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So I took this quiz to find out which character from Kingdom Keepers I am.I got half and half! Maybeck and Charlene (MY TWO FREAKIN FAV CHARACTERS!)

I am sarcastic, brave, always ready to see a horror, flirtatious, funny, and artistic like Maybeck!

And them I am also REALLY athletic, ready for adventure, overachieving, and sociable like Charlie!

In other words, I AM EPIC!





Y'all like my song?

Kay, Imma just...go to the story...now...

The loud sirens rang in Amanda's ears. She pounded on the door harder. "OPEN UP!" she yelled. She looked behind herself anxiously.

The door opened. "Amanda?"

"FINN!" she shoved him out of the way, barged into the house, and slammed the door shut.

"Amanda, what the heck?" Finn gasped. "What's wrong?"

"THEY'RE AFTER ME!" she screamed, hugging him.

"What? Who's after you?"

"The POLICE! Nash knows we are Fairlies and she called the police!"

"Omigosh!" Finn pulled back from the hug. "What about Jess?"

That's when the tears started to form in Amanda's eyes. "I don't know where she is! What if the police got her, Finn?"

"Hey, Jess, relax! Everything will be fine! Sleep in the guest room tonight, okay? I'll go tell my mom-"


"Not about the Fairly stuff! Just that you are staying over!" he laughed. "Hey, are you hungry?"

As if on cue, Amanda's stomach growled. Finn chuckled lightly. "I guess you are. Be right back!" With that, he ran off.

Amanda slumped on the couch, sighing with relief. The T.V. blinked on, and she raised an eyebrow. Amanda scooted onto one cheek (you know what kind of cheek I'm talking about) to see if she was sitting on the remote. Nope. How did it turn on?

Two giant eyes blinked on the screen. "Amanda...you feel my pain..." the T.V. turned off. Amanda's eyes widened, and she stood up.

"Finn...?" she called out.

Yes. It's short. But whatever. If you review, I may possibly write longer chapters. I just wanted to leave you with a cliffy. And trust me, it WILL become a horror later on. Ghosts, zombies, fire, and all that jazz.