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Monica stood in her kitchen at the resturant frantically cooking.
"Hey Monica, someone is here to see you." one of her colleges said.
Oh great. Just what I need. Someone interrupting me on my busiest night. thought Monica. She wiped her brow and sighed. "Ok. Send them in."

Richard walked into the kitchen and looked at her with sad eyes.
"Hey Monica," he said "can we talk in private?"
"Sure sweetie!" she replied, excited to see her boyfriend. They walked into the back room of the kitchen. "Whats up?"
"Monica, I just want to start out by saying i love you and I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt you ever but I don't think we should be dating anymore. I'm sorry but we just want different things." Richard said. "I'm really sorry Monica. And I'm sorry for disturbing you at work..." he trailed his voice off. He gave her a soft hug and a kiss on her forehead before he left the resturant.

Monica felt as though her legs were going to give out; Her knees shaking and barely able to hold her up. Her ears rang and she felt sick. She asked if she could leave early to go home. When she got back to her apartment, she fell against the door and to the floor and cried.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She stood up and looked to see who it was. She peered through the peep-hole and saw it was Chandler. She wiped her tears before answering the door.
"Hey Mon! Do you have any-" he began but saw that she had been crying. "what's wrong?" He stepped forward, closer to her.
"Nothing." she replied slowly looking at the floor. "I don't want to talk about it. Not right now anyway." she looked up into his beautiful eyes and could see the concern he held in them.
"Oh. Ok." he replied and he pulled her into a tight hug. She tucked her head into his shoulder and felt safe. After a minute of standing and hugging Chandler broke the silence. "Well I'm gonna go back. I hope you feel better." he said and kissed her forehead.
He started to walk away but Monica grabbed his hand. "Chandler, can you stay? Please?"
Chandler smiled sweetly "Sure Mon. Just let me go tell Joey I won't be home for a bit."

Chandler left Monica's apartment, walked across the hall, and opened his door. Joey was sitting in his chair throwing candy up and trying to catch it in his mouth.
"Hey Joe, Mon didn't have any chips so I'm going to run to the store. Don't wait up."
"Oh. Ok. Why don't you want me to wait up? Are you planning to meet somone?" Joey asked with a huge smile on his face
"Uhm.. You could say that.." Chandler replied.
"All right buddy." Joey said. "if you do meet someone tell me who she is! And it better not be Janice!"
"It won't be! I don't think I could ever handle that laugh again." Chandler laughed quietly to himself as he shut their apartment door.

He walked across the hall over to Monica's. He took a deep breath and softly knocked on her door. She opened it and let Chandler into her apartment. He walked over and sat down at her table as she locked the door.