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The world was at peace. Everyone around the world was having fun, enjoying every second of it.

Execpt for the Gaang. They where in the Jasmine Dragon, bored out of thier freaking minds. The place was closed because it was a Sunday and they were trying to find ways to kill some time. Then someone had an idea.

"Lets play a game." said Toph.

"What game do you want to play?" asked Aang.

"Lets play Who dares, wins."

"You mean truth or dare." said Sokka

"No" she answered. "Who dares, wins is a game where you have to play dares only. The winner with the most dares gets whatever they want."

"That sounds like fun." said Katara.

"Yeah I'm in" said Aang. He always agrees to whatever Katara agrees to. Pure love to the fullest.

Sokka, Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, and Suki agreed as well.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!-from the SAW movies.

Toph goes first "Aang I dare you to jump around like an idiot and say "I got laid." for about ten min."

Aang got up and started to do the dance and saying "I got laid". To be honest he did get it on with Katara last night. He still remembered all of those things he learned from his dreams that got her wet real good.

Katara blushed knowing that fact too. She couldn't wait to do it again. She looked at Aang with a devilish smile and he blushed as well.

After Aang was done with his ten min. He starts his dare against the Fire Lord. "Zuko. I dare you to run all the way to the Earth Kindom Palace and back screaming "help I was trapped in Azula's cell room". Zuko got up but Aang stopped him and said "while 'naked'.

"Oh hell no!" He yelled with an angry look in his eyes.

"Did I mention that the dare is still on, and if someone refuses. Then the person right next too him has to do it. They all looked at the victum, it was Sokka.

"Oh come on, thats not fair." Sokka whinned. But he went outside and took off all of his clothes and started to run to the Palace.

Everyone outside was wandering 'what the hell is that guy doing?' Then he screamed " help, I was trapped in Azula's cell room!" Everyone around him starts to laughing their asses off, thinking he must be drunk.

Back at the Jasmine Dragon. The Gaang was laughing because Toph said. "I was only kidding. I didn't think he would really do it."

Then they continued. It was going to be Sokka's turn but he's gone. So they settled with Suki.

"Katara. I dare you to take Aang's shirt off, with your feet." she had a smile in her face. For she knew that Katara would do anything to Aang. Even if it's in public.

Katara accepted and used her smooth feet against his skin. She knew he was excited because of the buldge in his pants was growing. When she took it off, she decided to kiss him in the lips. When they parted, she had a smile on her face.

Aang wanted her so bad right now. But he knew he had to wait for an oppertunity to present itself. So he waited, plus had a few fantasies.

The next turn belongs to Zuko. He needed revenge for that prank earlier and wanted it now. "Aang I dare you to stand up and do the YMCA dance. You also have to sing it."

Everyone was shocked to hear that, even Toph wouldn't do something that cruel. It was something that would make Iroh drop his tea.

Aang got up and started to sing and dance the YMCA. He knew that it was embarrassing, but he was determined to win the game and dares Katara something good.

He was doing the dance and everyone execpt Katara were laughing at him. It was horrible to see him in this situation. Still it could of been worse.

When he was done, Zuko was still laughing at him, knowing he got him good.

Then it was Mai's turn to do some damage. She looked at Toph and said "I dare you to wear high heels for the rest of the day."

That would be cruel to a blind Earthbender who can only see with their feet. Toph was also determined to win. So she accepted and was presented with high heels that were about 2 feet tall. (A/N I have an older sister, I know what I'm talking about.)

Toph puts them on and tried to stand up. She kept falling left and right, trying to get used to them. Then she was hitting the walls all around her. She was completely blind and was making a fool out of herself.

The Gaang was laughing so hard that they fell onto the ground.

This is just the begining...

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