When A Meets S

"God Berry if you don't shut up I'll throw you out of this car." Santana threatens as Rachel talks about how she hasn't seen her cousin in five years.

"Santana must you always be a bitch to Rachel." Quinn asks.

"Must you be gay for Berry?" Santana quips back taking a corner hard.

"Santana that is highly inappropriate and I'm in love with Finn." Rachel says as she and Quinn glare at Santana.

"Whatever I think we're almost there." Santana says as Brittany grabs her hand to stop her from saying anything else against Rachel.

Santana can't believe that she has to drive Rachel Berry to her cousins before finally reaching her destination her cousins. If Brittany hadn't have suggested it she wouldn't be in this damn car with Rachel. Well that and the fact that Brittany has pulled out her biggest pout slash sad eyes. Why Quinn has come is beyond her, but whatever she is staying at Rachel's cousins.

When she had first noticed Quinn and Rachel hanging out, she thought it might have something to do with Rachel feeling guilty and Quinn trying to be a better person. It wasn't until Brittany told her that while Rachel is straight and in love with Finn, Quinn on the other hand is as gay as she is.

At first she doesn't believe Brittany, but this car ride is proving to be an eye opening journey thus far. She pulls into a circle driveway are a very large house is directly in front of them. Normally Santana would have been in awe of the house, but she is just glad to finally get Rachel out of her car. She pulls out and heads to her cousins house.

"Your right Britt," Santana says kissing her hand.

"What am I right about?" Brittany looks very confused trying to think what she can have been right about.

"That Quinn is gay. You were right as usual and I was wrong." Santana says kissing her right as she parks the car.

"Um San as much as I'd like to get me sweet lady kisses on with you I think your aunt is waiting for us." Brittany says as Santana peppers her neck with kisses.

"Ugh, why is my family such a cock block." Santana huffs and Brittany just giggles.


Four days earlier

"Santana, I just wanted to remind you that-" Maria Lopez stops in mid-sentence as she walks into Santana's room.

This is an image that will haunt her for the rest of her life. There is her daughter lying naked on her bed with Brittany straddling her also naked. Her hand working its way down her abs to god knows where. They are heavily kissing and doesn't notice her. When she hears her daughter moan that is all she can take.

"Girls!" Maria shouts.

Santana jumps yanking the covers over her and Brittany.

"God mom knock much." Santana manages to say blushing a scarlet red color.

Brittany on the other hand looks a little sheepish, but not nearly as embarrassed as Santana.

"No doing anything of this sorts when you're at your Aunt Pam's okay. She's trying to get use to Emily being gay and not be so judgmental about it." Maria sternly tells them before leaving.

"God I can't believe I have to spend spring break their cause Aunt Pam thinks it might help Emily." Santana complains pulling Brittany into her.

"Yeah well, at least we get to spend it together." Brittany says.

"God I love you, babe. Though I don't know why she wants us to go now it's not like Emily has spring break too. She'll have to go to school."

"Well maybe we can find a janitor's closet." Brittany kisses her, nuzzling farther into her. Santana smiles at the thought.


"Hey Aunt Pam, this is my girlfriend Brittany." Santana smiles getting out of the car, running to the other side and opening the door for Brittany.

"Thanks hun," Brittany quickly pecks her on the lips before turning her attention to Santana's aunt.

"Hi," Pam forces a smile, she still isn't use to this and it makes her feel uncomfortable. "Come in girls, Emily's out with her friends, but they should be all coming over soon."

Pam is a little nervous about having her niece and her girlfriend over. If she didn't know Santana well from the conversation she's had with her sister, she wouldn't have put them in the same room. But Maria had warned her that Santana will lose it and Brittany will start crying which will make Santana will lose it and Brittany will start crying which will make Santana get even more angry. So despite every fiber in her being telling her to not let them sleep together she's giving them the guest room.

"Um I'll leave you two be." Pam nervously says running out of the room.

"Well that went well." Brittany smiles bouncing on the bed.

"Yeah," Santana trails off.

"What you said that one she'd freak and two we couldn't sleep together. As neither of those happened I'd say that's progressive."

"I think you mean progress B-" Santana is cut off by Brittany shoving her down on the bed. Before she can complain or say anything she is being furiously kissed and no longer gives a shit about anything, but the beautiful blonde on top of her.