(Ah, the third in the series. Disclaimer: I don't own Ga'Hoole or Harry Potter. I also don't own the idea to name one of the owlets after Cleve's brother. Someone else came up with that.)

"Hey! Come back with my glasses!" Arison cried out.

"Come and get em, if you can see them." Midnight giggled. Then she sprinted off with Arison not far behind.

Arison had the advantage though. He could fly. Midnight reached the edge of the hollow. "Yipe!" she cried, digging the claws of one of her talons into the bark so as not to fall. The other talon held Arison's glasses. Arison took to the sky and grabbed them. "No fair!" Midnight pouted.

"No fair? You shouldn't have taken them in the first place." Arison objected. He landed down.

"But I'm so bored." Midnight whined. "You'll be selected for a chaw soon, and I can't even leave the nest."

Arison sighed. She had a point. Then his eyes lit up. "I've got an idea. Let's go talk to Elna. She can tell us a story."

Midnight perked up. "Okay." Then ran to Elna and Twilight's hollow. "Mom! We want a story. About the magic Other place."

"And not the troll one. We hear that too many times." Arison added.

Elna looked up and smiled. "That can be arranged. But don't you think your siblings will want to hear it too?"

Midnight and Arison looked at each other. "I guess. . ." Midnight admitted.

"I'll go get them." Arison flew out. He came back with Midnight's brother Flame. His own brother, Claymore, named after their dad's brother. And he brought his two sisters, Areen and Eva.

"You're telling a story?" Eva asked hopefully.

"And not the troll story?" Areen asked.

Elna shook her head. "No. this story is before that. When I nearly became deaf from hearing mandrakes. And get this, I was the one who got in trouble."

Soren peered inside as Elna told her story. She seemed to have a limitless supply of them. Sometimes he wondered if he should add a chaw to the tree, one about Others, Elna would teach it. But he couldn't think of anyone who would join that chaw.

(So, I hope this turns out better than Basilisk at Hogwarts. It might just be me, but that one seemed to flop.)