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I Took A Page From Your Book

Chapter 2

Thank you for reading! Chapter 2 and the end of this little story!

Poison forced me, at something I don't think was a gun, but something like that, gunpoint to take what was Mikuru's and get in the car to return it to her.

Once in the car, I noticed a fifth person climb in. A hood was removed, showing a beautiful woman with cherry lips, amber hair and an enormous chest.
"Who're you?"
"My name is Mikuru Asahina." She said with a soft smile. I smirked, holding up the small book.
"Would this be yours then, Miss Asahina?"
"No, that is the me from this timeplane's. But I'm glad you found it. Read it if you want." I slowly opened to the first page.

Entry 1
Earth Date: September 3

I have just landed in this timeplane, and I'm finding that this world is much different than the world I'm used too. I registered for the school that Haruhi Suzumiya will be attending and hope that the Data Overmind or the Agency will not try to interfere with my work.

Entry 2 -

I flipped a few pages to the first days of the SOS
Brigade. -

Entry 3
Earth Date: September 15

I began work at the "SOS Brigade" today, along with Itsuki Koizumi, a member of the Agency and an Esper, Yuki Nagato, a humanoid interface and a branch sent by the Data Overmind. There is one other person that joined us, Kyon. His last name has not been acknowledged, but Nagato-san intends to tell him her true identity, claiming to me that Suzumiya-san has chosen him.

I believe that the version of myself from the future will be talking to Kyon-kun as well, so I feel like I don't have to explain things to him as much as I might, since "I" will explain anything else in later hours.-

"So, how far are you?" The woman across from me asked.
"She just got to the SOS Brigade."
"Hmm. Skip to entry 8." She said, motioning to the book.
"Mmkay." I said, flipping pages, looking for the entry.

Entry 8
Earth Date: December 13

I had very nice day today. Suzumiya-san, told us we didn't HAVE to go to the Brigade today and I took the opportunity to sneak off after school.

About five minutes of walking later, I heard a voice behind me. Itsuki Koizumi.

"Good afternoon Miss Asahina."
"Good afternoon, Koizumi-kun. I see you skipped out on the SOS Brigade today as well."
"Yeah," He said, rubbing his hands through his hair. "I don't even think Nagato-san and Kyon went. But anyway, what are you doing right now?"
"Well, I figured I'd do a little grocery shopping and maybe check up on -

"Who's that?" I still, after all this time, asked myself. -

... and probably go clothes shopping and get a bite to eat."
"Sounds awfully boring by yourself. Can I maybe tag along?" He asked with a smile. I blushed a little bit. I was never and good with boys, and it probably wasn't that good of an idea. I'm pretty much his mortal enemy, what with Suzumiya-san around and all, but right now, I was pretty much putty in his hands.
"Uh, sure Koizumi-kun. Where do you want to go first?"
"How about clothes, then eating then groceries?"
"Sounds great!" -

"Wait. I remember this! Why am I reading it?" I asked Asahina-san.
"Because. This is from my point of view. If you want, you can just skip to the end." I flipped three pages and she said,
"Stop. Now keep reading."-

Koizumi-kun and I had just come to my building and he pushed the button to left both of us in. His arms were covered in grocery bags and I was twice as covered in clothes and shoes. My neighbor, Mrs. Ito came up behind us as we walked in.
"Good evening, Mikuru-chan!"
"Hello, Mrs. Ito."
"Is this your boyfriend?" My face went red.
"No, I'm just a good friend of hers that's helping with her groceries." Koizumi said with a smile.
"Well, that's very sweet of you." Mrs. Ito said, walking to the stairs as I pushed the button on the elevator.
"So, Miss Asahina," Koizumi began as we stepped into the elevator. "I was wondering if I could stay over for a while. Closed Space hasn't appeared yet, so I have nothing to do until it does."
"Uh, sure Koizumi-kun. You'd have to help me put all of these groceries away, though."
"That's alright." He said, as I opened the door to my apartment. I handed him my things and ran inside, cleaning up anything that had to do with the timeplane I came from, before letting him in. -

"Alright, skip three more pages and read from the star." Asahina-san said. I turned a few pages and saw a star next to the start of a paragraph. -

*** Around five thirty, Koizumi stood up from my couch and walked to the door, saying,
"I should be going."
"I-I'll walk you home!" I said, quickly standing up.
"Okay." He said, pulling his shoes on. I walked over and pulled on my new coat.
"I wanted to ask you something." He said.
"Okay." I said, as we walked outside. The cold was bitter. I blew warm breath into my hands.
"Why are you dating Kyon? Miss Suzumiya will probably kill both of you if you go any further than where you are. And then we'd both have a problem." He said, scratching his head, no doubt thinking about Closed Space.
"Because he's nice to me." I said as we reached his door.
"So? I'm nice to you."
"He's in love with me."
"So? I'm in love with you." I blushed. Koizumi loves me?!
"I want someone I can trust. I can't trust you."
"No, you can't trust where I work. I can't trust where you work, either. But we can trust each other."
"I'm staying with Kyon-kun, you know that right?" We were standing on his porch in the freezing cold now.
"That's okay with me." He said, pushing his lips against mine. His breath was warm, contrary to the cold of winter. He paused and pulled from me.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Miss Asahina." Then he opened and shut the door behind him. -

"I knew all of this. I was there."
"I know," The woman said. "I wanted you to read it from my point of view. I never forgot that day, even today all these years later. Oh! We're here!" I opened my door and walked into the building, pushing a few buttons.
"It's Koizumi, Miss Asahina." The door opened and I walked up the stairs to her room, ripping out the page with the kiss on it out of the book and stuffing it in my pocket.

I reached her door and knocked. She opened the door a few minutes later.
"Hello." She said. I fumbled in my pocket for a moment and pulled out her diary.
"I found this in the hallway today. It's yours, right?" She quickly grabbed the book from my hands.
"Thank you, Koizumi-kun!" She said, wrapping her arms around me.
"It's nothing." I said, pecking her lips softly and smiling as I walked away.

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