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Chapter 35

They couldn't wipe the smiles of their faces. Everything was going to plan. Lara climbed into the limo first and then Dean in behind her and then Heidi and Jordan then Vince, Michelle, Chase and Lachie after all of them climbed in. The limo pulled away from the curb, and headed towards the reception. Lara snuggled into the side of Dean; she gently leaned in kissed him on the lips.

"Lara Gallagher. Has a better ring to it then Lara Knight don't you think?" Dean asked cheekily.

"Definitely does! Today has been the best day ever!" She replied back to him. They turned around to see Jordan and Heidi passionately kissing.

"Come off it guys. Keep it G rated!" Vince joked. Heidi pulled back and smiled and blushed.

"Sure Vince. Just for you!" Heidi joked back at him. They soon arrived at the reception. It was at the team's favourite restaurant. It had been cleared out for the night. Dean and Lara walked in hand in hand as did Heidi and Jordan. Paper lanterns sat as the centrepieces for the tables. Simple decorations hung around the room. When they walked in, they noticed that the guests had already arrived.

Dean, Lara, Heidi, Jordan, Chase and Lachie took their respective seats at the main table. Vince and Michelle had their own table with Vince's daughter Kate and his son Sam. Heidi and Lara sat in the middle, Dean on Lara's side and Jordan on Heidi's side. Lachie took his respective spot beside Dean and Chase took his spot beside Jordan. Dean stood up first his hand wrapped in Lara's hand. Dean began to speak.

"I'm sure that I speak for Lara, Heidi and Jordan, when I say that we enjoyed your company today to celebrate, what has been the best day of our lives. I first met Lara when we first started working together at Rescue all those years ago. It was the best day of my life, meeting a girl just like Lara. A girl that has perfect blonde hair, a smile to die for and is beautiful in every way possible. That is when my love for her started because I knew she was the one for me. Ever since then my love for her has grown day by day and my love for her has gotten us this far, especially in the year that we have had. My love will continue growing because my love for her will never stop. I'm glad that I have found someone as beautiful, as talented and as smart as her! I would always tell my brothers that she was the one for me and that I only cared about her and no-one else. She definitely has something special about her that no-one else has. I'am now proud to call you mine and to call you a Gallagher. I love you to the moon and back Lara." Dean finally finished speaking. A lone tear rolled down Lara's cheek. Most of the females were dabbing their eyes delicately with tissues. Dean leaned down and kissed Lara's cheek. He sat back down beside her. Dean kissed her again. As Dean sat down Jordan stood up.

"As Dean said, we are definitely happy with the company of everyone today. My very first date with Heidi was amazing or should I say magical. Our favourite restaurant, the girl that I love looking amazing as always and that is when nothing else mattered and the world seemed to slow down and that was only because I was on a date with the most beautiful and amazing person ever. That is when I told Heidi that I Ioved her as more than a friend. This past year, the Rescue team have been through a lot together. But the person that suffered the most was Heidi. The way that she went through the whole dilemma, has made me more proud of her each day. Now that it is all behind us, I have finally married the girl that I became proud of. The old and depressed Heidi is gone and now the bubbly girl that I met is back and will stay that way. You are my life Heidi, I love you so much and that will never change." Jordan finished speaking. Heidi squeezed Jordan's hand and Jordan leaned down and kissed Heidi. He sat back down beside Heidi. Lara looked at Dean and he nodded and smiled at her. Heidi also looked at Jordan, he mirrored Dean. Heidi and Lara both stood up and held each other's hands. Lara spoke first.

"I couldn't have imagined this day to be any better. I witnessed the marriage of my best friend and her new husband but she also watched me get married to the man of my dreams. I felt the same way Dean did when I first arrived at Rescue. There was a tall, handsome and masculine man standing there, and that is when my heart skipped a beat. That was the man that I fell in love with and the man that I married today." Lara finished her part of the speech and Heidi continued on.

"It was an honour to have our station co-ordinator, Vince, walk both of us down the aisle today. Vince. You are like a father figure to Lara and I, the way that you care of us like we are your own daughters is amazing. We went through a huge year, but there was one person who got me through it. Jordan is that person; the way he stood by me day by day was amazing. I'm happy that he became more proud of me each day. But the rescue team stuck together and got through it together. Today has been the best day of my life. I love you Jordan." Heidi finished speaking. Lara hugged her best friend and then sat back down beside Dean and Heidi sat down beside Jordan. The room become loud again, every one talking to each other. Vince stood up and tapped his fork against his glass of beer; the room became hushed.

"To start off, I would like to congratulate Dean & Lara, Heidi & Jordan. I am happy to see the four of you finally get married. Michelle and I are very proud of the four of you. I had the honour of walking Lara and Heidi down the aisle today, I couldn't have been happier. Today I had the feeling that I was going to cry because I am proud of the two girls that I consider daughters. Heidi, when you went missing, I was worried that we weren't going to find you. But when we found you, I was happy, obviously not happy that I got shot. Lara, when we left that night, we didn't know that Mac was going to hurt you. When we found you the next day, I was ashamed because we had left you and Heidi. Deano, I'm sure getting shot wasn't at the top of your to do list but the way you put yourself in the firing line to save Heidi, we are all grateful for what you did. Jordan, the way you stood by Heidi day by day and didn't give up on finding her, is amazing. To Lara & Dean, Heidi & Jordan!" Vince said before he started crying. Heidi walked up to Vince and hugged him. He released from Heidi just as Jordan came over, she turned around to face him. He held out his hand.

"Care for the first dance as a married couple Ms Zwitkowski?" Jordan asked. Heidi nodded her head and grabbed Jordan's hand. He pulled her closer to him. The music started and they began to dance. Everyone else watched on; Dean and Lara sitting at the main table Lara leaning up against Dean. Chase and Lachie sat talking to each other and Vince had sat down, Michelle sitting beside him rubbing his back; he was becoming emotional. The dance had finished and everyone started clapping. They sat back down at the main table. Dean stood up and also held out his hand.

"Would you like to have a dance Ms Gallagher?" Dean asked Lara. She blushed. She put her hand out and held Dean's hand. They walked out to the dance floor; but Lara stopped to hug Vince. She pulled him into a big hug. Dean stood back and left them to have their time together. Vince pulled away after a while and sat back down. Lara went back over to Dean and the music started again and the dance started. After a while, Vince stood up and walked over to Heidi and Jordan.

"Care for a dance Heidi?" Vince asked her. She stood up and grabbed Vince's hand as he led her over to the dance floor just as Dean and Lara had finished their dance. Just as Lara was about to sit down, Jordan came over to her.

"Is it alright if I steal your wife for a dance, Deano?" Jordan asked Dean. He nodded and placed a quick kiss on Lara's cheek.

"Love you too Dean" Lara said as Jordan pulled her up. He led her over to the dance floor, Heidi and Vince had finished their dance and went back to their respective seats. Dean stood up and grabbed Heidi's hand and led her over to the dance floor and danced with Lara and Jordan. After a few minutes, both of the couples had finished dancing. Everyone headed back to their seats at the table; but Lara walked over to Vince and held out her hand.

"You are the only one I haven't danced with yet. So, Vince, would you do me the honour of having one last dance with me?" Lara asked Vince. He grabbed her hand and stood up.

"It would be my pleasure." Vince said simply. He led Lara to the dance floor and began to dance. Dean sat there watching his wife dance with the only father figure in her life. After a while all of the guests joined in and started dancing. Lara and Dean sat to the side enjoying their own time and the start of married life. Dean wrapped his arm around Lara's middle as she leaned into the side of him, wincing a bit as she leaned in hit his sore ribs from the night before. She looked up at him and kissed him gently on the lips, then she pulled back and looked into his eyes.

"Today has been perfect."

It was time for the newlyweds to head off for their respective honeymoons, the only thing that they were not doing together. Heidi and Lara had changed out of their dresses and into comfortable clothing to travel in. Heidi and Jordan were heading for their beach escape and Lara and Dean were doing the same, just to a different location.

Dean, Lara, Heidi and Jordan hugged everyone and stood in the doorway. Jordan had his arm wrapped around Heidi's waist. He noticed that she had tears in her eyes. "Are you okay, Heidi?"

Heidi smiled at him. "Yeah, I'm just so happy, Jordan." Using the pad of his thumbs he wiped away her tears.

"Me too." Jordan smiled and kissed her cheek.

Lara and Dean watched the exchange between Heidi and Jordan, and they were smiling themselves.

Vince watched them as they made their final farewells and he looked at Michelle wistfully. "They did it. My girls are married and I couldn't be happier than if it were my own daughters getting married."

Michelle wrapped an arm around his shoulders, watching the pair run off to the waiting limo. "Yeah, it's pretty nice isn't it?"

Vince nodded, too emotional for words. After the year they had had, it was about time that happiness reigned.

Chase and Lachie had followed the newlyweds outside, showering them with confetti. They came back in and stood with Michelle and Vince. "Can't believe we have Lara as a sister now." Chase said, as the limos pulled out.

Lachie grinned. "Yeah, but you are still the youngest Chase."

"Haha, thanks Lach." Chase grinned. Everything was finally as it should have been. Everyone was together as a family. His heart felt so full it was about to burst.

Everything had fallen into place. After a year of heartbreak, fear, depression and challenges, they had all come out on top. The Rescue team had been forever changed by the last year, but now most would agree that it was for the better. They could get through anything, as long as they remained together as a family. Their love and caring for each other proved to be the greatest gift they had ever received. It was in fact, all they needed.