Dear John

There is no cell reception here. You will likely never read these. And yet I continue to try to send them. Why? Insanity perhaps. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Or... perhaps it's hope. Although I've never been one for wishful thinking, I suppose now would be a good time to start. -SH 8:34

It's rather cold. I suppose I could use a shock blanket. Except for the shock part. Maybe. I'm unsure. If you were here, you could tell me what shock feels like. -SH 8:52

Actually, I believe I recall some things you once told me about shock. I thought I deleted it, but I can faintly recall it. And yes, the symptoms do seem to fit. You would be pleased with me. -SH 9:03

I've never been afraid of the dark (I've never really been afraid of anything) but it's unnerving here somehow. The stars are beginning to become visible. I know I don't care much about them, and that fact still stands, but they are admirable. -SH 9:15

I'm bored. No, really bored this time. Seriously John. It's not like when I'm bored at the flat when I still can find something to do. Nope. There is NOTHING. Come get me. -SH 9:21

Please? -SH 9:23

I know you're not actually getting these, but I can't help but feel you're ignoring me. It must be the shock talking. Shock does that. You told me so. Many times in fact. -SH 9:29

It's starting to snow. I hate snow. Do you remember that time when we were doing research for a case, and we were outside when it started to snow? You stuck your tongue out tried to catch them. You thought I didn't see, but I did. I see everything; you should know that by now. But anyway, I tried it, just now. I don't see what's so great about it. It'll probably lower my core temperature, and would be a bad idea. -SH 9:36

You often made fun of me for wearing a scarf. Now is one of those times where I can wave it in your face and go HA! Not that I would, but you can imagine that. Although, I'm still shivering, and my toes are going numb. -SH 9:42

Are you even looking for me? Are you even aware I'm missing? I suppose this would have been one of those times to leave a note, but honestly, I was a little busy. But you are a worrier, so you're likely to panic and go to Lestrade or Mycroft. Or both.

You can rub this fact in my face later, after you heroically come to my rescue. You like doing that don't you? Well, just hurry up about it. I'm freezing. -SH 9:57

Also, just in case you're wondering, I think I broke my arm. Actually, quite sure. Positive. As positive as one can be with an x-ray machine, even if they still aren't 100%.

Likely a combo scaphoid and ulna/radius fracture. Don't ask how. Not sure you want to know. Shouldn't need surgery, non displaced. Thanks for your concern. -SH 10:03

I wasn't kidding about the hurrying part. It's probably at least zero, if not below, and I'm wet. Again, don't ask how. Just hurry up. You can't let the world's only consulting detective die in... well really it must be the middle of nowhere, because where else doesn't get mobile service. -SH 10:15

John. I don't want to die this way. I dont want to die, period, but this is just a ridiculous way to die. A human popsicle? No. If (fine, when) I die, it needs to be a little more extravagant. Blown up perhaps. A dramatic fall. Burnd like a crisp. Anyting but this. So honestly John, let's get movng here. I cant eemember how long it will take for me to die in these conditons, which is saying a lot. Not good. -SH 10:23

John, if oyu don't find me in tim which is looking more likely you can put my skul on the mantel with the otther one. -SH 10:35

I see lightss are those toyu? -SH 10:49

Ohg ogod. -SH 10:51