Claymore, Arison, Eva, Midnight, and Flame all burst out of the fireplace. Arison took off his glasses and cleared the smoke that was now on them.

"Wow." Eva said. Once Arison could see again, he realized why she had said that. This place really was impressive. "This place is awesome!" she cried.

They all froze when they heard footsteps. But no one came into the room. They all let out a sigh of relief. "You have to be more careful." Claymore warned them. "Maybe we can come back and explore this place sometime, but for now, let's just find Areen and get out of here."

They crept out, letting Claymore take the lead. "The Others are so big." Flame commented, looking at the furniture.

They made it to a window, only one problem. They were a few stories up, and Midnight and Flame couldn't fly yet. "How do we even know Areen's out there?" Midnight asked. "She couldn't have gotten that far ahead."

Claymore shook his head. "We'll find her faster if we fly." He pointed out.

"Didn't Gylfie find those things that make you fly one time? Brooms?" Arison offered.

Claymore nodded. "Alright, let's go." He flipped the window open, then turned to face Midnight and Flame. "We'll come back with brooms."

Midnight nodded impatiently. Arison, Claymore, and Eva flew out. They came back with one broom. "Since they're so big we figured you could share one." Arison explained.

"Great." Midnight responed. She took the broom and jumped up. It took her a little to control it, but she managed to figure it out. Then Flame hopped on. They all flew back out the window and started their search for Areen.