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"Tell me again, why we had to go on a vacation for "us" time?"

"It was either this or stay my apartment and you know how everyone loves to visit when they know you're around," Jet deadpanned, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"I think I would prefer the interruption to this."

"Ah, don't tell me we're missing the office already?"

"Yes, actually. I could be doing work and getting paid instead of lying here with you-"

"Your incredibly sexy boyfriend-"

"Watching the sun move a quarter inch across the wall since five in the morning," Eva finished, pulling the cover from off her body and over Jet's head. Jet inclined his head toward her as she rose from the mattress and chuckled. "You know the curtain's open, right?"

"It's not like they've never seen a woman before," Eva replied, reaching over and pulling the cover from his face. As she draped the sheet over her shoulders and pulled her arms forward to cover herself, his eyes wandered and he grinned. "Well, there's sex education and then there's indecent exposure."

Eva cooed and gave her hips a swish. "Is that right?"

"Won't you think of the poor children you're scaring for life right now?" Jet sat up, reaching forward he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back onto the bed. Eva screeched out a laugh, legs kicking as he proceeded to tickle her. "Wow, look at that! I think I got a squeal outta you, that's a first." Eva twisted around so she could bop him on the head, instead her hand missed and swiped his glasses from his face.

"Hey, those are expensive," Jet cried, half amused and partially shocked by her aim. His glasses tumbled across the bed, stopping short of the pillow right next to Eva's foot. As he reached for them she stifled a laugh with her hands then cupped his face. "I'm sorry," She chuckled. Once his glasses were secure on his face, Jet pressed a kiss to edge of her jaw.

"No worries," He told her. "You missed my eye by a quarter inch."