She went into a panic and ran to Clopin's side.

"Thank God! You're alright!" she gaped as she gave him a hug. "What happened?!" she asked frantically.

A little taken aback by her hug...he pushed her away slightly.

"What's it look like? Dracon had just claimed Paris. Gave me a kind greeting, he did."

Maritza looked down and sighed. Clopin could tell that something was wrong. She started to cry again.

"…damn it…." she cursed but Clopin couldn't make out the words.

He looked at her in concern.

"What is the matter with you, child?" he asked.

She looked at him scared for her life "i-it's Dracon... he's..." she kept stuttering.

He gave a rather rough sigh and tried to move his leg, but a sharp twinge from his hurt rib made him think otherwise.

"Yes, girl…we all know that."

"B-but…Dracon, he's…he's my father's captain…." she admitted and that made Clopin's eyes widen.

"You're father?" he cocked a brow at her. "He helped commit a crime against the crown...and now he is invading this capital?" he asked, sounding sarcastic.

She nodded slightly.

He studied her for a long between of trust and for not. He sighed and rubbed his gloved had over his face. She seemed to be frightened, remorseful and very well innocent.

"Well...I don't know then lass. Even though you saved me life, I have yet, no option, but you have to convince many others besides me that you are actually telling the truth. I do believe you, don't get me wrong! It's people...are very angry right now and if they know that your father is one of not last very long. And since the princess has been missing for six're pretty shifty folk." he finished.

"That's why I want to keep it a secret." she told him. "If my father knows I'm here, he'll kill me!" she looked at him hard "I want to blend in."

She laid down on the ground and looked up at the ceiling.

"I don't want to be cooped up in Spain forever..."

"You want to blend in, I see." Clopin sighed. "Well, lass... I wish to help, but it's truly up to you if you want my people's forgiveness, including the whole city. Truly, where you stand now... If your father is part of the might mean, you can't mention his name to anybody if you want to survive. Are we clear on that?"

Maritza nodded. "All right... iIll try my best.." she said. Then, for some odd reason, her face started to get a little red.

"You sure?" he asked, looking at her seriously before there was screaming happening outside.

Maritza shot up and ran towards the window. Down below she saw Dracon and his army of men, including her father, beginning to raid the roads as innocent people tried hard to escape. Maritza started to cry and shake in utter fear.

Clopin gave a grunt in pain and went to her, grabbing her wrist.

"Shh! Want them to hear us? Come! We must away! My horse should be nearby. We haven't much time. Come on!" he ushered.

She ran with him trying to hold back her tears.

Clopin never had much patience to deal with such damsels. Injured still, he dragged her into an alley as they left the inn and they both waited for a moment before he whistled.

Soon this thin black stallion came through to them.

"Good lad!" Clopin grinned, forcing the girl onto the horse before he limbly got on.

Maritza held on for dear life. She quickly saw Dracon and his men chasing after them.

"Clopin!" she whimpered.

Clopin kicked his horse as he held on to the weeping lass as firm as he could. Other horsemen began to chase after them just as they were nearing the northern gates of the city.

Maritza looked at Clopin and back to the other horsemen. Not knowing what to do she remained silent. He kicked even harder just as he saw the gate about to fall upon them. He made the horse dash even faster until they made the very slim mistake before the gate was shut behind them. They were out! They were free!

Maritza eyes lit up. They were free? Truly?

"W-we did it!" she shouted as she fell off the horse.

He couldn't grab her in time and all he was able to do was pull his horse to a stop.

"Damn it!" he cursed in his stress.

This was no time for this! Especially if the enemy was so close.

"We'll never meet up at this rate..." Clopin grouchily mumbled as he turned his steed round and jumped off.

"Get up!" he ordered, running to her and making her get up and run as the pirates were trying to lift the gate.

"I guess…I can thank you…" she muttered under her breath.

He cringed in pain still when he helped her up, but they had to go. He looked and saw the pirates running another way to try and get them. They had to run. He got on the horse first and pulled Maritza up.

"Now, just hold on to my waist! We have a date with the other gypsies." he told her and they were on the run again.

Maritza nodded and held on. For the first time since she was a child she was actually having fun for some reason.