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Heidi pulled away from Jordan. "Thank you so much. You saved my chopper lessons." She unwrapped herself from him and stood there, watching him.

Jordan put his hands in his pockets. "It was nothing." He cleared his throat and motioned to Heidi that Mack was standing behind them. "Mack's here to see you."

Heidi whirled around, her face flaming. She knew that she had done nothing wrong, but guilt found its way into her heart. She walked up to her boyfriend, stopping in front of him when she saw the look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Are you really asking me that?" Mack's voice grew increasingly louder, his anger evident across his face.

"Oh, come off it, Mack. That was just a hug between friends. He helped my sister out with something, and really saved us a ton of money. What, did you not want me to thank him?"

Mack gripped her arm and pulled her out of the garage. Heidi went with him, so that he didn't grip her any harder. "Let's go outside for a little chat, Heid."

"Okay, Mack. But let me go, you're hurting my arm." Heidi wrenched herself from his grasp, wincing. She knew that was going to form a bruise. "So Mack, what is your problem?"

"My problem? My problem?" Mack looked as though he was going to explode. Veins were popping on his face and neck.

Jordan and Dean had stepped to the doorway, to show Mack that they were there to support Heidi, without actually interfering. "Yeah, what is going on?" Heidi was getting tired of the circular conversation. "This is going nowhere, Mack. Just tell me what the hell is the matter?"

"My problem, is your relationship with him!" Mack yelled, pointing to Jordan.

"What the hell are you talking about? Jordan and I are friends and colleagues, nothing more. How many times do I have to tell you?" Heidi was doing her best to remain calm, but was slowly losing the battle. This was becoming a regular argument for them.

"Look mate, maybe you should just get back to work?" Dean said, stepping forward towards Heidi and Mack. "We need Heidi's signature on some reports."

Mack's anger simmered and he turned and marched to his vehicle. He turned one last time and pointed to Heidi. "This isn't over."

Heidi shook her head and sighed. She flinched when Dean put his hand on her shoulder, which didn't go unnoticed by him. "You okay Heidi?"

Heidi nodded. "What an ass. What did I ever do to him?" She turned towards the building, shaking with pent up fear and rage. When she got upstairs, she saw Vince and Michelle waiting for her.

Vince was the first to speak. "Heidi-ho, you've got a moment?"
"Yeah." Heidi stalked to Vince's office, her anger seeping out of her.

Vince and Michelle looked at her, a sad look on their faces. "What happened out there?"

"Happened?" Heidi swallowed hard. "Nothing. Just some boyfriend issues."

"What was Mack raving like a lunatic?"

"He..." Heidi shook her head. "He is jealous. It is just something that I have to straighten out."

Michelle spoke up. "Heidi, has he ever been... abusive?"

Heidi sat up straight. "No! Never!" Woah, Heids, downplay your reaction. You have hidden it from them from the beginning, no need to reveal it now. "Look, it will be okay. I just need to talk to Mack. I'm going to split it off from him."

Vince closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Listen Heidi, do you think that it is a good idea for you to do that alone?"

Heidi nodded. "I can take care of this by myself Vince. But thanks." Heidi stood and walked back to her desk, finishing up paperwork from a rescue earlier that day. She found herself unable to think about her rescue and didn't add anything else to her report. Filing it with Vince, she sighed.

Lara walked up to her and flopped into the chair next to her. "Men problems?"

"Yeah, something like that." Heidi shook her head. "Mack is unbelievable sometimes. I mean, he is honestly jealous of Jordan, even though I am with him. It's like he doesn't understand, which makes no sense, since he is rescue himself." Heidi rubbed her hands over her face, wincing slightly with the movement.

Lara noticed her wincing and piped up. "Are you okay? Did Mack hurt you before?"

Heidi shrugged. "No more than..." Before she realized what she had said, she stopped.

"What do you mean no more than?" Lara stared at her friend. "What do you mean?" She pressed when she didn't get a reply.

"Look, can we talk in private?" Heidi asked.

Lara nodded. "For sure." They walked over to the locker area and huddled next to the lockers. "What is it Heidi?"

"Look, you cannot tell anyone, okay?" Heidi pressed. "Please?"

Lara agreed rapidly, simply because she knew that Heidi wouldn't get whatever it was that she needed to say off her chest if she didn't. "Yeah, sure."

"Mack... Mack has a problem. He is violent at times, although never in ways that leave many marks." Heidi shuddered. "I'm going to chuck him tonight, but I just wanted to get that off my chest."

"When he grabbed your arm, that wasn't the first time?"

Heidi shook her head, blinking back tears. She looked at her feet. "I am so ashamed."

Lara pulled her friend into a fierce hug. "No... You have nothing to feel ashamed about." Looking at the clock, Lara commented that it was the end of the regular work day for them. "Why don't you come over to ours for supper? We can have a chat over dinner."

Heidi nodded, "sure. But I will need a lift home after. I came in with Jordan this morning."

"No worries. I wouldn't let you go home alone anyway." Lara and Heidi left for the evening without another thought to Mack.