Just Another Day

Jade stood up from the couch once she heard a knock at the door. She had been expecting Cat who had needed help with some schoolwork. "Hey Cat." Jade said nonchalantly when she opened the door. Cat was in a t-shirt and a pair of little jean shorts, she also carried a backpack with her.

"Hey Jade!" Cat said excitedly. "Can I come in?"

Jade rolled her eyes, "Hmm let me think about that." she said, sarcastically.

"Kk." Cat then started tapping her foot while humming, preparing to wait. Jade tried not to crack a smile, she had thought the sarcasm in her voice was obvious.

"Yes, you can come in now Cat." Jade told her.

"Finally," Cat went into the house where she tossed her bag onto the couch. When Jade walked over she wrapped her arms around Jade's waist. "We're going to have so much fun today." Cat said, a bright smile on her face.

"Hey, hey I thought you were coming over for homework. Not slumber party fun or something." Jade said as she gave the other girl a little push.

Cat bowed her head a little, "Jade I kind of told a little lie."

Jade frowned, "Why would you lie about something dumb like that?"

"I wanted you to test something out for me." Cat told her. She then reached into her shirt and pulled out a small round piece of candy. It was wrapped in red, each side twisted to keep the wrapping on. "Candy me and my brother made."

Jade grimaced, she wasn't sure she wanted to try anything Cat and her infamous brother had made. "Yeah Cat I'd rather not." she said flatly.

Cat's expression saddened. "Please please please please please." she begged.

"No Cat." Jade said firmly.

"Please please please please please please." Cat kept on chanting.

"No Cat." Jade repeated.

"Please please please-"

"Okay!" Jade snapped, snatching the small piece of candy from the redhead's hand. She pulled off the wrapping and then observed the small red hard candy. Looks normal enough, she thought to herself. She popped it into her mouth and moved it around to get the taste.

"So how is it?" Cat asked eagerly.

Jade spat the candy out, "Oh my god that was awful!" she exclaimed. It's taste had been that of pure sugar with a barely recognizable touch of cherry and a touch of weird carpet taste.

"Aww Jade-"

"No! It's awful Cat. I can't get this taste out of my mouth!"

"I can get the taste out of your mouth." Cat told her.

"Oh really? How?" Jade asked angrily.

Cat smiled and then grabbed Jade by the shoulders, pulling the other girl towards her and kissing her full on the lips.