Dear Diary,

nothing really happened today, like most of the times that I'll be in this room. Today is normal. So I'll spy on... Kabra kid #2.

She's yelling at the dumb waiter for at least a hairbrush or some lipgloss or decent clothes nothing. She goes over to Nellie to check on her. Boring.

Now oooh! Ooh! This is interesting! Natalie doesn't do anything, nut Nellie DOES. She whines. Alistair calls up the dumb waiter for a doctor. Instead, we now have a some supplies so WE can do the surgery OURSELVES.

Oh group meeting. We're going to see who is gonna be the best person to take out the bullet in Nellie's arm...

I'm back! They chose Phoenix. Of course they wouldn't choose me. The Holt is to huge handed and clumsy.

Phoenix is searching for it, and each movement causes Nellie to wince. Phoenix just gave up. Now Nellie is muffling something under the thing that blocks the screaming. She spats it out. Now she just said, "get the Kabra chic!"

Natalie just found the bullet and is pulling it out. A blood slimed bullet. Cool.

Reagan Holt