Chapter One - Moving in and mood swings

"Clean enough for you," Gennie said as she looked at Nikhil. "It will do," Nikhil said as he looked at her seriously, "might just go over it one more..." Gennie looked at him seriously. "Tonight, we are having a house warming..." Gennie said as she looked at him seriously. Nikhil looked at her seriously. "Gennie," Nikhil said seriously, "your eight months pregnant, you should be slowing down..."Gennie looked at him furiously. "I can cook, I can talk to guests which is our family, I'm not going wakeboarding or hill climbing, I'm just cooking a lasagna."

Nikhil looked at her and nodded. "Why do you keep looking out the window," Gennie asked as she looked at him as he looked again out the window, "it's like your a kid on Christmas eve waiting for Santa." Nikhil looked at her and laughed. "No," Nikhil said smiling, "I am waiting for a delivery from mothercare, it's time we got his nursery ready." Gennie looked at him and burst into tears.

"Don't you lift that," Nikhil said seriously as Gennie bent down to pick up the bouncer that had just arrived along with the cot, changing unit, clothes and a wardrobe. "It's a bouncer," Gennie said sighing. The doorbell went and Gennie looked at Nikhil and sighed. "Can I answer the door," Gennie said sarcastically, "or is that too much for me." "Nikhil," Jai said as he walked in clutching a blue gift bag and a toaster, "traditional I hear!" Nikhil laughed sarcastically at him. "We know how much you love toast..." Charity said laughing. Nikhil looked at Gennie as she got everyone a drink.

"This is lovely pet," Lisa said as she looked at Gennie as everyone sat around the table. "Thanks," Gennie nodded as she looked at her, "Lisa, did Shadrach, dad... Mention Shirley to you..." Lisa looked at her and shook her head as Chas looked at Gennie concerned as she played with her food. "Eat up," Nikhil said, "You've got to keep your strength up for the labour." "Can we just forget I am pregnant for one day, even just an hour," Gennie snapped as she held her head. Chas looked at Lisa concerned as Nikhil looked at Gennie confused and worryingly.