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I Took A Page From Your Book

Chapter 1

A small cup of steaming liquid was placed in front of me. I picked it up and took a sip.
"Just as great as always, Miss Asahina."
"Th-thank you, Koizumi-kun. I used different leaves this time. What does everybody think?"
"Perfect!" Mikuru's boyfriend Kyon was always one to flatter. It's probably why she said yes when Miss Suzumiya found out about it and made him ask her. Oh well.
"This is great, Mikuru!" Haruhi said, stretched out on the chair in front of the computer we're "borrowing" from the Computer Club.
"Thank you!" Nagato-san said, followed by the sound of turning pages. She was never one for words, unless she was explaining something that had to do with the D.I.T.E.
Mikuru sat down, trying unsuccessfully to fold her purple maid uniform underneath her.

{}{}{}Two Hours Later{}{}{}

At around three pm, Haruhi stood up, yawned and said,"That's it for today!" Before merrily skipping out of the Brigade room.
"I will go as well." Miss Nagato stood up.
"I'm going home too." Kyon said, standing up and walking over to Miss Nagato, probably inquiring for more information about how she lives.
"Umm, I'm going to change Koizumi-kun, so if you wouldn't mind, umm..." I smiled.
"It's alright. I'll just come back in in a few minutes for my bag." I said, standing up and walking outside to club room.

Five minutes passed and I knocked lightly on the door.
"Who is it?"
"It's Koizumi, Miss Asahina."
"O-oh! Your bags are still in here, aren't they!" The wooden door opened.
"I'm very sorry!" She said with a bow before taking her backpack and running off down the hallway. Something dropped from her bag and I walked over and picked it up, looked around for a second and realized that the amber-haired girl was no longer in this part of our school.
"What is this, anyway?" I took a quick look at the blank cover and opened to a random page.

Entry 4-

Earth Date: August 2010 Star Date: ;$38.9 2810

Today Suzumiya-san made an announcement that the SOS Brigade was going to make a movie. I know for a fact that I'll be the star and Miss Nagato and Koizumi-kun will be in it two, while Kyon-kun will be in charge of every small job and Haruhi-san, will be the dire-

"It's Miss Asahina's diary, hmm? I'll take this home with me and give it back to her tomorrow." I said, slipping the book into my bag.


My walk home was uneventful. Miss Suzumiya was obviously in a good mood about something as no Closed Space had appeared in a day or so.

When I got home, I finished all of my homework and a book fell out of my bag.
"Huh?" I looked at it again.
"Miss Asahina's diary, right." I flipped to the first page.

Mikuru Asahina
Time Travler ID: 571057427.820
If Found, Please Return To The Following Address:
1937 Shima AvenueSakura Building, room 405
Tokyo, Japan (A/N: I have no clue where Mikuru lives, so bear with me here. This is also probably not a real place, and if it is, could somebody tell me?)

I closed the book for a second and went into my kitchen for a glass of water.

When I came back, three men were standing in my foyer.
"Umm, hello there." They didn't appear to be from the Agency, they weren't in the suits that most people donned when they were at work. Even I wore a suit in Closed Space.
"Are you Itsuki Koizumi?" The tallest man asked.
"Yes... Why? I know I haven't done anything."
"That is not why we're here." The second man said. He was short, fat and seemed like he had absolutely no idea what was going on. He couldn't've been the leader. I guessed it was the man in the middle.
"Can I, Itsuki Koizumi, help you with something?"
"Yes." The man on the right said.
"Wait, can I ask who you guys are?"
"We are from the future." The man on the left said. This guy's name was Stretch. And this conversation seemed to rotate between the two and I was hoping the third guy would talk just so I could hear his voice.
"Can I help you?"
"Do you know the woman named Mikuru Asahina, time traveler ID: 571057427.820?" The man on the right said. He became Clueless.
"Uh, yes?"
"Do you have something of her's in your house?"
"I guess so." I said.
"Please return it to her immediately." The man in the middle said. I swear, if you were there, you could HEAR poison dripping off his voice.
"I don't know where she lives."
"Alright. Her address is 1937 Shima Avenue, Sakura Building Room 405." Stretch said, holding out a piece of paper.
"It's almost three am."
"Doesn't matter." Clueless said, trying to sound not like his nickname dictated.
"But I have school in the morning."
"I'm sure that Agency of yours can create a reasonable lie." The man in the middle said. His name is officially Poison.
"I suppose they could." I said with a smile, rubbing my hair with my hand.
"Please return the book now." Poison said even more bitterly. I quickly sighed.
"Fine. Let's go."

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