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Chapter 10

After escaping of the dungeons, the guardians made their way through the long corridors of the Luca's City Hall in their bid to locate and rescue Yuna. There was a handful of guards who attempted to stop them, but they were swiftly and quickly knocked aside by Kimahri, showing the strength of ten men.

"Does anyone know where we're going?!" exclaimed Rikku losing patience.

"We've never been here before ya," replied Wakka. "Normally when I come to Luca it's too compete in Blitzball, not to get arrested!"

"She'll be in the mayor's office," stated Auron now. "Kinoc will have taken her there to speak to Seymour."

"How do you know that?" asked Rikku.

"Seymour is the kind who likes to feel important," he replied. "He'll be in the most important man's room."

"We must hurry to Yuna," Kimahri now said.

"No, first we find our equipment," Auron taking command. "Seymour will not just hand her over to us without a fight, if we're to battle him we must have our weapons and items."

"But what if Yunie's in trouble and needs us now?!" cried Rikku, not wanting to wait any longer.

"We will need to have faith in her that she can handle him until we get there," said the aged man.

"Well, where will our weapons be do you think Sir Auron," asked Lulu.

"The armory, they'll have been stored there."

"Where is that?" asked Wakka.

"At the end of this hallway, if I remember correctly," he pointed out. "It's been years since I last stepped foot in this building but the layout won't have changed."

"You've been in this building before?"

"We have no time for this guys!" shrieked Rikku getting even more restless. "let's just get our stuff and then hurry on up to that office or wherever and kick Seymour's butt!"

"But where do you think that will office be ya?" asked Wakka.

"Most likely at the top of the building," said Lulu answered now.

"Well let's hurry!" the Al Bhed girl as she took off towards the end of the hallway where Auron had pointed too. "The sooner we get our weapons the sooner we can go rescue Yunie!"

Not far behind

Back in the other direction, behind several hallway turns and a fair number of unconscious Luca guards, was the final guardian.

Tidus had managed to find his bearings (but his jaw sure ached) and started going after them.

"They'll have gone straight to find Yuna," he told himself. "But where will she be? I didn't see her just now, Seymour must have taken her."

He immediately began to feel his blood boil at the thought of the Guado maester.

"That damn Seymour, if he hurts her I'll… I'll…"

He quickly managed to regain his composure though, he needed to keep his cool if we to catch up with the others and help Yuna.

"Wait up guys, I'm coming," he said aloud now as he set off with in a jog, the armour he was still wearing rattling.

Up in the office

Yuna was still seated in the chair but she was growing increasingly uncomfortable. Seymour hadn't sat down opposite her, he was instead pacing around the room, mostly behind her. She didn't like being where she couldn't see him but she also didn't want to give off any weakness. Turning around to look at him would give away she was nervous.

"Tell me Yuna," he said now in that creepy voice of his. "When we kissed on the top of the temple steps in Bevelle to seal our marriage, did you enjoy as much as I did."

She turned around to look at him now, with an expression of disgust.

"I was sickening, every second of it," she did her best snarl. It sounded very strange for such a softly spoken woman like her to sound so affronted.

He merely laughed.

"If you say," he cooed. "I suppose I need to practice in future."

Yuna could only cringe at the thought.

"LORD SEYMOUR," cried a soldier bursting into the office without knocking.

"What is it you insolent welch!" he snapped sounding genuinely angry.

"It's the prisoners," he said trying to catch his breath. "They've escaped from the dungeons."

"WHAT?!" exclaimed both Yuna and Seymour simultaneously.

"Yes," said the solider still trying to compose himself. "There was scuffle between the guards and somehow the door to their cell opened up. Now they're lose in the building."

Seymour scowled in very intimidating fashion as he listened to this.

"YOU FOOLS!" he scolded. "You cannot even do the simplest things you're instructed. For that, you must be punished."

"Wait, what…." the guard spluttered starting to panic. "But sir?!"

But Seymour was in no mood to be sympathetic. With a mere snap of his fingers he cast a Firaga spell and the poor guard, who was not to blame for what happened, suffered his wrath. Flames burst all over his body and he began to scream, much to Yuna's horror.

"STOP IT!" she cried to Seymour. He simply ignored her, continuing the to make the poor man suffer.

"NO!" she screamed even louder now. She rose from her chair and threw herself at Seymour. He braced himself however though turned to grab her as she bundled into him.

Yuna was suddenly in arms and was felt herself be trapped against him, something she hadn't anticipated. She ran into him without thought, she just wanted him to stop burning the soldier.

"Take your hands of me…." she ordered.

"Why Yuna, what sort of wife feels uncomfortable in the arms of her husband?"


"Oh? Well Yevon says differently."

"I don't care what Yevon says, not anymore. It's all based on lies and deceit."

"Oh Yuna, let me…. remind you how re-establish your faith."

With that, he cast his lips onto hers again. Yuna immediately began to struggle against him, trying to escape. He grip on her was firm, but after a few seconds of feeling his torturous kiss, she managed to push herself free. She backed away several feet, keeping her eyes on Seymour all the way. Once she was safely out of arm's reach, she wiped her mouth in disgust.


Seymour merely chuckled again.

She gave him another look of loathing before her turning her attention the badly wounded soldier who writing around on the floor whimpering. She knelt beside him and held his head in her hands. He was very badly burnt.

"Sshhh," she tried to sooth. "It's over now, I won't let him hurt you."

"Lady Yuna….." he could only croak.

"Just try to stay still," she said. "I will cast Cure. I can't do as well without my staff, but I have to something to help you."

She moved her hands in casting fashion and after a few seconds a white light descended over the burnt man's body.

"Aaaah," breathed. His wounds did not heal very significantly, but he was at least able to feel some small measure of comfort.

Seymour continued to merely watch on, still wearing that arrogant smirk on his smug face. Yuna shot her eyes back over to him from where she was knelt.

"Why did you do that to him?!" she demanded. "He had done nothing to you, do you just take pleasure in making all people suffer?!"

"Oh Yuna, you misunderstand me completely," he responded. "I intend to put all of Spira out of its' suffering."

"How do you plan to do that with the way you treat people?!"

"Because," he explained. "I plan to become the next Sin. And you, daughter of Braska and my darling wife, you will help me achieve this."

Yuna let out a gasp. Had she just heard him right? Did he just say he intended to become Sin?

"What are you saying?!" she demanded to know.

"Don't you understand Yuna?" he said outstretching his arms and sounding quite manic now. "By becoming Sin, I will be able to halt the suffering throughout Spira. By destroying everything, I will create balance in this world. If there is no one to suffer, then suffering cannot exist. Every day Sin takes the lives of people. Yet every day, new children are born. Lives are created and they are eventually ended by Sin, it is endless cycle that I can stop. Only I have the power to end it all, by becoming and destroying Spira in its entirety. And all of Spira's problems with it."

Yuna was blown away by what she'd said. Surely he couldn't be serious? If he was, he had to be crazy. Stark-raving mad in fact.

"Have you lost your mind?" she cried. "Listen to yourself. You really want to help Spira by destroying it? Seymour, how can you possibly think that is the answer?!"

"Oh Yuna," he tutted now lowering his arms. "You still fail to realise what's important in the grand scheme of things. Pity."

Downstairs – The armoury

The guardians had entered the armoury and had recovered their weapons (making light work of the single guard on duty).

"There," said Rikku strapping on her Claw weapon. "I feel so much better having my stuff back and equipped again."

"You said it," agreed Wakka nodding.

"Let us not waste time," commanded Auron as he picked up his heavy sword. "Yuna and Seymour will be above us and need to reach them before anything happens. We'll likely have to battle through more guards on the way up so be prepared."

"Right," said Rikku with a thumbs up. Wakka and Lulu both just nodded. Kimahri (wielding his spear) remained motionless, clearly only in the mood to battle now."

"Let's go," said Auron as he lead the way back out of the door.

"Yeah, let's go kick Seymour's butt!" cheered Rikku following behind. The other three then followed suit.

Limping behind was Tidus who still hadn't managed to catch up. He reached the armoury a minute or so after the group had left. He noticed the dazed guard lying on the floor and quickly knelt down beside him.

"Hey you, wake up," he demanded as he shook the guard violently. "Wake up, where did they go? "Where did the guardian head too?"

"I don't…. know…. that Ronso was…. so... strong," he managed to croak, still only half conscious.

"Where is Seymour?!" he demanded to know instead. "Where is that creep?! Where is holding Yuna?"

"Lord Seymour…. he is…. there's an…. an office…. upstairs. Lord Seymour is up…. there."

Knowing what he wanted, he let go of the guard and let him be. The guard had said Seymour was upstairs in an office and that was surely where Yuna was too and also where the others would be heading. He would follow them up there, if there was going to be fight with Seymour he certainly was going to miss it.

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