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He stared attentively at the newspaper spread out neatly in front of him on the desk, his fingers of his right hand pressed against his head to support it as his dark gray eyes studied the large picture of a three person family on top of the two page article, while somewhere behind him past the open door of his room water dripped from the ceiling onto the floor in the dark, the noise from the water droplets splashing against the concrete ground audible in three second intervals. His eyes roamed slowly from the tall blonde lady in a long white dress to the fancy man in a suit and tie to her left, until they would finally focus on the light haired, shorter woman standing in the middle of them: their daughter.

They appeared happy enough, with the blonde mother's arm wrapped carefully around her daughter's shoulders in a very fixed but loose manner while the father figure stood tall and proud on the other side, his body angled toward his daughter. Both of the parents smiled genuinely and widely, their body positions seeming to announce their love and fondness of their daughter in the middle, but to the man who stared at the newspaper, directly at the black and white, printed face of the daughter, he knew something was amiss. Something big.

Like her parents, she smiled as well –a wide, ear to ear grin that showed off the bottoms of her top front teeth– but just by looking into her eyes, even in a poor quality newspaper picture, he could see the clouded emotions; the lack of enthusiasm, support, and maybe even love the daughter held toward her surroundings, and her parents. Her parents were loose, comfortable, so obviously in their element, but the daughter was stiff, with her arms crossed in front of her chest and her knees locked up from under her dress. Her parents were looking directly into the camera's lens, smiling proudly at their new, beloved Gotham City, but the daughter appeared to be looking right through the lens at something unknown, something only she knew and could understand that her family could not.

"Silvera Family Come to Save the Fate of Gotham" he read the first half of the article to himself in his head. "Gotham Structures Re-Built and Thriving Due to Generous Donations".

He shook his head to himself with a small grin, the muscles around his mouth tugging his lips in either direction as far as they would allow his mouth to stretch, and he shifted his eyes back down to the picture, taking another glance at the daughter before he lowered his eyes slightly to read the caption underneath.

"Mrs. Mia and Robert Silvera pose happily with daughter Jenna Silvera at charity ball".

Happily, he thought to himself. Maybe they were, but their daughter sure wasn't. Perhaps they were so blinded by their success and lifestyle choices that they failed to realize the torment and distance in their "beloved" daughter's eyes that was so prominent to him as he stared into them again. During the time of his staring, he heard footsteps drawing near, and he didn't have to turn around to know who had entered the room.

"Bane?" Isaac Barsad, a most trusted henchman of sorts –though "henchman" was a very loose term for him– began as he stepped forward into the dim light that surrounded the intimidating, muscular man that sat at the desk.


"It's been confirmed that the Silvera family will be hosting a charity event for the Downtown Berkshire neighborhoods on Tuesday night. At their house," Isaac added quickly. A silent moment passed as Isaac kept his eyes focused on the back of Bane's head, or more so on the back of his mask, and he waited for an answer, wondering exactly what Bane's plans were with this new Silvera family. But that was always how it was; Bane's plans were normally kept a secret from him and the other 'recruits' until it was time to put the plans into action.

"Excellent," came that metallic voice again that seemed to fill up the entire room. "Assemble a small group to accompany you there. I want you to all keep an eye on this girl... right here."

Isaac stepped up to the desk, and when he was standing to the left of Bane, he leaned over to glance down at the paper, and his eyes found the face that was above Bane's index finger. Isaac cocked an eyebrow.

"Her?" He confirmed as he leaned up again, and he stared at the side of Bane's face.

"Her name is Jenna Silvera," Bane clarified in that higher-toned voice, a somewhat pleasant tone laced throughout it. "Tiny in height... long, red hair... bright blue eyes. She's impossible to miss. Follow her, talk and listen to her... memorize her every move. Then you will report back to me," he added, his voice dropping to a lower, more pronounced tone.

"And, that's all?"

"That'll be all, Barsad."

It was clear to Isaac that Bane had not only confirmed his question, but also dismissed him to start putting together his group of men to attend the party with.

"Alright," Isaac said as he took a step back. "I'll go get that group together."

"See to it that you do," Bane said, no indication of annoyance in his slightly accented voice, his eyes still firmly planted on Jenna's face. Isaac finally turned around, and Bane listened to his footsteps as he grew further and further from him until finally he had rounded the corner of the basement and was out of earshot.

"Oh, Jenna," Bane started to himself in more of a mumbled voice. "Fate will not be on your side. This time around, it will be more... bitter." He paused, his eyes staring at her false expression for a moment longer before he finally reached forward to fold over the newspaper. "In due time, Jenna," he went on. "I'm going to make you wish you had never been born."