Buon Giorno and Happy New Year, well a little late but still...

So someone wrote me a response and didn't leave their name but they did say something about "Ty would appreciate that" in the next e-mail we exchanged. I already answered their question but I'll repost my response and expand on it a bit:

I've heard of MPreg before and I asked Vati and Papa if that was how I was created. They both blushed in embarrassment so I know that means something, but they told me that both me and my brothers were just found in their living room. Apparently my brothers woke them up with their incessant wailing. (This was before my little siblings appeared, so now I know that that's the truth. Just randomly appeared in the living room like my parents said we had).

And I told London, DC, and even little Cali that you said hello and they said to tell you hello back, or in DC's case "Hiya!". You should also know that both England and America are interested that alternate universes actually exist. England has been trying to figure out how to get their by magic and America is insisting that you probably have to fly far out in space and get sucked into a black hole or something of that sort.

And on to another topic, I've been talking with my uncle Vatican City a lot and haven't posted any of that conversation but since he did come and see us I think that I should let people see because he is wonderful! Here's the last message from before he visited and brought delicious biscotti that Ari got all over herself! Also, since he sees that I'm writing this Rome wants me to add a message to uncle VC at the end of my letter. But first here's my conversation with uncle VC:

Sorry for the late response Uncle VC! Your reply ended up in a different folder so I didn't get it until I started looking through all of them. Anyways...if you would still like to come you are welcome to. Papa is delighted that you want to visit and meet all of us little cities. Rome says that he especially would like to meet you since your land and his are kinda located really REALLY close to each other (as in you're essentially part of his city). As for the treat, both Papa and Vati say not to worry about it but I kinda made the mistake of talking to them with Ari in the room and she started squealing excitedly for biscotti so...if you could bring it with you we would all greatly appreciate it.
Hope to see you soon!

Oh, it's quite alright for the tardiness. I know how it is when things are misplaced and the slight panic that comes when finding it later than it was meant to be. I will come over soon, once I finish baking the biscotti. I fear that I have made more than necessary and now I have run out of sugar. As long as you and your family enjoy them, then it is fine by me for deplenishing my supplies.
As for Rome, I am looking forward to meeting him as well. I live in an enclave inside his city, although at one point I-or rather, my boss- had control of not only Rome, but a large portion of Italy as well. I don't wish to dwell on those memories, however, they are...not pleasant.
However, I'm hoping that I will meet all of your expectations. I'll try not to be too much of a bother, but knowing myself, I will probably be in the way for the most part. I hope your family will forgive me for it.
Deus benedixerim,
Vatican City

I hope it was ok for me to post our conversation uncle. We all really enjoyed your visit and would love for you to come back again, and sorry if it's an inconvenience but I think that Ari might cry if you don't bring biscotti again. She seems to like yours better than any that we've tried to make her lately. Grazie in advance!

And finally for me, instead of an interesting fact I've been asked to put a request on here from Vater. We recently found an abandoned dog in our backyard, with some coaxing and loving care we've gotten her to trust people again and she's such a sweetheart that we wish we could keep her but we just don't really have enough room and time to keep her. So Vater wants me to ask if any of you would like her. She's a darling chocolate lab, about 2 years old Vater estimates, and she really likes children but she still can get startled pretty easily and then she becomes a bit afraid and requires coaxing to become happy and playful again. If you give her the proper care and attention and are conscious of her needs and habits then she'll make a wonderful family dog. We've been calling her Schokolad but you're free to change her name. Please let us know if you would like to come adopt her (this is mostly aimed at other country families but we'll accept a human's offer as well, and if you live in an alternate universe and can still come get her in some way then that's fine too).

Grazie and ciao for now!



I really enjoyed our conversation when you visited and would like to thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to come see our family. I have a request for you, if it's not too much trouble that is. Could I come visit you next time? Things are a bit crazy here right now, even though the little ones are starting to grow up, so it would be a relief to get away from it for a bit, and personally I find your company much more enjoyable and stimulating than several capitals and even countries that I'm acquainted with. Would you please let me know if and when we could meet up?

Molto grazie!

Lorenzo Vargas

(Author's note: Finally got around to properly answering those replies. Thanks to the people that wrote them! I'll explain things now...

I'm not opposed to MPreg but I'm not for it either. I feel that it can be really cute if handled correctly but I don't go out of my way to find it and I don't write it. In any of my stories, if they have kids then they either adopted, had them appear, or one of them has the ability to change sex specifically so they can have children, or they're a hetero couple to begin with. Here is something I will say however, the capitals did not just appear as soon as the countries got together, the countries had to have been sexually involved more than once. [Boy that was a bit awkward to try and explain]

On another note, I don't have that dog in real life in case people were wondering if I was using this to try and find an owner. I just couldn't come up with an interesting fact at the moment so I thought that putting a "written" dog up for adoption would be a cute idea. Hope people enjoyed this update!)