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The young couple went to get breakfest. As well as the rest of the Gaang. When they got there, everyone but Sokka was at the table. Suki must of hit him that hard.

Everyone gave them smiles and cheering for the couple. Aang and Katara were blushing.

"How did you find out." Said Katara.

They all pointed at Toph. "I can always tell, when you guys do it. Don't worry I won't tell Sokka."

They sighed with relive and sat down to enjoy the feast.

Aang and Katara were feeding each other. Sometimes they would use the food to put in each others mouths.

When breakfest was finished, Sokka finally came out. He was dissapointed.

Aang and Katara were nervous and looked away from him. If he remembered, then Aang wouldn't be near Katara for a long time.

"Oh no." Said Sokka. "I missed breakfest. This is horrible!"

The couple were glad that Suki managed to make sure Sokka didn't remember doing it. That was good because, even if he trusts Aang that doesn't mean he could try to kill him.

"Yeah sorry about that Sokka. You didn't come out in time." Said Aang, he maybe a bad liar but it was still good enough to convince him."

Sokka sighed in disapointment, "Thats ok". He sat down on his chair, ready to tell the Gaang something importent. "I had the most horrible nightmare."

"What was it about Sokka." asked Mai.

"I had a dream that was almost real." He paused for awhile to remember it. "The food in Ba Sing Se were eating people."

Everyone in the table was confused. Thinking 'thats it'.

Then Zuko asked. "Is that it?"

"No that was the first nightmare. The next one was Aang and Katara, doing it on the bed in my presence. Then the next thing I knew, someone hits me in the back of the head. It was something metal."

Suki smiled about that one. She knew that Sokka isn't smart enough to figure out that it was her, let alone what Aang and Katara did.

Everyone in the room execpt for Aang, Katara, and Sokka, started to laugh. It was pretty embaressing.

Katara started to feel on edge, but Aang held her hand. She looked into his eyes, they were telling her 'don't worry, I will always love you. Even if everyone laughs at them'.

Aang looked into her eyes, they were telling him 'I know Aang, I will always love you too."

They came in close to kiss while Sokka was busy dealing with everyone else.

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