Power Rangers GPX Alternate Universe, SIU episode 1: Introduction

Note: This is an introductory chapter and has little to no bearing on the plot… yet. Besides that, sit back and enjoy!

:-:-:-:We're the best chance, for humanity, Power Rangers G-P-X, let's go!:-:-:-:

Carbondale, Illinois is not a major metropolis.

So when strange, zombie-like creatures appeared this town (officially referred to as the City of Carbondale), it was a big surprise. Even bigger a surprise was when five people wearing colored spandex calling themselves "Power Rangers" showed up to fight them. It was like something out of a 1950s B-movie. And yet, it was so real; so real, in fact, that the New York Times sent a reporter to cover it.

And yet, there was little he could actually write about it, because not only were the Power Rangers elusive, he had no idea who they were; in fact that was the point. He could not find any way to tell who they were. They wore those helmets with black visors, after all. No one would be able to figure out who they are. They could be anybody! And even though this was common knowledge, it wasn't enough to turn the home of Southern Illinois University into a hive of paranoia.

And yet, the Power Rangers showed up every time there was an enemy attack, either in the city or outside in some abandoned lot. They usually found them trying to sabotage the city's utilities, like the water at Crab Orchard Lake or at the power plant. Other times, there were sightings of giant robots fighting giant monsters. It's the kind of thing that would make a CNN crew descent on a small town. Luckily, the Carbondale city government wanted none of it.

There weren't a whole lot of reasons why. But the best, most valid and official reason was because, again, this is a college town. College students have to have their privacy, after all. Oh, they didn't block the reporters, that's just plain wrong. They did, however, request that only the local stations (like WSIL, KFVS and WPSD) provide the footage to the national… okay, you're getting impatient.

There was no way of knowing who the Power Rangers were, nor who the enemy was. The enemy was the Ouroboros Society; an alchemic society dating back to the Middle Ages, founded by disgruntled followers of Paracelsus. Just what they wanted, and what they were doing in Carbondale, however, was a complete mystery, even to the Rangers.

As for the identity of the Power Rangers, they didn't have to look far. The Rangers were five college-age young adults who all happened to be attending SIU. One was an Illinois (more specifically, the Chicago area)-native, one was from Ireland, one from South Africa, one from Venezuela and another from Japan.

It's been a month since the last attack on the city. That's about to change.

It's the first day of Spring Semester 2011. The students have come back from their Christmas break after the blink-and-you'll-miss-it fall semester. By contrast, the Spring semester will feel like an eternity. And the basketball season is starting to heat up… if only the team was any good.

In the Wall & Grand apartment complex on the corner of Wall Street and Grand Avenue on the east side of the campus, we find a two-person apartment with two young men inside, with separate bedrooms. One of them woke up before the other, getting up to look out at the snow partially covering the ground. "Wish we had more in Joburg," he said to himself.

He was dark skinned and had thin dreadlocks, an athletic build and a slender jaw line. His early-twenties features were soft, and his brown eyes examined the snow on the ground a little more before he went over to the small kitchen to make some coffee. Mandla Aaron Ndebele really liked his coffee. So Aaron (as he's usually called) made his coffee. No doubt his roommate would smell it, too. He also liked his coffee.

"YAWN, morning," his roommate said as he entered their little common area. He was in his early twenties, had a fair skin tone with a lean and athletic build as well, but slightly smaller. His brown eyes was framed by a slender face and topped off with brown hair that touched his eyebrows and half covered his ears and was kind of messy. He wore a t-shirt and gym shorts, which seemed kind of strange for mid-January. "You got class today?"

"At ten and one," said Aaron. "What about you?"

"Nine and 11," said the roommate, Chicago-are native Sean O'Callahan. "I hate having to wake up at this ungodly hour."

"Too bad," Aaron said as Sean flopped on the little couch they had in their pre-furnished apartment.

"I'm thinking about going to Trueblood," he said, referring to the dining hall near the Brush Towers. Outside their window was the east-west Grand avenue, and Rinella Field, the large playfield where many students could be seen playing games of tag football and other things and right next to those are the Brush Towers and Grinnell Hall. Trueblood is beyond them, near Neely Hall, a similar tower but not part of the Brush Towers complex, but more within the adjacent University Park area. All of this is on the east side of campus.

"I don't know," said Aaron, the South African. "I'm already tired of that."

"Well, yeah, dorm food does taste like cardboard," said Sean. "What do we have here?"

"Cereal, Eggos, bread, junk," said Aaron.

"Fuck it, let's make some cereal," said Sean. "I'll have some Lucky Charms."

"Isn't that—"

"I don't care."

"I thought you'd want something that doesn't—"

"I said I don't care," said Sean. "Just get me the fucking box."

"Sorry," said Aaron. "I wonder what the girls are doing right now."


Across campus, at the Thompson Point area, right next to campus lake, is Bowyer Hall, an all-women's dormitory. So naturally, the next characters to be introduced are women. This is a double room; two beds. One bed was close to the window, the other was against the wall. The young figure in the bed close to the window shifted, before sitting up, her hair looking a little messy.

She stretched and yawned before opening the curtains, squinting at the light refracted by the fresh batch of snow looking out over at Point Drive. "Damn snow," she said. She slipped out of bed, wearing her pajamas. She closed the curtains and took her pajama top off, revealing an undershirt tank top and a Wonder Woman-esque build. Her skin had sort of a light brown tone and she had dark brown hair that went down past her shoulders. She swore in Spanish. "Es frio." That one was out loud.

"Oi, Hitomi," she said to the other young lady in the room. "Are you up yet?" The other girl stirred. She didn't look much older than the other, in fact, she looked about 18.

"Why does it have to be so cold?" the younger girl asked in a light Japanese accent.

"Don't ask," replied the Latina. The Japanese girl got up, while the Latina woman, Maria Aparicio of Venezuela, walked into the bathroom they shared with their neighbors; it's a suite style dorm. The Japanese girl had lighter skin tone, black hair with brown highlights that made her look kind of like a Japanese pop singer and a more lithe body build.

"Don't take too long!" she called out.

"I'm not going to take too long, Hitomi!" shouted the Venezuelan woman. The Japanese girl shrugged and got out of bed, turning on the TV to some American station and the sound of the shower filled the room.

Maria was done a couple of minutes later, drying her hair off while Hitomi took her chance to take a shower. "Is there anything in here?" Maria asked.

"I haven't gone shopping yet," said Hitomi. Maria cursed under her breath.

"I don't want to go to Lentz," said Maria. "Especially not for breakfast."

"When's your first class?" asked Hitomi.

"Nine," said Maria. "I hate early classes."

"Where's my shampoo?"

"It's in the basket!" Maria replied.

"Okay!" said Hitomi.

:-:-:-:Power Rangers GPX:-:-:-:

"Damn it's cold," Sean muttered when he left his apartment building. Some other students were walking west towards the main part of campus, past the Student Health Center and the Rec Center. Sean adjusted his backpack and ballcap, stuffed his hands inside his jacket and walked west on Grand to the T-intersection of Grand and S Illinois Avenue.

He crossed the railroad tracks and waited a few minutes for the right moment to cross S Illinois. Gaia House, with its one-story Chinese pagoda style, was off to the right, and in the distance, the Strip (Illinois Avenue) to the north, and by extension, downtown Carbondale.

The light changed and Sean sprinted across the intersection to reach the main part of the campus. That's when he noticed someone near Quigley Hall cornering a little guy—in broad daylight! Well, that didn't sit well with Sean, so he decided to do something.

"Listen you, I want to pass my class this semester, so you'd better get things right, got it?"

"Um, okay!" The smaller guy said, his voice shaking. His friends were too scared to do anything.

"You, know, I thought people stopped being bullies in college!" A voice called out from behind them. They turned around to see Sean, a dead-serious look on his face, taking off his backpack.

"What's it to you?" said the big guy. No, he's not a football player. SIU football players are better students than this jerk.

"Well, it is broad daylight and the first day of the semester," said Sean. "Let him go."

"And what are you gonna do?" said the big guy. "Come here, runt!" He lunged for Sean. But Sean was to fast and was right in his face before the big guy had any chance. Sean grabbed his collar, swept his feet out from under him and threw him to the snow.

"Call the police," said Sean. "Either SIU or C-Dale, whatever!"

"Um, okay!" said one of the little guy's friends. "What about him?"

"He's fine, but he won't be getting up any time soon," said Sean, picking his backpack up and walking away. "See ya!"

Sean's first class was in Pulliam Hall on the north end of campus, and whose clock tower was the symbol of the university. After walking past Woody Hall, home of the university's administrative offices, Pulliam came into view. The red brick façade across the dipping field of snow towered over the campus.

The hall ways of the old building were filled with freshmen who had their classes early in the morning because that was when their classes were. Sean's class was on the third floor and he walked into a classroom overlooking the green and Morris Library in the distance. He took a seat at a desk close to the chalkboard, taking off his jacket and beanie which covered his ballcap.

"Hola," he heard someone say next to him. He looked to see,

"Maria," he said to Maria Aparicio.

"You're up early," she said.

"I know," Sean said with a groan. "I hate these early morning classes."

"Same here," said Maria. "Why did I have to wait until the last minute to take this class?"

"Fucking sucks," said Sean. "Who's the teacher this time around?"

"It's O'Donnell," said Maria.

"Wait, Kevin's teaching this class?" said Sean. Maria nodded her head.

"Alright, every one settle down," their TA said in his Irish brogue as he walked into the classroom holding a stack of papers (syllabi and other things) and dropped it on the teacher's desk in front of the chalk board and wrote out the class name and number. "My name is Kevin O'Donnell, I am from Ireland, I went to University College Dublin for undergrad and I'm here for my graduate courses. I already know a couple of you," he looked at Sean and Maria, "But don't expect me to go easy on any of you."

Kevin looked a couple years older than Sean and Maria, apparently 24. He had short, fuzzy light brown hair, a slightly rounded face (like the map of Ireland), blue eyes, a rugby players' build and appeared to be about an inch or two taller than Sean. "... And no, I have never lived in a thatch-roofed house my entire life!"

"He gets that a lot," said Sean. He paused when Kevin handed out the syllabi.

"Things are going to be a little different this week thanks to Martin Luther King day, but lectures are on Mondays and Wednesdays and discussion is on Tuesdays," said Kevin. "And Sean, please don't try to make any trouble."

"I won't," said Sean. "I don't want any trouble either."

"Good," said Kevin. "If you have any questions, Professor McDonald and I will be happy to answer any questions you have."


"I still hate using my schedule," Sean said as they left the building. "I should know these things by now!"

"And yet you don't," she replied. He gave her a little shove as she cackled. Their conversation was interrupted when an SIU police car drove up on W Grand Ave across from the Old Baptist Foundation building and the cop at the wheel gave a couple of honks. "What did you do this time?" Maria teased. Sean gave her a dirty look before walking up to the cop car.

"Hey Rob," he said. However, the officer in the car who looked to be in his mid-twenties didn't look too happy.

"What happened earlier?" he asked. "With that guy you knocked to the ground?"

"He was bullying some guy," Sean explained. "I had to do something."

"We've just started the semester," Rob bemoaned. "I don't want my superiors thinking I have some conflict of interest because you're my brother-in-law."

"Come on, I didn't hurt the guy, I just threw him to the ground," Sean replied. "Are you going to arrest me for that?'

"Of course not," said Rob. "I just want you to take it a little easier, okay?"

"Fine," said Sean. "But somebody should have stopped that guy."

"Don't push it," said Rob. "I have to get going." He drove off and Sean backed away.

"What was it this time?" asked Maria.

"Oh, nothing," Sean lied.

"Officer Jackson didn't look too happy," she said. "Are you sure?"

"Of course!" Sean replied.

"I hope your roommate doesn't have the same gullibility your brother-in-law has," said Maria.

"Hey, you're 21 and your roommate is a freshman," said Sean. "Don't complain to me about roommates."

"You're 21 too," said Maria. "Tell the truth to your brother-in-law."

"It was no big deal!" said Sean. "He's not gullible."

"Of course," said Maria. "He's just giving you preferential treatment."

"He doesn't want to," said Sean. "Let's get going."

:-:-:-:Power Rangers GPX:-:-:-:

Aaron cursed himself for not wearing boots when he stepped in a snow bank. Immediately his foot felt the cold sting of the snow. It's not so magical when you get it in your shoes. In fact, winter's already pretty bad. Winter in South Africa is bad, but at least it doesn't snow down there. In fact, it shouldn't even be snowing here! Who gave this part to snow? And, Aaron eventually realized he was talking out loud when he saw people looking at him.

"Hello, Aaron," Hitomi said. She didn't look to mad about the snow. She seemed to be enjoying herself. "I like the snow, it reminds me of my family's trips to Hokkaido in the winter."

"I'm glad you like it," he said sarcastically.

"Don't you?"

"Of course not!"

"That's too bad," said Hitomi. "You should try to have fun!"

"We don't get snow that much in South Africa," said Aaron.

"That's too bad," said Hitomi.

"You already said that."

"I know, but it really is too bad," said Hitomi.

"I have class to get to," Aaron said, getting frustrated with the current line of conversation. He walked away, thinking his conversation with Hitomi was over.

However, she followed him. He was a little weirded out by, since she seemed like a stalker. However, he noticed she didn't really have her eyes on him. In that case, it must be because she has a class in Lawson hall, the nearby lecture hall (sort of a typical college lecture hall). He felt a cold burst of wind and he shivered into his Kaizer Chiefs F.C. scarf.

He walked into Lawson Hall, where his class would be, and to his surprise, Hitomi was following him. "You actually have this class?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. "All the freshmen are taking it." He slapped himself mentally for that. He was taking a required course, and he had no idea it was full of freshmen. He's only been here since the beginning of the fall semester of 2010, after all. But then again, so have Hitomi and Maria. Sean is the only one of them to be going to SIU longer than them.

Aaron didn't complain as he took his seat somewhere in the middle of the middle section so he'd be just another face in the crowd while Hitomi eagerly sat next to him. Now I must tell you, she does not have a crush on him, and vice-versa. It's a strictly friendly relationship. And no, the author is not lying, so get your shipping thoughts out of your heads. "By the way, Sean wants us to meet at the Student Center at noon," said Hitomi. After a few minutes, the professor walked out on to the stage to begin the lecture.


Sean checked his iPhone while he walked along the footbridge connecting the towers with the rest of campus. He didn't have his backpack on because he'd left that in his apartment. Again, he shivered into his jacket as a cold gust of wind blew. He was used to this kind of weather, it's a typical Chicago winter. And he'd come to expect it here in Southern Illinois (even though statistically, Carbondale is hotter yearly on average than Miami, although that's mostly due to very hot summers and Miami's steady yearly temperature).

He nodded his head at a few familiar faces as he passed the parking structure and Parkinson Laboratory. In front of him was the south end of Faner Hall, the long and confusing liberal arts building that bisected part of the campus. Right next to that, was the Student Center.

Sean entered the Student Center, the Starbucks, bowling alley and arcade to his left and the bookstore a bit up ahead on his right. He took off his hood and beanie and walked down the hall to the place where he'd get his food. He passed the little TV room on his left and the escalator on his right. Someone was hawking stuff for the new students and the place was pretty crowded. It is noon, after all. He walked past the bookstore and the McDonald's and walked into a little part on his left where the Rio Frontera was.

He ordered a burrito and sat down in the dining room. Maria was already there waiting for him. "What took you?" she asked.

"How'd you get here so early?" he countered miserably.

"Can't believe you're our leader," she said as she took a bit out of a sub sandwich.

"Hey guys," Aaron said as he sat down with his McDonald's bag and Hitomi with something from Blimpie. Kevin was the last to come in, carrying a lunch bag.

"Looks like the gang's all here," said Sean.

"Except for one," said Aaron.

"He must be dealing with something Sean did," said Maria.

"Hey come on," said Sean. "Well anyways, we haven't had any problems for a month, so I guess this little meeting will just be like a lunch date."

"I have to make it quick," said Kevin. "Professor McDonald wants me back at the office at 1."

"We have time," said Sean. "And you never really said anything like that last semester. Besides, why did you become a TA anyways, you know how crazy and unpredictable things can get."

"I needed the money," said Kevin.

"Maybe you could use alchemy to make—oh wait, that lowers its value," said Sean.

"Stop mentioning alchemy," said Aaron.

"And yet you watch 'Fullmetal Alchemist' on Saturdays," said Sean.

"That's different," said Aaron.

"Then why did you ask to stop mentioning alchemy?" asked Hitomi. "He's been crabby all morning."

"Must be the snow," said Sean.

"How did you guess?" Aaron asked sarcastically.

"Can we just eat?" said Maria. "This is getting old and fast."

"Gladly," said Sean. "I want to go and troll the frat boys trying to get pledges."

:-:-:-:Power Rangers GPX:-:-:-:

The old part of campus, ringed by Shryock Auditorium, Altgeld Hall, Wheeler Hall, Davies Gym, a parking lot, Anthony Hall, Parkinson Laboratory and the Art & Design Building, is about as close to quad as SIU has, and even then it's not really a quad. In fact, there used to be a building that stood here, Old Main, but that burned down in the 70s. Shryock, Parkinson, Altgeld and the Art & Design Building are also all across from Faner Hall, Wheeler is pretty much an old house and Davies is right next to Illinois Avenue.

The "quad" also includes two pieces of sculpture. One is a fountain with a little boy and a little girl called the "Paul and Virginia" Fountain, and a bronze statue of DW Morris, the man who turned SIU from a teacher's college to the modern institution it is today and was the university' longest-serving president.

There was nothing going on here until out of nowhere, colored lightning began to crackle from the ground. Students and others who were taking a walk stopped suddenly and watched as strange, emaciated humanoid creatures began to rise from the ground, groaning like a hoard of zombies. They had only one eye, right in the middle of their forehead. Another figure, this one not emaciated and fully clothed also emerged from the ground.

"Well, this looks interesting," he said in an almost sadistic glee, looking at the terrified faces. He looked beastly, but only because his clothing made him look that way. But his facial expression was purely sadistic. "It's been a month since we could do this. These people need to be taught a lesson, Mannequins," he said. "KILL THEM!" The Mannequins screamed and attacked.

The quad was filled with the screams of the victims and cannibalistic Mannequins. The Mannequins jumped all over as the victims tried to run away. The beastly man laughed evilly as one police officer was brought down screaming. "COME ON, RANGERS!" he shouted. "COME AND STOP US!"

Sean was watching TV when he heard a beeping. Beep, beep, be-beep-beep, beep, beep. He stopped and grabbed a device and strapped it to his wrist. It looked like a gear box in a car. "Yes?"

"Enemy attack in the old campus," said the voice on the other end. Sean looked at Aaron and the two nodded before going into their rooms and coming out with black leather jackets and face-covering hats.

It was the same with Hitomi and Maria. As soon as they got the call, they were out of their dorm before anyone could see them.

Kevin, however, had it more difficult. He was in his office in Faner Hall when he heard the beeping. It gained the attention of one of the TAs, but he ignored it. "I'm going out for a few minutes," he said.

"But you just went out," said the TA. "What's going on?"

"I just need a walk," Kevin said as he grabbed his jacket. The other TA watched while Kevin left. Just seconds after Kevin was out the door, a security guard burst in.

"The area outside Shryock is under attack! Everyone, stay calm!"


There was blood and bodies on the snow. The police had responded rapidly and surrounded the area, but the enemy was not fazed at all. While the Mannequins were not attacking, they were just waiting for the signal. The leader himself seemed to be waiting for the right opportunity. "This is the Carbondale Police Department!" said the police chief. "We have the area completely surrounded!"

"By you and whose army?" said the leader. "As you can see, we have the army!"

Rob listened to this with nervous apprehension. The police had shot a couple of Mannequins… but they were still alive. Why did these things have to come back and—what the hell?

Two figures jumped over them from the north and laid waste to the Mannequins. Their faces were covered, making it impossible to identify them.

"Stupid mannequins!" said one figure with his face covered by a red full-face ski mask. The other one was covered by a scarf, sunglasses and a green beanie. "Ndebele, behind you!" The one with the scarf turned around and elbowed the Mannequin in the chin.

"Thanks Sean," said Aaron. The two went back to beating up the enemies.

Then, another figure arrived, jumping off the Shryock steps and crashing into several Mannequins. He almost slipped on some blood in the bricks, but kept his footing. He wore a blue mask and grabbed the nearest Mannequin by the neck. He picked it up and threw it into several other Mannequins.

Then two more figures arrived, jumping over the cops between Anthony Hall and Parkinson lab. These two were female, wearing yellow and pink. The one in yellow danced around the Mannequins while the one in pink flipped about like a gymnast.

The five gathered around Sean and faced down the enemy. "Ndebele, Kevin, Hitomi, Maria," said Sean. "You guys ready?"

"We're always ready," said Maria.

"Fantastic," said Sean. "It's been a month, but… READY!?"

They pulled their sleeves up, exposing the gear box-shaped devices and pulled out keys.

"LET'S DO THIS!" Sean screamed in hot-blooded glory.

"GPX, START IT UP!" They jammed they keys into the gear box. There was a flash of light. When it dissipated, they had changed.

They wore colored tights (not spandex!) in red, blue, green, yellow and pink. Their tops, sleeves, boots and helmets were colored, their pants were white with a colored stripe going down the pant leg and their gloves were white. The girls had skirts. Broken lines like on a road ran down their arms and silver seat belts were buckled to a flat-topped pentagon-shaped belt buckle connected to a black utility belt, which blasters hung on the right hip. Their helmets had sleek-looking black visors, headlights and grilled mouth plates and topped with wheel-like features on the sides. They had tires on the top of their boots and end of their gloves. Their chest insignia had a wheel with a motion-font gold number.

"One, GPX Red!" cried Sean.

"Two, GPX Blue!" cried Kevin.

"Three, GPX Green!" shouted Aaron.

"Four, GPX Yellow!" shouted Maria.

"Five, GPX Pink!" shouted Hitomi.

"Power Rangers! GPX!"

These are the Power Rangers.

"Alright, that's the last time we do that!" said Sean. "LET'S GO!" The Rangers ran forward and working in teams, fought the Mannequins..

Aaron ducked under a Mannequin while Kevin punched it in the face. Aaron took it down quickly. He got up and punched another Mannequin in the face, Kevin kicking it in the back. They split of for a second while Kevin reverse roundhouse kicked a Mannequin on the head. Aaron charged a pair of Mannequins with his arms wide out like wings and threw them to the crowd of Mannequins. He elbowed in the jaw and Kevin finished it off, giving it a nasty kick in the back.

Hitomi helped get the injured out of the area before going back and fighting off the Mannequins. Maria was busy beating the tar out of them, but Hitomi jumped onto her shoulders, flipped about and landed in the group of Mannequins. She cart wheeled and flipped out of the way while Maria threw a wicked right legged roundhouse kick. The Mannequin gargled and fell to the ground. Hitomi then flipped and kicked a Mannequin in the jaw and Maria punched it in the face.

"HELLO, RED RANGER!" The bad alchemist shouted at Sean.

"SHUT UP, RONALD! Still using your fake science?" Sean replied.

"It's not fake!" Ronald said, blocking a punch.

"It's nothing but magic!" said Sean.

"To a primitive mind like yours, of course!" said Ronald. The two got into a sparring match, Sean throwing a right hook which Ronald blocked. Ronald countered with a left upper cut, and Sean dodged it. He elbowed Ronald in the jaw, but Ronald swept his feet from under him. Sean got out of the way when Ronald tried to stomp on him. Then Ronald drew something in the snow. The area started to spark and an ice spear manifested itself from the snow.

Kevin took one of the remaining mannequins and threw it to the bricks outside Shryock. All around them, the ranks of Mannequins was starting to thin. Aaron flipped off the steps and threw a wicked punch at the Mannequins. He let Kevin grab it and he tossed it to the ground where it writhed in agony. Then the two double-teamed the next Mannequin, clothes lining it like a wrestler.

Hitomi and Maria almost had their Mannequins dealt with, too. Hitomi jumped up on a Mannequin's shoulder and kicked it in the head. They ducked and threw an upper-cut at the Mannequins. The Mannequins fell backwards and collapsed in the snow. Mannequin bodies lay all around them. They then kicked a Mannequin in the head. Its head twisted around and as it started to recover, Maria kicked it in the stomach.

Ronald thrust the blade of his ice spear at Sean. Sean dodged them each time. He'd tried chopping it, but Ronald had made it pretty strong. Sean danced out of the way and threw a punch at Ronald's head. The fist connected, but Ronald whacked him with his spear. Sean jumped out of the way and then rushed forward, jumped and kicked Ronald right in the face. "DAMN YOU!" Ronald shouted.

"You wanna keep going?" said Sean. "It looks like you've got no army!"

"Damn you again!" Ronald growled.

"Well this day's gone by pretty quick, so maybe a longer fight would be nice," said Sean, lampshading how rushed this chapter has felt.

"Forget it," said Ronald. "This was just a warning; a warning to tell you we're back!"

"I thought so," said Sean. "But I'm not letting you go!" He rushed Roland, but he'd already drawn a circle in the snow and disappeared. Sean cursed and stomped his foot in the snow before realizing he was surrounded by Carbondale police officers. "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" he shouted to the other Rangers. All five scrambled away in no particular direction while the police scrambled to chase them.

Seconds later, the Rangers came out of their hiding spots, unmorphed and moving freely among the crowd that had gathered. The police were none the wiser.

:-:-:-:Power Rangers GPX:-:-:-:

"So they defeated your force, eh, Ronald?"

"Yes, but I gave the Red Ranger our message."

"Excellent. It seems things are going exactly according to plan."


Okay, how was that? Was it any good? I'll admit it wasn't as good as it should be, but it's a simple introductory chapter. If you've read "Power Rangers GPX", you should know who these characters are, and if not, you can refer to the TV Tropes article (My fic has a TV Tropes article, yay!) or just read the original fic. Anyway, SIU is my alma mater and I may have gotten a little carried away describing it, but I think it's fine. Anyways, tell me what you think. I know it's rushed but I think it's okay. Reviews are appreciated!