was made. And they couldn't fight back. Zapping the walls of the plastic prison would just allow him to escape.

He was still just as strong as before. And when he got out, the X-men would pay. And there was no doubt in his mind that he would, eventually, get out.

* * * * * *

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