Chapter 5

A gong goes off and everyone dives into the water safely. Huh…I guess the water's only electrified prior to the gong.

I dive into the water grateful for the many camping trips with Gale and then swimming up in the fall up there, because now I know how to swim.

The current is quite all over the place. I find that there are many whirlpools within this body of water. I try and swim towards the south, towards shore, but with the current, I can barely tell where I am.

I push myself above the waterline and try to search for Peeta, but he's nowhere to be seen. Amidst the flowing water which our clothing is no match for, are all the tributes that haven't drowned yet. And that number, I have a feeling, will drop.

I assume Peeta is fine, and/or is probably already seeking shelter for us, so I continue to keep swimming. When I reach shore, some of the tributes have already arrived and are starting on the bloodbath, killing one another without any remorse showing on their faces.

I try and sneak by them treading on the uncomfortable sand towards the jungle path when I stop to look back. I suddenly see Peeta floating in the water, in the wrong direction, towards one of the whirlpools.

Peeta doesn't see me, but I see him. I need to save him! I need him!

I quickly begin to run along the sandbar towards the direction that Peeta is heading, in hopes of maybe catching him along the river.

Just as I am about to get any further, I hear the sudden whirring coming at me, and I feel a yanking on my arm and I fall to the sand, my mouth getting a bunch of sand in it.

I look at my surrounding and find a spear resting in the sand not an inch from where I stood a moment ago. I turn my head back towards the direction it came in and find a tribute boy about my age with blond spikey hair like Peeta's, eyeing me angrily. It hits me that he had unsuccessfully tried to kill me.

I whip my head to my right and come eye to eye with a young girl who is scrambling to get up, looking around as well. She grabs my hand suddenly and pulls me up along with her and we run into the jungle that started upon the sandbar.

Even though I have no idea who she is or what she wants from me―for all I know she could be taking me to my death bed―I follow her.

We run wildly through the jungle, no knowing exactly where we're going.

Right when I'm about to take another step forward, two other tributes―one man that looks like Adonis from Greek Mythology who's my age and a girl, my age as well with short chocolate locks―both that seem like they don't deal with any funny business.

I immediately take a step back, searching for something I can use to protect myself seeing as these two other tributes hold extremely deadly weapons―a trident and axe―in their hands like their little play toys for toddlers.

"Finnick, Johanna, it's alright. She's going to be one of our allies," the little girl says.

"What?" I ask, confused. I'm partnering up with these people? Doesn't that mean I'm more vulnerable to dying and not making it back safely to Gale? What about Peeta? He's my ticket home!

"Shouldn't you have asked her beforehand? Now she knows our secret location!" Johanna says suddenly angry.

"Don't worry, it's okay; I trust her. There's something about her that tells me she's okay," the girl says.

"If anything happens, I'm holding you accountable, Rue. And you―" Johanna says pointing at me with her large axe. "No funny business, alright? Any funny business and she gets it," she points at Rue who doesn't show any emotion.

Scared suddenly for Rue, my eyes widen. "No, please, don't hurt her. Hurt me," the words fly out of my mouth before I comprehend what I am saying. Am I suddenly willing to die in a different dimension for some girl who's young, whom I barely know?

"Ooh, we've a martyr on our hands! Lovely!" Johanna says with strange enthusiasm.

"Jo, don't frighten the poor girl, she's from twelve; she's probably scared out her wits. I'm Finnick, the nasty one is Johanna and this lil' cutie is Rue," Finnick introduces.

Rue blushes at Finnick's words and Johanna grumbles under her breath.

"I'm Katniss. Does this mean if we stick together we'll all go home?" I ask.

Finnick simply smiles.

We spend the next several days living off of this arena having to fight off death-frenzy-loving tributes that seem to pop up at every other corner without warning.

When we're not fighting for survival, we end up having conversations about ourselves, however quiet ones, making sure the outside world can't hear our conversations. As much as I would love to tell them about my real story to maybe help me get home, I just can't. Some part of it is because I haven't even told Peeta the truth and as well, I don't know how these people will react. They may think I am crazy, saying that I am from a different dimension.

The number of tributes quickly decreases as the more dawns and sunsets pass overhead.

I continue to wonder at the back of my mind what was happening to Peeta―if he was still alive. From our secret hideout that's continuing to remain a secret, we cannot see the list of dead at the end of each day because of all the foliage of the jungle.

However, we are counting the number of canon explosions we hear, alerting us of the death toll.

I can start to see the end of this Game and I personally cannot wait until I can find some form of access to the internet since I probably won't have Peeta's computer anymore; there's a good chance of him not making it.

One morning, our chipper and positive attitude takes a fall when reality stabs one of us. Literally.

Rue is in charge of collecting our breakfast each morning with one of us guarding her surroundings. As I wake up this one morning, I notice that little Rue isn't asleep beside where she normally is, curled up.

"Rue?" I call out quietly, trying not to give away our location to anyone lurking nearby.

I hear nothing.

I hear a rustling a few feet beside me and find Johanna waking up. A few feet away from her I spot Finnick sitting up in his makeshift bed.

"What's going on?" Finnick asks.

"Where's Rue?" I reply with a question.

Johanna scrambles to her feet as do Finnick and I, preparing to go looking for our little ally.

We trek through the foliage, searching for her until Finnick spots her body imprint on the ground.

He suddenly contorts his face in pain and then looks to the sky which can be seen as a clear coat of blue above us. "Why?" he whines sadly in question.

If I wasn't sure about where she was before Finnick began crying aloud, I know now. This is all that's left of her. Left of such a young girl, that some sick tribute felt that killing an innocent child was an okay thing to do. What is wrong with this dimension? I mean, there are crazy sick people of my other dimension of real day, but this? These Games filled with children for entertainment? These citizens are sick. Gosh, just thinking about it makes my stomach upset.

I stay back a few feet away from them, giving the two who knew here better than I did some time to pay their respects to her.

Once they begin to wander back to our hideout, I go up to what Finnick has found and kneel on the ground. I close my eyes and mentally thank Rue for saving me every time that I've had close calls to death in this arena with her.

I open my eyes and look down. Beside the outline is a twig and in the mud is writing.

I can barely make out the dying scrawl but from what I do decipher, it's been written:

Peeta is still out there.

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