Ciao it's me again!

I haven't got any letters in awhile so I finally decided to just do my own quick informative update. So here's something interesting:

Even though we are able to age quite quickly none of the older capitals and cities have allowed themselves to reach their parents' age appearance, with the exception of Reykjavik. Because his parents have rather young appearances, Isolf has now caught up to them in age appearance and is around the same height. I think this makes it a bit hard on Hong Kong and Iceland to be stern with him when needed. You might think he wouldn't need it but Isolf is still a typical teenager after all.

Apart from this exception though all the rest of the older children are keeping a respectful age gap between themselves and their parents. Granted, for some this means only a few years, but still younger. Likewise, us younger children are keeping a few years between us and our older siblings, again with an exception. Vilnius is now the same age appearance and the same height as Warsaw and they look practically like twins, just like my older brothers.