Chapter 2: Who The Heck Are They?

I wake up on the grass, next to agumon. I stood up, facing the little fellow, he looked pretty cute like on the Digimon show. I smile, but still thinking if BlackWarGreymon can actually smile, push that thought aside again. Before I can turn to wake him, a huge boom sounded. Then more booms sounded everywhere. 'Where are they coming from!' I yell in my head, trying to not wake up the agumon, but my attempts were futile since he woke up. "Ugh, what's happening?" he said, looking frightened with big eyes, shivering and holding himself. "I don't know, but it looks as if a fight's going on" I reply to him as he finnaly calms down, his eyes back to normal, and he is at a normal stand. "Oh" he replied, looking ready to fight for his own life and his new friend if necessary. A huge Tuskmon then roared, falling near us. It looked at us, maybe seeing Agumon and I as some new prey. He clawed me in the stomach, and I wince in pain as Agumon trys to help by doing "PEPPER BREATH!" The little fire ball bounced off of the Tuskmon, who roared in rage and turned to Agumon. "Agumon! Save yourself!" I yell at him, but being muffled by the claw holding my metal armoured mouth. A huge light filled the area, and then I heard "Gaia Reactor!" It seemed as if the whole area was gathering energy for the attack. Then they all stuck onto the Tuskmon, then detonated, blowing the Tuskmon into dissolving into data, which the new digimon then came and absorbed it. "Excuse me sir, but why did you absorb him?" The curious Agumon said with a light voice. "It's so I can get more knowledge about everything" The digimon with the deep voice said. "What's your name?" I ask suspiciously, knowing you can't trust eveyone. "I'm a Gaiomon, but my real name is Kurai" Kurai answered, still looking serious about everything.

"So can you tell us all about yourself?" Agumon and I say at the same time, I think we had the same ideas. "Ok" Kurai responded, "I'll tell you everything that has happened to me and how I am so Wise." But before he could tell us more, a huge *BOOM* sounded through the area, and we heard a "Thunder Air strike!" and heard booms. There were more booms after that also. "Come on! Again?" We all said in unison as we walk towards the noise. There was a StormHorseMon fighting some devimon that were swarming it. "Should we help it?" Agumon asked with wide eyes while watching the battle. "It's His/Her battle agumon, leave it alone" Kurai said with a stern face. "It looks like he's wise" I thought to myself watching the battle. Soon the Devimon shot the StormHorsemon with all of their lasers, and it looked overwhelmed. "Now I'll Help it!" The agumon said with pride as a HUGE light enveloped him, brighter than ever before. "*BEEP* Special evolution" a robotic voice said as Agumon keeps on changing. It looked like MetalWargreymon but it looked as if he had tougher armour, and a huge sword. "VictoryGreymon!" My eyes shot up, seeing this as a super mega level, and it looked as if Kurai's eyes were a little, not by a lot wider. "VICTORY SHIELD!" VictoryGreymon shouted as he used the shells on his back to form a shield. "Prepare to face justice Devimon's!" The devimon looked scared and frightened a little squirming and flying around with big eyes. With a stern face VictoryGreymon shouted "TRIDENT GAIA!" He split his Dramon breaker (the sword) and all the energy in the universe got charged into it, as he realesed all of it on the Devimons. They all got wiped out in a matter of seconds. There was a lot of data in the air, then and then Kaira flew up and got the mass of data floating around. Stormhorsemon then came down, I could see more detail into the Stormhorsemon more clearly. It wore cyan armour, which was diffrent for a digimon. It also had raincloud, thunder, and raindrop patterens on it's body.

"What's your name?" I ask Her/Him as it prances around. "Just call me StormHorsemon" StormHorsemon said, with a surprisingly female light voice. "You remind me of someone, but I can't just put a finger on in" I said putting a hand to my chin, thinking. "Aren't you supposed to be dark and evil?" The stormhorsemon said looking at me with wide eyes. "No, It's a long story" I said to her then VictoryGreymon came down and said "Pleasure meeting you!" "Oh yea, I'm Blackwargreymon, that's VictoryGreymon but agumon most of the time." I say looking at him, "This is his first time doing a evolution that powerful, right?" I ask him. "Yep!, and it was awesome!" He said looking at all of us. "Also, that's Kaira" I say while StormHorsemon looks at him. "pleasure meeting you" He says while trying to shake hooves/hands with the StormHorsemon. VictoryGreymon dedigivolved into Agumon, and we then lay on the floor laughing at their attempts. After a while, they stopped trying to do that silly thing, and sat down on the grass with us. "Hey Kaira, tell us the story!" Agumon said with a light voice, and some happyness with it. "Sure" Kaira said back. "Ahem" Kaira cleared before starting:

Before Digivolving into Gaiomon, I was once DexDorugamon; a Digimon that Digivolved through death. Seeking nothing but power from other Digimon, I had hunted DigiCores to Digivolve. But before that happened, a Magnamon X named Kisenax had stopped Me from causing more chaos. Kisenax used Magna Blaster to stop DexDorugamon/me, causing me to revert back into a Digimon called Ryudamon. After that, Kisenax took me as an apprentice, and renamed me Kurai. As I grew, I eventually became Gaiomon the Wise King but I'm not an actual king." Kurai laughed as he ended his story. "That was a really good story!" Agumon, Stormhorsemon, and I said. "Thank you" Kurai said being happy telling his story. We went back to Agumon's and my camp. There we had lunch consisting of berries, berries, and more berries! But good thing Agumon knew how to make good peanut butter jelly sandwhiches! Until next time!

Chapter end.

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