Title: Journey Man

Rating: T

Summary: Jet Bradley and the saga of the winding road of childhood, teenagedom, adulthood through the sporadic point of view of a nameless road, time and the seasons.

Disclaimer: Tron/Tron: Legacy and all things related are property of Steven Lisberger, Bonnie MacBird and Walt Disney Studios (and some other guys I'm probably forgetting but can't care to remember).

Author's Note: I just might be watching this old 1986 series starring Christopher Daniel Barnes and watching an episodic father son road trip across the states just might be the inspiration behind this.

9 hours 26 minutes 42 seconds (past) – 118 Words

The bounce and rock of the old van becomes routine; adjusting underneath the afghan, Jet listens in on his parent's intentional whispers under the engine as they carry on a conversation about work.

He isn't too tired, but he doesn't want to keep his eyes open so he allows them to think he's asleep. He remains still, moving only when the knots in his back become too much to ignore.

He wants to spread himself out on the shaky backseat that they reattached to the interior of his mother's van, but knows better than to tempt the fates a second time; landing on your stomach because the van stops isn't the greatest way to wake up after all.