The Doctor knew he was going to die. But before he did, he was going to relive his greatest hits. He had been to Rose Tyler's graduation, he had attended Donna Nobles wedding, her second, more successful one. He had visited all his old companions at one point in their lives. None recognized him of course, he had regenerated already. But there was one left to visit. He found him in a bar orbiting Alpha Centauri, he looked sombre. Which was unusual, Jack Harkness wasn't exactly the philosophical type.

'Can I buy you a drink?' the Doctor asked, he relished these moments before they recognized with cheeky satisfaction. 'Not in the mood for socializing sorry,' that's an alarm bell if there ever was one. 'I knew a man once, he was always in the mood for socializing. A bit too much to tell the truth.' The Doctor replied

'Then talk to him then, and leave me alone' Jack said, irritated

'Well that would be difficult to do, I guess I ran to the other side of the bar and used a mega-phone it might work but I don't happen to have one on me, do you?' the Doctor smiled, 'Jack?' Jack was confused for a second, until his jaw suddenly dropped, 'Doctor, is that you? You've regenerated!'

'obviously, you always were a bit slow, but no time for that things to do and people to see,' the Doctor rambled, 'namely save Australia from exploding and meeting Rameses for lunch, great guy Rameses, you'll get along great, but not too great, Rameses always was a bit of a prude, on second thought-'

'Doctor!' Jack yelled startling the Doctor, 'not that I'm not thrilled to see you again, but I meant what I said, I can't go with you now.' The Doctor paused, but then continued, 'of course you can, you're Captain Jack Harkness, I'm the Doctor, we have a TARDIS, we can do anything!'

'Not today Doctor, another time,' Jack sat back down. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, the Doctor thought, it's supposed to be laughing, time travelling, luncheon, not moping in a bar. But I guess I can fix one last problem for Captain Jack 'what's happened?'

After Jack finished his story the Doctor and he sat in solemn silence for several long moments. Many emotions and thoughts ran through the Doctor's head, having seen many good people, friends, die, death was no stranger to the Doctor in fact it was death that awaited him at the end of his journey. The Doctor remembered seeing Ianto when the Daleks stole the earth, but he didn't realise that he and Jack's relationship was so intimate. 'What hurts the most,' Jack's voice broke the Doctor's train of thought, 'is that he was so young, I mean, I didn't expect him to live forever, but there was still so much for him to see, so much I wanted to show him.'

'I understand, having lived over 900 years myself and having seen almost everything I get that every time I see a life end,' the Doctor replied, 'And even with my age I still haven't seen everything, the universe always manages to surprise me. But enough of this sadness,' the Doctor jumped off his stool, 'I'm taking you out Jack, I'm going to cheer you up! How about we see when the Niagara falls began, or how about something more personal like Martha Jones' first birthday, don't worry she won't remember us. How about it Jack?'

'I'm sorry Doctor I can't'

'Why not?'

'Because if I stay with I'm going to ask you for something, something I know you won't do but I'll ask you anyway, and if you refuse I'm afraid I might just kill you.' The Doctor didn't have to ask what it was, he already knew. 'Will you do it Doctor?' Jack asked quietly, 'Will you use your TARDIS and save Ianto?'

'I'm sorry Jack I can't,' the Doctor replied sadly, 'you know I can't.' Jacks fists clenched and his face hardened, but before he said anything the Doctor had an idea and suddenly brightened up, 'But I can do something' and before Jack could act the doctor bounded toward the door. 'Doctor?' Jack yelled after him, 'What are you going to do?' the Doctor grinned.

'I'm going to show him the universe'