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Chapter 14 - First steps into the adventure

A while later, on the surface of Enceladus, the moon is quiet and peaceful, there's ice on the ground making the scenery look beautiful, the ringed planet Saturn hangs in the sky with some of its other moons by it as bright objects. Then the SolarX makes a landing on the moon with a soft touchdown.

In the hallway of the SolarX, Tigress, Tai Lung, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are waiting for Jupiter, who's currently looking for any signs of Vulcan's facility.

"Is he gonna get here soon?" Tigress asked.

"He's always behind, he's too obsessed finding Vulcan," Saturn replied.

"Also, we don't need to provoke him after the most recent events," Venus warned.

Tigress knew she was gonna have trouble with Jupiter, as did Tai Lung, but at least they got others to look after besides Jupiter. Then Jupiter came running in, he was ready for this.

"Okay, this IS frustrating, but it looks like we're gonna have to travel by vehicle and foot to find the facility. It's invisible on our maps," Jupiter groaned.

"Of course, Vulcan's getting harder and harder to find," Venus said.

Jupiter turned to the Earthlings and said, "And I want you two to stay close and do as I say. Got it?"

"Got it," Tai Lung and Tigress said in unison.

"Good. Now let's move out. If you two can afford to."

Then Jupiter opened the hatch to the outside sending Tigress and Tai Lung into a brief panic before they realized that the Chewies took affect and they're breathing on a moon with no air!

"Wow, this is so cool..." Tigress said in an awed tone.

"Cold, Enceladus is cold, but it's not the coldest place in the Solar System," Saturn pointed out.

"The moon Triton, Neptune's moon, is the coldest isn't it?" Tai Lung asked.

"Exactly. Now let's hurry and find Vulcan," said Mercury.

"Let's go!" Tigress said with confidence.

Tigress began to go, and she jumped out with Saturn saying: "Wait! The surface has..." Tigress slipped on the ground and fell flat on her face.

"…ice...the surface is icy..." Saturn finished with a cringed face.

Tigress looked up with an annoyed look and said, "Gee! Thanks for the update!"

They all went down to the surface with caution, Saturn helped Tigress up as the others came onto the surface with caution. Mercury gave them shoes to stand on the surface of Enceladus with no problem.

"Okay, I just called in the pods, we're gonna drive for about 50 miles and then we're heading out to see if we can find Vulcan's facility," Jupiter told them/

"Wow, we're gonna be driving around on a moon, on which no Earthling has ever stepped foot on until today," Tigress said with awe.

"I can agree with that, Tigress," said Tai Lung.

"You know, Tigress, maybe you aren't a failure, you an EPIC failure!" the Kaftar shouted in Tigress' mind, "You failed to save Po from getting blasted by Shen's cannon, you failed to save your father! He was killed because of you!"

Tigress held her head, but the others didn't notice, she was mumbling for him to shut up and all that.

"I COULD overtake you again, tiger lady!" the Kaftar continued, "You cannot escape from me! I know you're on a moon called Enceladus! How the heck do I know? I collected the blood from your bloodstream, and now I know exactly where you are! You can hide Tigress, but you cannot escape me EVER!"

"SHUT UP!" Tigress screamed.

Everyone turned around to see her and she was holding her head while falling onto her knees.

"Tigress! Are you okay?!" Tai Lung asked in a concerned tone.

Tai Lung bent down to help her up, when he picked her up Tai Lung asked, "What's wrong?"

"Yeah, what is wrong with her?" Saturn asked, concerned.

Tai Lung looked at her and said, "She's being attacked by the Kaftar."

"Nightfall 'Justin' Kaftar?" Jupiter asked.

"That's his full name?" Tai Lung asked.

"Yes, we know about him, but we don't know what he can do."

"He's attacking her from within her mind. He's such a big pain!"

"And...I want to stab a blade through his heart..." Tigress said in an pained and angry tone.

"Maybe you'll get the chance," Mercury assured her.

"You guys keep a watch on her, I'll be concerned about Vulcan," said Jupiter.

Jupiter then drove their attention to the pods that were now here, there were three each, to hold two each with an optional third seat.

"Tai Lung, put Tigress in the third seat, she'll be more relaxed there. You and I will watch her," said Venus.

"Can do, Venus," Tai Lung replied.

Tai Lung was concerned for his sister, she's going through a hard time once again with the Kaftar, oh, how he wished Tigress could get her wish by stabbing him! They all climbed aboard their pods and strapped in, Venus, Tai Lung and Tigress went together in one while the others took the other two. Then they all took off in the direction they needed to be heading in.

Meanwhile, on the surface of Mars, Po and Vanessa have arrived at their destination with no problem, Po and Vanessa were amazed to be standing on a planet that no Earthling has stepped foot on until today.

"AAAAWWWWWWSOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEE! This is totally awesome!" Po said in an excited tone.

"Don't work yourself up like last time Po, you hurt yourself remember?" Vanessa giggled.

They kept looking around on the surface, it was mostly just a red desert with a mountain in the distance.

"BING! Second time on Mars!" Neptune cheered.

"It's the third time, Neptune," said Uranus.

"Hey, I was in the ship one of the times we were on Mars!"

"I know this is exciting for you Earthlings, but we've got to focus on finding Vulcan's facility," said Pluto.

Then Earth came along with a sheet of paper and Pluto began reading it.

"Okay guys, we're going to head to Olympus Mons. We should check that area out first and then head out to the Valles Marineris," Pluto said as he looked at the screen.

"Is that mountain over there Olympus Mons?" Vanessa asked, pointing at it.

Uranus looked over and said, "Yep, that's it. But even though it looks close, it's actually far away."

"It sure does look close though," said Po.

"Olympus Mons is the largest mountain in the Solar System, it's more than 80,000 feet tall, and it's about the same size as the state of Arizona on your planet in the United States," Pluto explained.

Po and Vanessa were amazed to hear that, then Uranus said, "We've got space pods to get us there faster. So don't worry."

"HEY! I like this planet! I got an idea, let's remember some memories!" Neptune said with a wide smile.

"Oh, Neptune not now!" Uranus groaned.

"OKAY! Let's do it! Did you know that I used to be dumb and that Uranus used to be gay?"

"Uranus used to be gay?!" Po asked with raised eyebrows and wide eyes.

"UGH! Neptune! Do you have to tell them everything?!" Uranus barked angrily.

"Hey! I love reliving memories! So dang fun! And Jupiter used to play with dolls! From a girl's playhouse when he was young!" Neptune cheered.

"Neptune! Please stop!" Pluto hissed, "Let's not relive memories right now! We got Vulcan to worry about!"

"Okay! I was gonna stop anyway!"

They all rolled their eyes as they began heading over to the space pods.

Back on Enceladus, more than 700 million miles away from Mars, the KAFTAR is observing something in secret. He smiled deviously as he watched Jupiter and the others park their vehicles and got out to investigate.

"Vulcan, are you there?" the Kaftar asked into the radio.

"Yes Nightfall, what's up?" Vulcan replied.

"I'm here on Enceladus, and I've been stalking them ever since they arrived."

"Good work, Nightfall. What're they up to?"

"It looks like they're investigating for the facility."

"I got your coordinates, don't let them see you here, not now. They're about one mile south of the facility. Do NOT let them get there!"

"Roger that. I'm gonna give them the element of surprise!"

I like your thinking. Don't be seen. Out!

Then Vulcan hung up and the Kaftar began to sneak around to them without being noticed.

We join the warriors as they continue to investigate for Vulcan's facility. While they did so, Tigress approached Saturn and asked: "Can I talk with you?"

"Sure, and have you heard more out of the Kaftar?" Saturn asked, she knows of what the Kaftar can do because Tigress told the Team about it.

"Not yet. But I'll let you know," Tigress replied.

"Pretty creepy he can track your blood as a GPS and find you. So, what did you want to talk about?"

Tigress gathered up her courage and said, "Don't break out on me, because...I need to ask you something...something about why...you were upset when you showed us that...Love Cluster." Saturn's eyes widened when Tigress mentioned that, she then asked, "Why do you wanna talk about that?"

"Because I want to help with what ever problem you have, Saturn. You're my friend and friends help each other. If you tell me what's going on, I can help you," Tigress assured her.

"I...I...don't know..." said an unsure Saturn.

"Saturn, whenever I have problems, I talk to my friends about it, and they help me out every time. Look up to me, Saturn, I'm here to help if you need it," Tigress explained.


"I understand if you don't want to talk about it, Saturn."

Saturn sighed, looked at Tigress and gave her heart shaped necklace to her. Tigress looked at her with confusion and Saturn said, "Open it up." Tigress did so and she was surprised to see a photo of her and Jupiter with "Together Forever" under the picture.

"You...you..." Tigress said, shocked.

"Yes..." Saturn said sadly, "I still love Jupiter...I...I...never stopped loving him..."

"Why didn't you tell us before?" Tigress asked, looking at her.

"I...I was scared...I don't...know if he still loves me...like he is now...this War's torn us apart from each other and..."

Then Saturn began crying while holding her eyes, Tigress' heart broke in two when Saturn told her this. Thinking fast, Tigress hugged Saturn, her body went through Saturn's rings that were like a hologram, but looked solid when you aren't touching them.

"There, there, Saturn," Tigress said softly, "I'm sure he still loves you. This War's just got him worked up. I know how you feel, I've had romantic troubles before, but when I found Po, all of it went away."

"H-How can you be sure of that..." Saturn asked between sobs.

"Because true love never dies, Saturn. I know so, Jupiter might be a stick in the mud because of this War, but I'm sure he's a good guy."

Then a LARGE SHIP flew over them and Jupiter called them over to take cover immediately.

"We've got a problem! There's going to be a huge fight coming up!" Jupiter said from the radio.

Tigress picked up the radio and said into it, "Gee! Thanks captain obvious!"

Then they got ready because there were hundreds of minions heading towards them!

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