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Chapter 12 - A meeting and setting out

A little while later, our warriors, along with Pluto are walking to a huge door in the distance. Po just couldn't get his mind off Saturn and what she's upset about.

"Okay dudes, listen up," Pluto said, "When we get in here, I want you to be on your best behaviors. Majoris is a bit strict, but he's not a bad guy, we don't know what he'll say if he sees you."

"I wonder why..." Po said,

"Of course...Mother Sun does overpower him occasionally," Pluto said with a smirk.

"I'd like to see that," Tigress said with a smirk.

"I wouldn't doubt it."

When they went through the door, our warriors were amazed at what they saw, it was a large meeting area with a giant screen bigger than they hoped for. It's so large, it's 30 feet tall. There were lots and lots of seats, but Pluto was leading them to where the Solar Team sits.

"Pluto...this is a large meeting area..." Tigress said in an awed tone.

"It has to be in order to fit over 4,000 objects in this area," Pluto said with a smile.

"That's a lot of objects," Vanessa commented.

Then Pluto stopped when they came face-to-face with Earth, who was just looking at them with her jade green eyes. To our warriors, she was the prettiest out of all of them.

"Uh...hey...Earth...early as always..." Pluto said nervously.

Earth just shrugged and typed on her laptop, "It's my job to make sure everyone's gonna get here."

"Why don't you talk with us, Earth? With your mouth," Po suggested.

Earth slowly shook her head and looked away. Pluto looked at Po and said, "In case you didn't know, Earth hasn't been wanting to talk for thousands of years."

"Why is that?" Tigress asked, curiously.

"I don't know. She's shy."

"Okay..." she paused, "I guess I'll sit down now."

She went to sit down, but Earth grabbed her arm and pointed to the chair. Tigress looked and it was reserved for Mars.

"Oh..." Tigress said, realizing.

Earth looked at Tigress while typing on her screen, "Mother Sun set you up your own seats right beside where Pluto sits."

Tigress nodded and went over to sit where Mother Sun had them set up at. The four warriors sat in their seats as more Steroids with the shapes of moons, asteroids, comets, and some stars began finding their seats, at that point our warriors got a little more nervous. Then more of the Solar Team came in, except Neptune. They all sat in their reserved seats, the meeting's about to start.

"You guys feeling all right?" Mercury asked the warriors.

"Yeah, we're fine," Po said with a smile.

"I hope so. Because we're gonna receive on where to find Vulcan's main facilities."


Their hearts were pounding out of their chests, knowing they were going to go out into the Solar System instead of staying at the base. Then Jupiter came in, and he was serious about this meeting.

"Woof!" Jupiter huffed, "I really hate having to go through all this nonsense! It's time to end it!"

"Maybe we will one day," Uranus assured him.

"With our awesomeness you can succeed!" Po said in a proud tone.

"Panda, remember to be on your best behavior here," Pluto said.

"Oh, sorry about that."

"He gets worked up about missions," Tai Lung said to Pluto.

"Hey, I heard that," said Po.

Before Tai Lung could say anything else, Mother Sun came out and sat in her seat. A second later, Majoris came out. Majoris looks just like the star VY Canis Majoris, but on a smaller scale, all Steroids are about the same size. Then more came out, Betelgeuse, Antares, Arcturus, and Aldebaran sat beside Majoris, ready for the meeting.

"All rise please," said Majoris.

They all rose from their seats and Majoris said, "Thank you all for being here, we've gotten word on where Vulcan's main facilities are. And...where is Neptune?! Earth, where's Neptune?!"

Earth just shrugged her shoulders and then Neptune came running in shouting: "Sorry I am late as a snail! WHOOP!" He slipped on the floor, falling onto his back. Then he shot up the "thumbs up" sign, saying, "I am okay!"

"Neptune, get yourself into your seat," Uranus said, annoyed.

Neptune shot up saying "Can do," then he flopped onto his seat with Majoris holding his head in annoyance. They all sat back down while Majoris said, "Like I was saying, we found Vulcan's main facilities for the search for Vulcanism. Jupiter, would you do the honors?"

Jupiter stood up while saying, "Thanks Majoris."

Then he pulled up a map of the Solar System on the large screen and said, "Now, we have reasons to believe that Vulcan has set up a two facilities one on Mars and one on Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. Problem is, that we need to split up into two teams to intercept Vulcan."

"I see. What's your catch on this, Jupiter?" Majoris asked.

"I think Earth, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto need to head to Mars to intercept Vulcan's second facility. While I, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Venus head to Enceladus to get the other one."

"I see now. Vulcan's got many minions spread throughout the Solar System, so everyone needs to be extremely careful."

"And I'll make sure we destroy Vulcan's facilities to save the Solar System."

Then Saturn stood up and asked, "What about the Earthlings?" That question made Jupiter cringe and mutter "Oh no," Majoris looked down at our warriors. He laughed at them and said, "Them? They're Earthlings, they can't handle the conditions out in space."

"I was just thinking the same thing," Jupiter muttered.

Vanessa stood up and said, "Well, I'll have you know I have advanced technology to get around massive cities really fast. I've got sword skills and plus I have x-ray goggles that can really be helpful."

"And what if you have to fight in zero gravity? Hmm? What would you have to do then?" Majoris asked.

"When Po, Tigress, Tai Lung and their friends come over to New York to train with technology they've never done before, they blew me and my team away with adapting with the surroundings so easily. They did it so well that we managed to stop Tokuta who planned his evil doings ahead of what he normally planned," Vanessa explained.

"And just how do you think that you and your Earthling friends can fight in outer space?" Jupiter asked, crossing his arms.

"We might've not experienced it before, but we can adapt to the situation and help you put downers about Earthlings that we can and WILL fight our butts off until we defeat Vulcan!"

Mother Sun was impressed of Vanessa's total confidence and bravery, she must've known what she was talking about.

"Well, I'll have you know that Earthlings cannot fight like we can!" Majoris said with a glare, "And you're gonna stay back at the base to..."

"Now, hold up Majoris!" Mother Sun said, "This cougar knows what she's talking about! If they can fight themselves off the hook, they CAN handle outer space!"

Jupiter stood up and said, "Mother...would I might point out that..."

"I don't want to hear anymore. They're going to go with you, Jupiter! And as for you Majoris, I would give them a shot!"

"I wouldn't! They're Earthlings!" Majoris argued.

"Watch yourself!" Mother Sun warned, "Do you want me to beat you down like last time?! Huh? Do you? My kids can train them while on the way to their destinations! Uranus is the best sword fighter and Jupiter can teach them true fighting skills."

"But Mother! Why me? It's not fair!" Jupiter complained.

"You've got to make more spare time for us and others, mister. You haven't been open up at all to anyone. Since you're a great fighter, you're gonna train them, and NO buts about this at all!" Mother Sun reasoned.

Majoris sighed while Jupiter loudly groaned.

"All right, since the sword-fighting cougar is so confident, she'll go with Uranus and his team to Mars with the panda. While the tiger and snow leopard will head to Enceladus," Majoris explained.

"Meeting augured?" Mother Sun asked with a smirk.

"Yes...meeting augured..."

"Shut up! Shut up!" Tigress mumbled.

"Excuse me tiger, were you saying something?" Majoris asked.

"Get outta my head!"

"No," the Kaftar said through Tigress' mind, "I'm gonna do something so big that you'll never forget it even in the afterlife! You're going to fail Tigress! After your failure to save your father that night, you've been having problems ever since! You're nothing!"


Then she looked up at Majoris, who was confused as were the Solar Team members. Tigress blushed furiously while Majoris asked, "What could you not do that night?"

Tigress looked around at the others and they all wanted to know, but Po knew exactly what was going on. Tigress stood up and said, "I-I gotta go..." Then she ran out of the meeting area and Jupiter asked, "What in the Solar System happened?"

"It's something personal...you wouldn't understand..." Po said.

Then Po went out too, then Mother Sun said, "What ever happened, keep a watch on her. She could be in danger."

"Let's head out to Enceladus then," Jupiter said.

Later at the docking bay, our warriors and the Solar Team were getting ready to depart their separate ways to fight for the Solar System.

"All right Earthlings, since I can't get rid of you, we might as well try and get along together," Jupiter said, "Earth, you and your team will take Vanessa and Po while I take Tigress and Tai Lung. My team and I are heading out with the SolarX while Earth's team takes the SolarIX."

"And there will be some team members backing us up while orbiting the planet or moon," said Saturn.

"That's right. We're going to be extremely stealthy and giving powerful knockouts once at our targets. We all need to be extremely careful and extremely aware."

"On Mars there're Space Snakes that'll eat you alive. Huge things they are," said Uranus.

"Space Snakes?" Tigress asked.

"Yes. We once fought them in the past, but now only some are on Mars. So running into one is less likely."

Po and Tigress hugged each other and Po said, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too," Tigress replied.

Then they pulled each other into a passionate kiss and Neptune shouted, "AAAAAGGGHHHHH! That not be natural for romance! YUUCCCKKK!" Then he ran into the ship while Tigress and Po began laughing.

"Yeah, very funny," Jupiter said, rolling his eyes, "Let's get going, we've got a lot of work to do."

Po and Tigress shared one last kiss before Vanessa and Tai Lung said their goodbyes to one another. Then Tigress went with Jupiter and his team along with Tai Lung while Vanessa and Po went with Earth and her team.

"What was with Neptune back there?" Tigress asked Jupiter.

"Steroid romance is not like Earthling romance. You just disgusted Neptune to his core," Jupiter replied.

Tigress chuckled, "Sorry about that."

"Yeah sure. Now, once we get underway, I gotta train you before we get to Saturn."

Tigress nodded and then the thought of her father's loss came to mind, she felt a sting of sadness come to her, but she kept it from being seen on her face.

Meanwhile, at Vulcan's main base, Vulcan is listening to something on a radio, he's not happy about something.

"WHAT?! Say that again Eros!" Vulcan said, angrily.

"I'm saying sir that we've got the SolarX heading towards Enceladus! It's gonna arrive in about one Earth hour!" Eros replied from over the radio.


He put the radio aside and shouted "KAFTAR" very loud. The Kaftar came into his room and said: "Yes sir."

"I've got a job for you," Vulcan said.

"Already?" the Kaftar asked with a smirk.

"Yes. The SolarX is heading towards Saturn's moon Enceladus, I'm gonna teleport you there to defeat them for me. They cannot destroy that facility!"

"And one's heading towards Mars, sir. The SolarIX." Eros said over the radio.

Vulcan picked up the radio and said, "The SolarIX won't be much of a problem I believe, but we've got the SolarX to worry about! I'm sending more minions to Mars while the Kaftar heads to Enceladus with Duden!"

Vulcan destroyed the radio before Eros could say anything else, he turned to the Kaftar and said, "I'm gonna teleport you to Enceladus to take care of them. I want you to be careful and not be spotted. Got it?"

"Got it," the Kaftar replied.

Then Vulcan teleported the Kaftar away to do his evil bidding.

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