Bloody Perfect

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Rating: Teen – T

Warnings: There will be swearing and adult themes and violent situations and descriptions however nothing to the extreme.

Summary: Never before had Victor expected to feel so strongly for a woman. Never before did he expect for those feeling to be negative. Discovering that his other half was one of the cruellest criminal known to the present day was not something he expected. However he did not know her and soon he will discover how wrong he was about her. She was just that witty. ROMANCE!

Chapter 1

Victor was content. Well as content as he really could be at the moment. He had a good, well paid job which he hadn't screwed up. He was living in a nice flat in Denver, all the trouble in England had passed and he was having a peaceful time with his least annoying brother. The only thing that could really bother him was the issue of his soulfinder. But what could he do about that? Yves was working on that locater program and only two of his brothers had actually found theirs.

He couldn't help feel jealous but to tell you the truth, who wouldn't.

He got out of his new, shiny expensive car and entered his home. He was greeted by his mother's tiny embrace. She looked as happy as she usually did, perhaps a bit more than usual because of Sky and Phee and their many shopping trips but Victor couldn't help noticing that now she was slowly getting on and wasn't as energetic and fit as usual.

"Hello darling. I saw that you would be late so I saved some pizza for you. It's keeping warm in the oven," his mother always treasured the time she had with him especially recently has he was working in Denver for a lot of the time and also because out of everyone in his family he had the most dangerous job. Yes his family helped when it came to some of the bigger complicated cases but some of the smaller ones were actually more dangerous; an idiot running round with a gun for example shooting at whatever moved.

"Thank you," he said just as his stomach growled, he had had a small breakfast and skipped lunch. He heard the tinkling laugh of Sky coming from the kitchen. They were all seated around the table playing a board game.

"Zed, stop cheating!" Xav complained again, something he did almost every game.

"And just how am I cheating?" Victor raised his eye brow. Everyone knew how. Victor collected the spicy pizza from the oven and brought it to the table, enjoying the smell of spice and cheese. He pulled one slice apart from the others and was about to take a bite when the phone rang.

His mother fluttered over to get it and she answered in her cheery voice. Her expression turned sober, "Victor, it's for you. It sounds important." He put down his pizza, receiving the phone from his mother.


"Agent Benedict?"


"Emergency in Denver's downtown Theatre District. We're calling every officer available. We need you here now."

"What's the emergency?" He said getting up, sadly leaving his pizza and readying himself to leave. His family watched him as he fetched and checked his fire arms.

"A criminal is known to arrive there tonight and if what we think will happen, happens then there will be hundreds of casualties."

"What is he looking for?"

"We have no idea what she wants but all we know is we need to capture or kill her. We need as many talents as possible." 'Talents' was the word the FBI used to describe savants. "Get here now." He hung up.

"I'll see you later," he said striding outside.

"Victor! What's wrong?" His mother asked.

"There's going to be a massacre. Apparently." He entered his car and drove off.

Naomi shook her head in disdain. What idiots, to think that they could overpower her. The FBI were completely incompetent. They acted all mentally skilful and physically dangerous however they really were just a disappointment. They had all the technology; they just couldn't use it properly.

She looked around her. Blood and bodies. Disgusting. She didn't enjoy killing people which deeply contradicted the FBI's belief. In fact they believed she was just doing it all for fun and because of that she needed to be put down. However what they always seem to forget it was them who instigated the violence, she simply reacted too it. It was their fault for getting in her way in the first place. If they let her be then lots of lives could be sustained.

She was crouched upstairs in a corner looking down at the stage and the performance of 'Sister Act' going on. She scanned the audience looking for that someone. There! In one of the boxes left of the stage a portly man whose cheeks were bright red from all the wine he had been drinking. He was her target. He would be easy!

Before she knew it the auditorium became full of dozens of FBI agents all armed to the teeth.

"Can everyone please stay calm and evacuate the room now. We have an emergency here and we would prefer everyone to have left the room before blood and guts start flying" a head FBI guy told the audience. Naomi smiled. She had met this one before. He was her favourite who now went by the name of Bones, a very appropriate and well deserving title. He was a big black man who, of course, used to be a very successful criminal.

Naomi smirked, "I'm afraid that it's already a little late for that," downstairs a woman screamed. Naomi rolled her eyes, oh the theatrics, and stood up revealing herself.

Victor's radio went ballistic.

"The Criminal is already in the building! I repeat she is already here! All officers please arrive pronto. Driving rules be damned!" Victor recognised the speaker immediately. It was his friend Bones who, like Victor, was also a savant and had a fantastic sense of humour.

"Bones this is Papa Jones," Papa Jones was the guy who gave out the orders, "Shoot her. Capture if possible but we need her down. Tonight!" Victor was surprised. The order to just shoot did not come often at all. This Criminal must really be a bad one.

"Sir, the civilians have not-,"

"She is priority Bones!" Finally Victor arrived at the theatre and jumped out of his car gun at the ready.

"Bones I've arrived,"

"Vicky! I need you to convince her to drop her gun and surrender. I don't want to kill her today."

"What's her name?"

"No idea! When I used to work down under" Down under didn't mean Australia but the illegal world, "she had a lot of names." The connection broke off and Victor ran inside the building against the flow of fleeing civilians.

"Look here lady!" Bones was shouting at a figure leaning against one of the pillars on the second floor. She was dressed in all black and had one of those special hood masks so you couldn't make out a single feature. The only way you knew she was a woman was her very distinct waist and her rather large breasts. "Surrender or we will be forced to shoot!"

"Why?" she asked in an unusual accent, "I haven't done anything. Yet." Her voice was so provoking. Like she was teasing and mocking everyone in front of her even though they were all armed with machine guns and he could spot just a hand gun hanging at her hip.

"You are a threat to the wellbeing of the-"


"What are you on about woman! How can this be boring! If this is boring maybe I'll shoot you and then it will become interesting!"

"Vicky. Go upstairs and get behind her then do your thing,"

Victor slid past everyone and crept up the stairs.

Naomi was just wasting time squabbling with the funny guy a smile plastered on her face. She always knew that by smiling and acing all cute and shit people either misjudged her as being too weak or too powerful or it just got on their damn nerves but under her smile she was repulsed. She hadn't been happy in a long time. She could still see her target, now white with fear trying to open the door and run.

Then something caught her eye. One of the officers slowly and quietly prepared his gun and aimed. This one was a new one and was acting without permission. When he shot her then it would turn into a blood bath. She prepared herself moving her hand down to her gun, readying it.

BANG! She ducked and shot the young one right in the face. Dead. Then she ran and jumped into the box where her victim had just left. She sprinted after him retrieving the knife from her breast pocket. She very soon saw the wobbling thighs of her target. She shot him in the leg and he went down with a cry of pain.

She kicked him over and stood on his fat neck.

"You've got something that I want," she said in a pleasant tone at his white face; hiding the hate behind her mask.

Victor heard the shot and then the riot afterwards but he didn't stop running.

"She's gone into the box on the left hand side. I'm going to follow her but try to block her way out." Victor heard an unfamiliar scream. Turning the corner he saw her, bent over a fat man her hand covered in blood as she stabbed a knife into the man's shoulder.

"Don't lie to me," she said with a smile, "Where is it? You do know that I can make you feel even more pain. If I want to." When the man didn't answer she twisted her hand and he gave out another cry.

"Th-there's a hidden room behind the g-golden statue. You need a c-code and a k-key. You c-can get the c-card from K-kirkwood!" The last part was shouted in agony.

"What type of key?"

"S-swipe key," she sat up and removed her knife.

"Thank you so very much. You've been of great use to me." she said her voice sounded smooth and rich with a touch of menace. It was the type of voice which sent shivers down your spine and the hairs on your arms erect. Victor saw Bones sneak round the corner very slowly. He saw Victor then put his finger to his lips. He began to crawl up behind her turned back.

It was so quick he almost missed it but she stood up and kicked Bones right in the chest, sending him flying backwards. He heard a gun cock and knew that she knew where he was. Better just go for it he thought to himself.

"Hello," he said, "What's your name?" She paused considering him. They had never approached her like that before.

"Why do you want to know my name?" she asked slowly. Ink, that was what her voice was like. It smeared everywhere staining his ears and bled into his brain where it settled.

"If I don't know your name how can I address you?"

"My name…let me just think…Stella! You can call me Stella." Victor highly doubted that she was telling the truth, "It's a truly awful name however. Sounds very harsh and doesn't roll pleasantly off the tongue." What was that accent? It was very subtle but still he could notice it. She wasn't American that he was sure of, and she sounded nothing like Sky so she wasn't English.

"Well Stella perhaps you should put your gun down and then we can have a nice chat," he both said and thought it to her.

The words went straight through her barriers right into her head. Oh Lucifer! He's my soulfinder! Oh goodness! I have soulfinder!? She thought. But he didn't know. He didn't know that his soulfinder was a murderess, oh how she loved that word, it was a caress that fell off the tounge.

She was so sure that she would never find her half, God would never bless her so. But behind the words in her head was a layer of something.

"A moment please," she said. Fine, she would play along with his games. She looked down at her informant. There was hope in his eyes. Maybe he could be saved.

She shot him in the head. How could she let him live and tell the authorities what she wanted to know? She couldn't.

"I've dropped the gun," she said letting go of the handle so it crashed to the carpet.

"Why don't you put your hands on your head?" He said it with such a strange voice. It bugged her for some reason. Then it clicked. His power was to persuade!

"Why not," she said happily, putting her hands on her head. Then he revealed himself. He had a very handsome face! A straight nose, high cheek bones and nice dark eyes. But he had long hair. Not boy long. But girl long. As in past is shoulders. She despised men with long hair!

"Why are you pointing a gun at me?" she asked.

"Because from what I've heard you're highly dangerous."

"Well perhaps you shouldn't listen to rumours."

"Perhaps you can answer a few questions." Naomi heard footsteps and panting. She was being surrounded.

"Like what?" She quickly scanned the room. About 18 in total surrounded her all with AKs by the sounds of the gun cock.

"What is your name?" she met his eyes and stared. A smirk was the last thing he saw before she hit him across the head.

All the joy of finding out she had found her soulfinder had disappeared by the time she had gone home. In fact any joy at all had disappeared as she remembered why she was killing all these people.

Now this soulfinder had entered her life and she just knew he would defile her plans. Not to mention he was FBI. She hated the FBI! They're all rich arseholes who hold empty morals.

When she finally got her door open she was greeted by an empty fridge and a dark stuffy room. She tore off her hood and threw her jacket on the floor. She stormed into her armoury and placed all her weapons into their assigned spots. She was surprised with her bad mood. Just from meeting a man who apparently would be perfect for her. Just great.

Picking up her mobile she dialled and waited.

"'sup," a sleepy voice answered.

"I need information on an FBI agent,"


"No idea. Hispanic though, long black hair as in past his shoulders, dark eyes and I would say 6ft or over. Get me the info within the hour," then she hung up and slammed the phone down. She hadn't been this angry in a long time!

Victor woke up with a horrible headache. But at least he didn't hurt anywhere else aside from a slight ache on his shoulder. That must have been the place where he landed when he was knocked out.

"Agent Benedict?" Victor hauled himself up into a sitting position. "What can you tell us?" His boss was kneeling in front of him keen and impatient for any information. Victor took a second before answering

"She's foreign, however probably comes from a country whose main language is English," he started taking a glass of water offered to him and taking a sip, "and she's looking for something which is hidden behind the golden statue but you need a key and a code to get in which she doesn't have. The key is a swipe card apparently which someone called Kirkwood has."

"How do you know this?"

"She was torturing a man for information and that was the information he gave her. She also said her name was Stella but she made it up on the spot so it's most likely not her real name."

"We just call her Criminal. Is there any other information that you have collected? Do you know anything else about this Kirkwood figure?"

"No sir. What happened after I was out?"

"No one has any clue. We found you along with the bodies of 18 of our boys and if you add that to the 10 she took out earlier, that's 28 dead by the hands of one person. You were the only person who encountered her who is alive."

Twenty-eight dead in one day. It didn't seem like it, but that was a massacre. It was extremely rare for that many people to be on a mission to capture one person. Not to mention all of them were armed and had some of the best protection money can buy. His shocked demeanour told his boss that he wasn't ready for any more questioning today.

"If you remember anything call me up immediately and say."

"Yes sir." His boss helped him up then disappeared into a crowd of agents repeating the information and telling everyone to find out who this Kirkwood was. A medic came over to him and handed him some pain killers telling him he should be fine but he should go home and rest.

"Remember to sign out with the Sec and also you are not permitted to drive in your condition," Victor groaned. He would have to call Trace to come and pick him up. He put his hand into his pocket and got out his cell phone. He groaned again. Broken.

He was forced to go all the way over to the phone box across the road and let it eat up 3 of his quarters before it actually started to ring.

"Trace Benedict speaking,"

"Trace its Victor," his pounding head ache made him sound slow and drunk, "look I need you to pick me up. I'm not in a condition to drive apparently."

"Dude, are you drunk?"

"I'm not drunk!" he snapped. He could hear his family in the background talking, moving and his mother asking something.

"Well he says he's not drunk but I'm not sure I believe him,"

"I'm not drunk! I was hit unconscious and the medic said I couldn't drive. I'm at the Theatre in Denver. Will you come?"

"Okay, I'm leaving now but it will still take me a long time to get there." Victor hung up and returned to the Theatre actually stumbling over the pavement. He probably looked drunk as well.

He made his way over to the Sec. The sec was short for secretary and it was a woman whose job it was to know where everyone was at all times. She was also gorgeous. If you were on a job you had to sign out with her and no one, ever, forgot because no one in the whole FBI would miss a chance to speak with her.

She was sitting at a table laden with neat paper covered lists and lists and lists of words and figures on it. She had a hands-free and was talking as she carefully but quickly shuffled through the papers. To Victor she reminded him of a summer goddess, tanned, glossy and blond. Exactly his type of woman in his opinion. He waited until she finished her conversation and she looked up and smiled, showing off her perfect white teeth, then returned to her paperwork.

"Victor Benedict signing out? I'm afraid you aren't allowed to drive so do you have other means of getting home?"

"My brother is coming to collect me. And my phone's broken."

"A phone will be delivered to your address by tomorrow morning with the same number." She said brightly eyeing him up.

"Are you drunk?" she asked her brow furrowing. Victor wanted to pull his hair out.

Naomi picked up the file which had just been faxed over to her.

"Victor Benedict," she muttered to herself. Not a bad name. Not a bad name at all. She brought the file over to the couch where her dinner and mobile lay. She dialled another number.

"I got his file," Naomi said opening it up, "It's definitely this one." Her digger was called Joey and his protocol was to get basic information to double check it was the right person and if it was then he could do a deep search.

"Cool. I'll start to dig deep. How far do you want to go?"

"What did he eat for breakfast this morning?" Naomi said as she skimmed over the first page.

"That deep? I'll need time to do that."

"I'll give you till 10 am tomorrow," she could tell Joey wasn't happy with that, he would need to give up his whole night to do it but she was just too curious and Joey spent the whole day doing nothing unless he had a job so he wasn't really losing any sleep.

"About payment," Joey said. He knew she always paid but he liked to set a figure beforehand.

"I'll give you $500,000 now but I want daily updates as well and- Jesus Christ!"


"He's got 6 brothers!"

"I know,"

"This is just getting ridiculous! First overly long hair and now an obscene amount of male siblings! Joey this is getting out of hand!" He simply grunted in reply and Naomi heard typing.

"Lives in place called Wickenridge. Looks like one of those small environmental blah blah blah places with flowers and shit," Naomi stopped for a moment and thought.

"Can I have his address?"

Trace caught Victor's arm as he stumbled through the door. Trace had been doing that a lot. Helped him to the car, in the car, out the car. Madness.

"Thank you," Victor said catching himself on the wall.

"Victor! Are you alright?" his mother fluttered to him and attempted to help hold him upright but she was too small to properly help. Gritting his teeth Victor pushed himself off the wall and walked calmly, in a straight line, towards the couch and collapsed on it. He was surprised how difficult it was.

His brothers came crowding in, surprised at seeing Victor in such a weakened state. Usually Victor was the one who was always in control but not today. He felt the comforting hand of Xav touch his neck and the warm healing began to start.

"Thanks," he said as he felt a glass of water pushed into his hand. He hadn't felt so looked after in a long time.

"What happened?" his father asked and Victor spent the next 20 minutes reliving what he had witnessed. Again. It was almost one o'clock when he finally finished.

"This woman sounds very dangerous," his father worried, "we should send a warning out through the Net."

"What I'm more concerned about is who this Kirkwood guy is because he's going to be her next target,"

"Should we offer our services to the FBI again?" asked his mother.

"I'll probably do that tomorrow," Victor confirmed.

"You mean later today," Xav corrected a smile on his face.

"Zed?" Sky's voice echoed out asking for her soulfinder, "Is something wrong?"

Zed turned to Victor as concerned expression on his face, "what can I tell her? Do remember that she can tell when I'm lying." Victor nodded.

"Tell he that I've come in with a new case and that telepathy might be risky. You can tell her everything tomorrow."

"Yes," Karla stood up and clapped her hands together, "family powwow so no school!" Had she forgotten that that only now applied to Zed? "We'll get in contact with Yves and Phee and see if they want to help too." They were currently taking a small trip to Colorado Springs as a celebration that Phee managed to pass her first semester of school with straight A's.

Victor nodded getting up, "Good. We should probably get some sleep especially since we're going to be busy tomorrow." It didn't take long for everyone to go back to their rooms and slip into bed and Victor knew that as soon as he closed his eyes he would drift off the sleep.

When Naomi finally arrived at her soulfinder's house all the lights were off and the people inside were asleep. Perfect. They must all be idiots for having no security especially if an FBI agent lives there and the rest of the family has been involved in many cases behind the scenes.

It was only when she arrived got nearer to the house when she felt the shield. It wasn't a very strong one, not strong at all. But of course she would say that having the power of shielding. She quickly hid her presence from detection as she slid through the protective shield. The little red light in the corner told her CCTV was also active so she called on a secondary form of her shielding power. Invisibility. Sounded a bit tacky but it was extremely useful.

The Benedicts' must obviously think their security was unbeatable because the lock on the door was a very standard one. Didn't stand a chance against her lock picks and before she knew it she entered their kitchen. It was a very nice kitchen, obviously expensive, and clean but the large collection of different and odd items throughout it made it seem very real and lived in. The living room was the same however she was disappointed at their vast DVD collection which was missing Sherlock, Sherlock Homes, Doctor Who, The Inbetweeners and Mistfits. Maybe that was because they were American and they just didn't watch the same TV.

It was when she got to the stairs that things got interesting. Bedrooms were upstairs with six boys, and two parents and a whole lot of closed doors. Fun, now she could see if she could find something useful. The first bedroom was the parent's bedroom. It was nice and big and had a bathroom attached but nothing inside was of proper interest. Apart from the people. She ghosted over to the sleeping couple who were embracing each other in sleep. How an earth could they love each other so physically after so many years of marriage? Naomi understood that at first it was love and very passionate love but once children were brought into the equation that passion became dimmer and love blossomed in different way. More of a family love. But the buzz between them was visible and passion was obviously not gone. How an earth would you have seven children if it was gone.

Naomi stretched out her hand and touched the woman on her hand. Sensing her power Naomi knew she didn't want it. Seeing the future could be very useful but it can also be a hassle and make life extremely boring. No thank you. She did the same to the man but his power was almost useless to her. She would detect threat through her entire life. Threat wasn't the problem, how to deal with it was and that wasn't even a problem for her.

The other powers in the house weren't much more special. One boy could see the past- as if she wanted to go through her lives worst moments again, really don't be obtuse - and another was the exact same as his father. The one who could touch something and know its origins however was very interesting. She would remember who he was and perhaps come back for it later. One of the younger ones had foresight again.

Seaching one of the last rooms she hit gold. Not a person, no, but their computer lab. It was obviously the bed room of the missing brother who was obviously in charge of all the technology and security but the boy must be very dumb to put all his security details in one place, out in the open where it was easy to see and collect. He had left an old iPhone on the desk which she guessed was the portable key to the entire system. She slipped it into the pocket. She was sure this guy had the latest Apple product and probably wouldn't discover this particular piece had gone missing until much later. Not to mention the boy was obviously not here at the moment.

Naomi shook her head. The boy was obviously clever but he really needed to brush up on a lot of the common sense things. That was usually the classic FBI mistake. Intelligent but had no common sense. She sighed as she left the room, the thrill of the creeping around had gone as it was obvious the boys would sleep through anything.

She was on the second to last door now and when she entered she was hit by his scent. Victor lay in his bed, one arm dangling out and the other tucked underneath him. She liked his scent. It was surprisingly calming and clean, unlike the other males she knew and she could tell by his room that he was a tidy person. Good, she always admired cleanliness in a man. It showed that they could be bothered to act. If they can't put their dirty socks in the wash, how can you expect them to put effort into a relationship? Answer is you can't.

Naomi silently made her way to her bed and sunk down to her knees in front of him. Her earlier anger at him had mostly gone. To tell you the truth she was sure she would never find her soulmate. After all the killing she had done, all the sins and unforgivable actions, she was sure God would never look kindly on her again. She had been mentally preparing herself for Beelzebub when she died. Or perhaps Victor was a gift from the Devil because when he saw her like this, a blood thirsty killing machine, he would hate her. Her perfect match would hate her and that would be a fit and gracious punishment.

She traced her finger along his cheek. But why was this man meant to be her other half? From what she had seen and heard she wasn't his type. He usually dated blond Barbie dolls who were more submissive in nature unlike her. She was tall, big breasted, with long, fine, straight brown hair and brown eyes. Her hips however were just small and she knew that childbirth was a killer. She wasn't some clueless, frigid English rose either. She was a strong, bossy person who enjoyed more of a wild life.

Victor's face kept scrunching up, he wasn't sleeping well. Running her hands through his hair she found it very thick, soft and raven black. The type of hair that was perfect for short hair! Without warning Victor's eyes snapped open. Naomi was so surprised she jerked her hand from his hair and fell backwards noiselessly. Damn it! She hated surprises.

He was breathing irregularly, but not hard, his head in his hands. Why did he wake up? Did he have some sort of nightmare? He twitched on his bed side table light and Naomi was very thankful that she didn't shadow while invisible. He picked up the book next to his bed. 'The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo' an excellent book but not the type of thing you should read before bed. He sighed and put the book down again, switched off his light and rolled over again going back to sleep. She didn't dare open his door and leave because she was sure that if he was awake and he heard the door creak open he wouldn't just dismiss it. FBI agents didn't tend to do that no matter how bad they were.

Instead she did the next best thing. She snooped all around his room, looking at all his books, his photos, old school papers lying around, his music collection, the cork noteboard he had on his wall and during this time she found out so many things about her soulfinder. Small things like how he only had pens with blue ink and he didn't seem to like fiction or fantasy novels or when he was at school he was the town "bad boy" running round with his motorcycle all the time. She could tell by the obscene amount of picture of him with his motorcycle.

She found a small pile of clothes on top of a chair in the corner of his room. Things which had been warn but weren't dirty enough to put in the wash yet. He had the same simple style of black, cotton trousers, shirts in white or pale blue and a few other simple colours. She found a nice pair of sweats and also a very big, very soft and warm black hoodie. Oh she loved it! She assumed it was a leavers' hoodie, a hoodie that everyone got when they left school and had your year and the names of everyone in the year printed on it. It was so soft!

Somewhere in the room a clock beeped. It was 3 o'clock in the morning. The sun would be rising soon and she hadn't finished poking about the house. She took her time opening the door, being annoyingly creaky (she would need to lubricate it for next time) and finally left the room. There was only one more door left now.

She made her way inside the last bedroom and, God, this boy was certainly amusing. His room was like a child's, full of toys and gadgets spread across the floor as well as his clothes and a few hair products and so. He was even sprawled on his bed one arm and one leg hanging out as he emitted tiny little snores. She grazed a finger against his cheek. Healing, his power was healing. Her eyes widen slightly and she gave out a little noise. Healing was a very handy power to have. It allowed you to carry on that little bit further, never get ill and keep those around you healthy. What she would do for a power like that. She glanced at the clock on his bedside table. She needed to be out of the house by 5 am max so she had two hours. Two hours. She could do it in two hours.

She placed her hand on his cheek and closed her eyes concentrating. Two hours. Two hours and then she was gone.

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