A/N: This is now a series of short ones with LinkxIvy. These can be taken to be in any order, but the first chapter is the first in my mind, and I'll mention it if that changes. Please tell me if you have any theme ideas, alright? Oh, and this is from Ivy's point of view! A first for me.

I was tossed unceremoniously onto my back in the melee that had taken over my former courtyard, and sat back to watch the young girl spar against her father, who would pay severely for throwing me out. She looked remarkably like me, but closer to his stature. She, at the ripe age of 16, was barely above a meter and a third. She had shoulder-length hair of the deepest brown, and the body of a fighter, with tight skin and toned muscle, her body having long ago eradicated all shreds of fat.

I'm still not certain how it happened, but my husband managed to convince some girl he'd met before me to teach her a fighting style suited for someone of her size.

I don't think I'll ever forget her first birthday, when Link stormed in for the first time in months, his chest wrapped with bandages and a long scar running up his face. Nor will I forget the news he had: that Soul Edge had been vanquished, thrown into another dimension, hopefully forever. He'd brought the BitchNinja with him, too. Normally, I'd have killed her on sight, but he stopped me. Prick.

I looked up from my reminiscing in time to see him strike too low, and have his daughter appear with her wooden elbow blades to his jugular and her legs wrapped around his chest.

A hush fell across us all. By this time, most of the staff had come out to watch, and we were in awe of this. You see, this was the first time he had been beaten by either of us since we started to spar like this.

No one moved for several moments, until he ripped her out of the grab and into a hug, practically choking her and laughing, among spurts of "That's my girl!"

She, as always, looked to me for my opinion.

"I'm proud of you, baby." She really did tear up at this, as the staff applauded and I pulled her into a hug.

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