Clark's P.O.V

It had been a normal day in Metropolis, but once I had walked into the Daily Planet it had all changed. I walked up to my desk then I noticed that everyone's eyes were on me. "Hey Lois, do I have anything on my shirt or face?" I asked questiongly.

Lois who was sitting right in front answered by shaking her head no. "Then why is-" I was cut off by Jimmy Olsen who was one of the many photographers here at The Daily Planet approaching me and Lois crying. "Jimmy what's wrong?" asked Lois worriedly.

" wants to see you in his office," said Jimmy.

"Why what's wrong?" I asked.

"NOTHING! NOW JUST GO!" yelled Jimmy now everybody was staring. I just turned around and walked to Perry's office.

Once I walked in Perry's office I knew it was bad because instead of calling me Kent he called me by my actually name.

"Jimmy told me that you need to talk to me." I said.

"Yeah, I do need to talk to you Clark. You see, after everyone left yesterday, I got a call from the editor of The Bay Mirror in San Francisco." he said. At that point I was lost what would they want with me. "Clark, she told me that she was down a reporter and asked me if I would be willing to transfer any of my reporters. Then I thought to myself...Who's one of my best reporters? Then I thought of you Clark." The way he said all of that is like he didn't care about any of my feelings. "Clark, now I have one last question. Will you do it?" he asked.

Thoughts started to race in my head...mainly where will I live, who will I meet, and are there any villain's there. Then I remembered that I have always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge. "I'll do it" I said.

Lois's P.O.V

You miss a lot of stuff when you leave The Daily Planet for five minutes just to get a cup of coffee. I just got back from a coffee shop and I can't see Clark anywhere. I run up to his desk and find Jimmy sitting there crying harder then he was before. "Jimmy what's wrong? Where's Clark?" I asked.

"Lois, he's been transferred to San Francisco," Jimmy told me while wiping away his tear.

Smallville transferred? That must be why everyone was staring at him this morning. I got out my phone and dialed Clark's number. "Hello." I heard Clark's voice on the other line. "Clark it's-" I was cut off by Clark's voicemail. I closed my phone I turned around and ran straight for my car. Once I got out of city limits, I tried to call Clark again and I got his voicemail once again. I finally got to the Kent farm and the first thing I saw was Clark's bright red truck.

I jumped out of my car and ran right for the door which was wide-open. I guess Clark didn't hear me come in because I walked right up to him and he didn't even budge. "Super hearing my butt," I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice.

"Actually, I did hear you come in but I just decided to ignore you," Clark told me sitting down, opening his laptop.

"So, you're leaving town and didn't even tell me bye," I said using my puppy dog voice and pouting my lip.

"Actually, I was going to after I find a apartment. Speaking of apartments I see one which looks pretty nice," he told me while moving his laptop in my view so I could see the apartment. It looked like a really nice little space, except it looked one of those efficiency apartments. Clark must have figured out what I was thinking because he asked me if I thought he should look for a new apartment. "No I like it you should get it." I told him trying my hardest to sound happy that he got the transfer.

He got up and got a hold of the apartment people and of course, he got the apartment.

As much as it killed me to see him go, I pulled him in a hug and whispered in his ear. "Never forget about Smallville." That was the last time I saw the man I secretly loved.