Tony hated being handed things. This little quirk of his started right after his biology classes. He found the kind of germs, bacteria, and other kind of gross stuff that people carried in their hands without even realizing it. Some people would sneeze into their hands without tissues. They would touch the dirty surface of the subway or the wall in the street. Most people weren't germophobic, they didn't wash their hands as many times as they should and then they would touch everything, making Tony antsy of receiving things from others – where had those hands being before? His dirty hands touching stuff were one thing, others were just…ew.

Pepper was different. She was almost as germophobic as he was. That woman spent her life writing (well, signing things that he should sign but couldn't because it was boring) and never Tony had found a drop of ink in her petite hands. Pepper would regularly wash her hands and pass some hand lotion. He caught her cleaning the keyboard of her laptop and Blackberry. She was a complete neat freak and Tony knew he could accept anything from her hands, because they were trustworthy. Nothing from her hands would hurt him in any way (except the devious cat she decided to have one time – evil thing, almost scratched one of his eyes out).

But right now, right this second, Tony forgot all about his biology and contamination studies. He could care less about germs. The only things that Tony was focused on right now, was holding his daughter and then try not to drop her. Tony didn't complain when the nurse handed him the little pink bundle. For the first time ever, he accepted something from the hands of someone other than Pepper's.

"Hey, hey," he soothed the baby in his arms who was starting to squirm. "Daddy has you."

"I thought you hated being handed things," Pepper joked tiredly from her spot on the bed.

"There's always an exception to every rule," Tony replied. "This is mine," he said softly.

Ta-dah! Another drabble. I can't get enough of these two!