Dear Readers,

Buon Giorno! Ich Hei├če Juliet Vargas or Verona! I'm the youngest child and only daughter of Ludwig and Feliciano Vargas, you probably also know them as Germany and Italy. I love my parents dearly but I'm afraid that my papa is over protective of me. He only lets me leave the villa if I'm accompanying them to a world or other important event. For this reason I get bored shut up in this villa and not even letting my creativity run wild through art has been helping lately. So what I'm basically trying to say is...I'm bored and want something different to do. Well I've come up with something I think might be fun! See a few days ago I discovered that several of the countries have been accepting and answering letters that ask them questions about all aspects of their life. As I'm not likely to get out of the family villa anytime soon...I want people to know about know that I exist and have experiences. I can also tell people about all the capitals and the only other city I know about. Maybe I can even convince some of them to personally answer some of the questions directed at them. So I'm asking you to send me letters so that I can tell you about myself and probably my family.

Well I have to take off now, Mama is calling that cena is ready. I look forward to receiving and answering letters.



(All right so I am trying to work on my stories I promise that continue one of them..."Have Fun Storming the Castle"...I need to explore more about the main characters, i.e. the capitals, and to do that I thought that having people ask me specific questions would help. The other reason behind trying this out is that Verona is actually the first World Child that I created and I have yet to have explored every aspect of her life and I'm pretty sure that this is the best way to make me buckle down and do that. So send me reviews with any question you like in it. If you have any questions for me that author personally, then I ask that you put it in brackets like I have here. Thanks and don't be afraid to ask Juliet may just find some surprises along the way if you do)