It had been six months since he had seen his home. Surely he missed it more than anything at this point, but his job wasn't done and until he got done, he would have to stay put in this one bedroom small apartment that they NYPD placed him in. You see, Stefan Salvatore was one of New York's finest police officer's and he was now stuck in another long and drawn out undercover operation that was only supposed to be for 4 months and now it was expanded for an undisclosed period of time. His cover apartment thankfully was better than the last one and it was a bit cleaner too. The cherry hard wood floors ran through it and the dark stained wooden cabinets in the small kitchen reflected off the windows whenever the street lights shined through them. He had a small bed in corner of the room and everything else was basic and nothing fancy.

The reason behind it was because Stefan was stuck in one of the most drug infested and gang ridden parts of New York City and he had to be able to fit in without being looked at under a microscope. Stefan's dark hair had grown out and his green eyes looked dead and sunken in from the many nights that he missed out on sleep and instead spent working on trying to gather as much information as he could on his new boss and his let out a long drawn out breath as he waited for the phone call that would tell him where he was supposed to meet his boss tonight, Elijah Mikaelson. Elijah was the drug lord in command of the notorious drug gang, The Vipers.

He had Stefan working for him in a warehouse outside of the big apple and he was impressed at how quickly the young man, who had brown hair and green eyes, picked up on the operation and how for the past six months knew exactly how the business worked from the inside out. But, of course, Elijah like many of his associates had no idea of who Stefan really was, because if he or anyone else found out that he was part of a six month sting to bring done the Viper's gang, He would have filled Stefan in an instant.

Stefan turned on the TV and listened to the news, nervously waiting around for his next assignment. He thought about all the things he was missing back in his hometown of Albany, New York. His best friend, Caroline Forbes and her fiancée Matt Donovan were the ones taking care of everything back home for him and he was thankful for them, thankful that at least he had them to go back to. Stefan did have a brother, but the two never agreed on anything and the last time the two of them had seen each other was when they were six teen years old, both running away from their strict upbringing and in search of a new life. The last time that Stefan had heard anything about his brother, Damon Salvatore was when he created his first case file against him.

The file on Damon was a rap sheet as long as almost twelve pages and the crimes ranged from minor to pretty damn serious, if you asked him. Yet, as much as Stefan wanted to reach out and help his older brother, get out of the life. He couldn't find him, it was almost as if Damon had fallen off the face of the earth and his rap sheet of crimes had stopped about four years ago, around the same time that Stefan had graduated from the Police Academy and had been working in the Narcotics unit of the NYPD.

As his mind drifted back to a time when he was younger, Stefan's black flip phone rang in his pocket and he knew that it was time to get into character.

"Mr. Davidson, finally I got a hold of you. Meet me tonight at the Lexington Lounge, It's a night club. So, dress nicely." Elijah informed.

"I'll be there, Elijah. What time?" Stefan asked, trying to hid the suspicion in his voice.

"8pm tonight. One of my girls will be waiting for you at the entrance. Oh and Stefan?" Elijah told him, before preparing to hang up the phone.

"Yes?" He asked Elijah.

"It's another business meeting. You'll be meeting two more of my associates tonight. See you then." Elijah told him before hanging up the phone and leaving Stefan on the other end, clenching his jaw and thinking to himself when the hell this nightmare was going to be over. As Stefan got ready for his night of what he knew was doing to be a drug fueled and alcohol binged night, he braced himself for what the other's were going to be like when he finally got the chance to meet the rest of Elijah's players in this dangerous game of cat and mouse.

An hour passed when Stefan finally drove in front of the building and parked his beat up red colored 1998 Honda Accord in front of the large and lavish looking Lexington Lounge. The building was made of tan colored bricks and the windows all seemed to have their shades drawn as Stefan walked towards it and made his way through the back entrance, straight towards the bar. But, just as he was about to turn the corner, he heard his name being called over the low music that played in the background.

As Stefan looked up at her, he was stunned. Her brown eyes shined with more life than he had ever seen in any of the women that usual worked for the drug lords, since most of them had lost their spark for life, from all the drugs that they used. Her brown hair was in a half pony tail and she was wearing a black fitting dress that accented all of her in just the right places as her heels clicked against the floor and her mint flavored breath got caught into the mixture of smoke and alcohol and swirled around Stefan's head.

"Mr. Davidson, It's so nice to finally meet you." She commented as she extended her olive colored hand towards him and a small innocent smile crept upon her pink lips. Stefan took her warm hand into his and shook it, gently. Smiling at her just as equally, all the while trying to hide his surprise at how beautiful he thought she was.

"You must be, Elena Gilbert. Elijah's girlfriend" Stefan commented, watching Elena nod at him and then place her hands on her hips. Stefan's smile disappeared as he quickly remembered where he was and what he was doing there. But, he couldn't help and think to himself how unfortunate it was that the beautiful young woman standing in front of him with her hands loosely on her hips, was going to be caught in the cross fire of a brewing drug war that had not even began yet.

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