"Yes! Austin, you did it! Great job!"

Austin turned and grinned as a petite brunette threw herself around him and hugged him tight. She was squealing worse than a fangirl, but he couldn't blame her. He'd just been asked to send a video audition to New York Studios so they could see if they wanted him to perform in NY!

Austin gripped Ally tightly as he hugged her back. She was the whole reason he'd come this far, after all. They were a team. Partners. Best friends.

Ally's grip loosened and Austin reluctantly let her go. He immediately felt colder, but shook it off as he turned to do his signature "What up!" handshake with Dez.

Trish and Ally were hugging each other squealing, and Austin gazed fondly at Ally's flushed, excited face. She brushed strands of curly chestnut hair out of her soft brown eyes. Austin's attention was diverted to her eyes by that motion. He felt himself getting lost in them…

Dez blowing pudding all over Trish jarred him back to reality. Ally was hiding her giggles as she restrained Trish from killing Dez.

"Austin!" She laughed. "Get me a towel or something to help Trish clean all this off."

"Right!" Austin replied, jumping off the piano. "Um…where are they?"

Ally was about to say something when Trish interrupted. "It's okay, I got to get home anyway. I need to tell Mom I was fired again and it's getting late."

Ally nodded. "It is getting kind of late."

"Well, I have to go home and feed my platypus," Dez said matter-of-factly.

Everyone stared at him. "Dez, you have a platypus?" Ally finally asked.

"Of course, duh! It's part platypus, part octopus. Everyone knows that."

"Er, right. Well, see you guys." Trish walked out, brushing pudding off of her clothes, with Dez right behind her.

Ally giggled again. She shook her head. "Well, look at all this pudding! I'd better clean it up."

"I'll help!" Austin eagerly offered.

Ally smiled. "Well, sure. Thanks, Austin."

"It's no problem," Austin assured her.

Ally looked at him. "What are friends for, right?"

"Best friends," he clarified. But he felt a sharp pang of something sharp inside him as he said these words.

She bent down and started wiping the stains off the couch. Ally hummed "Heartbeat" under her breath as she worked. Austin's mind flashed back to when they'd created that song. For Cassidy. He felt that pang again. Ally had been so happy to help him with Cassidy…

"Hey, Ally?"


"We need a new song for the video audition…so, when do you want to work on it?"

Ally thought for a moment. Austin thought it was cute how her eyebrows scrunched together. "How about tomorrow?"

Austin nodded happily. "That's perfect."

She smiled. "I think that's all of it. Thanks for your help, Austin."

"It was no trouble at all."

As she turned to put the mop up, Austin suddenly got a sneaky idea.

As Ally turned, she got a face covered in a gooey wet towel.

Austin watched, cracking up, as the towel slowly slid down her face. His laughter died down to nervous chuckles as he saw the evil smirk on her face.

"Oh, you just made a big mistake, Blondie."

And so the water war began.


Unbeknownst to the two happy young teens, a crazy girl was watching them, glaring with hatred at the pretty songwriter in particular.

"So she thinks her career is heading off to New York, huh?" the spiteful girl muttered, her eyes narrowing. "Well, she thought wrong. You can't have an audition without a song, and you can't have a song without…"

An evil smile slowly spread across the girl's face. A scheme was forming in her mind, the perfect revenge on Ally.


Austin was whistling, soaked from head to toe, as he walked out of Sonic Boom. He turned to gaze at the store one last time before he left for the night.

He brushed damp blonde strands away as his thoughts turned to his Ally. Yes, HIS Ally. She was his songwriter, partner, and best friend…

Friend. That word still stung in his mind. Why? He thought furiously. Ally was just his friend. That's what they had decided on a long time ago.

So why did it still hurt to say it?

Angrily he turned away from the store. He was angry at himself for even thinking about Ally that way. She would never think of him that way! Their relationship was platonic. Nothing more.

Still, he felt a strange sense of uneasiness under his anger as he left, almost as if…he wasn't alone…and Ally…wasn't safe.


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