Buon Giorno everybody!

First off I would like to give a shout out to my Uncle Vatican City who wrote to me. I was happy to receive your letter and I showed it to Papa. He was happy too and said when I wrote back I should ask if you want to go to lunch with him and Uncle Lovi sometime soon? He also said that I should encourage you to stop by the house and meet your new little niece and nephew because they're just adorable and are already growing up too fast for his liking. Also, this is a warning for you and any others that may try it in the future, never tell me what I should and should not do...I don't take kindly to that at all! It's almost as bad as being told what to do and what NOT to do! I would have eaten all of the toffee by myself in one sitting, just because you told me not to! But, Vater caught me with it and told me that I had to share it evenly with my family and friends like you had suggested. I did keep the majority of it for myself though! Hah!

Anyways, to celebrate the appearance of Alfred and Arthur's new little daughter, California, I thought I would give you interesting facts about names today. So we'll start off with that family I suppose.

Jones/Kirkland - All three of the kids have a middle initial that is the same letter as their other parent's last name: Andrew J Kirkland, Aaron K Jones, and Annie K Jones. However, these middle initials do stand for an actual middle name: Andrew James Kirkland, Aaron Kyle Jones, and Annabelle Kirsten Jones.

Carriedo/Vargas - (I have 2 new cousins by the way...I don't think I mentioned that yet) A lot of the countries use this technique but my uncles use it due to Toni's peoples tradition of using it. Both last names: Roslyn Vargas-Carriedo, Serafino Carriedo-Vargas, Sienna Carriedo-Vargas (Sicily).

Beilschmidt/Williams - (There's some interesting ones here): Coen Williams Beilscmidt (Uncle Gil messed up on the birth certificate and wrote William without the s. For this reason it seems like Coen has a middle name rather than two last names like he's supposed to. It's gotten to the point where he gets teased with the nickname Willy. He and uncle Mattie are not happy about it one bit.), Courtney Beilschmidt Williams, and Keme Beilschmidt Williams (Manitoba). Keme is really an interesting agreement. He's Uncle Mattie's city, but his first name is Germanic, I'm pretty sure. (Basically Uncle Gil got to name him.)

Karpusi/Honda – Now I find this family quite interesting. In the universal world tongue of English, the kids names are as follows (There are two new kids in this family as well now): Perseus Karpusi, Kazumi Karpusi Honda, Calais Karpusi (Crete), and Yuki Karpusi Honda (Hokaido). However, their actual names all begin with Honda, followed by their first name, and ending with Karpusi. (I don't like the ways Perseus's name sounds this way so I'll show you using Kazumi's) Honda Kazumi Karpusi. (By the way, in case you were confused since their names are unisex, Calais is a girl and Yuki is a boy.)

Bonnefoy – Now this one really surprised me. I just found out that the two kids are only half siblings! I thought it was a bit strange that Pierre K Bonnnefoy wasn't more tan, from what I understand through genetics, when at least one parent has darker skin, the children usually end up with slightly darker skin. But his actual full name is Pierre Kirkland Bonnefoy! Papa told me it was awhile ago, before my brother's even came into the picture and it's not a subject that either of the families like to discuss. So if anyone asks what the K stands for, Francis's family immediately answers Károly. Francis and Rachelle's daughter is named Serena Bonnefoy.

Braginksi/Wang – Similar to Kiku and Heracles, except Ivan and Yao only have one son with a last name first, and his is spoken that way by everyone. The older boy, Wang Chen Braginksi. Their younger boy is just Vladmir Braginksi. I think it was because Wang Vladmir Braginski just doesn't sound right.

Edelstein/ Héderváry – Contrary to popular belief, their two girls do not just have the last name of Edelstein, they also have a double name, though it does go Héderváry first, then Edelstein: Piroska Héderváry Edelstein and Brigeta Héderváry Edelstein. Oh and I keep forgetting their new little boy! Amadeus Héderváry Edelstein. You can guess who he was named after! Haha

Oxenstierna – Yep just Oxenstierna. Tino's last name is just too long and confusing to try and combine the two. So the kids are Forseti Oxenstierna and Sofia Oxenstierna.

Køhler/Eriksson – Now these two are different. They both only have one last name, that of their main country parent. And keeping with Nordic tradition, Oslo's last name is after his father's name rather than his father's last name: Darnell Køhler and Nikolas Nikolsson (Nikolaisson just didn't sound good they decided...I personally think it's a lot easier to tease him with the way his name is now!)

Kousson – Just like with Oslo, Reykjavik is named after his Fùqīn (I think I got that right...). So his name is Isolf Kousson.

Laurinaitis/Łukasiewicz – This one isn't actually a family thing, it's an "other cities" thing. A lot of capitals and cities have taken to shortening Warsaw and Vilnius's last names to Lalu and Lula because their actual full names are such a mouthful to say: Patryk Laurinaitis Łukasiewicz and Dimitre Łukasiewicz Laurinaitis. Hence they've become Patryk Lalu and Dimitre Lula...although, sometimes to be really mean the other's just call them Lala and Lulu. (My cousin Coen is one of them)

Estonia/Latvia – I really like this combination, it just fit quite perfectly, which is why I think they did it: Pavel Galante von Bock and Lilia Galante von Bock.

(I could tell you the other's but they're not interesting so I'll end with my family)

Vargas – My family's tradition is actually really quite interesting. When my brother's appeared, my parents took some time in figuring out what their names should be. Papa thought that it should be Beilschmidt after Vater, but Vater doesn't really use the name himself so he thought it might be confusing because of Uncle Gil. So Papa suggested that they use both last names, i.e. Vargas Beilschmidt. Vater shot down that idea as well because he thought that people would refuse to say both last names and just call them Beilschmidt, back to the confusion factor. So Papa switched the two names around so it now read Beilschmidt Vargas. Vater didn't really like that either, he took the pencil and erased Beilschmidt completely. Papa insisted that Vater had to have some name connection with the boys, so to make Papa happy, Vater decided on a good compromise; the twins would have L names in honor of his name, Ludwig. Hence, Lorenzo and Laszlo Vargas were the names decided on. Well when I was born and Papa loved the name of Juliet for me, rather than an L name, he decided to tweak the tradition a bit. My name does still honor Vater, but not in the same way as my brothers'. My full name is Juliet Laurel Vargas. The L went to my middle name! My younger siblings are the same way: Arianna Lene Vargas and Michael Luciano Vargas (Yes Papa gave him that middle name. It means light.)

(By the way, Michael still isn't talking. We don't really know what to do. We try and encourage him to tell us things all the time, but he still just gestures and points, he doesn't even really make sounds like other toddlers that don't want to talk. And it's not that he's mute, we have heard his voice before. He had a nightmare half a year after he appeared, and cried out "Mama!" So we know he could talk if he wanted to...he just doesn't seem to want to. )

Anyways, Papa is calling for me to come help make lunch so I have to end for now. Sorry for the long update but I thought you might be interested in the other cities names and the reasons behind them. I know I was!



(Author's note: At first I thought I should give all the countries more than two kids, so that the ones with only boys could have a little girl...but I kinda like that the families differ a lot. If you have a city suggestion though, I would be happy to explore the idea and create the kid's look, name, and personality! I've currently been drawing all of the cities that I have so far and am trying to decide on which character sketch I like the best for each (London is proving the most difficult so far! I currently have him looking a lot like America, right down to having blue eyes, glasses, and the cowlick, but it's subject to change [Not the eyes though! Those are blue! They will forever be blue!]. I've been trying to use other anime characters hairstyles though so the kids don't end up being complete mini versions of their parents. London has Watanuki's hairstyle.)