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One moment, he had been following her gentle instructions on how to perform a particularly odd dance move, enjoying her close proximity and her guiding hands as well as being able to witness her copying the move directly in front of him. He was certain she must have looked cuter dancing than he did.

In the next moment, there was a flash of a camera, a "Shit!" from the normally clean-mouthed-in-front-of-Sunny younger woman, and then Snake knew that there must be something about the dance she hadn't told him, or that there was something amusing about watching a retired veteran soldier dancing like that… maybe both. Whatever the reason was for her taking the photo, he knew he didn't want her to keep it.

And so began the chase, that is, it could have been considered a chase if he wasn't far stronger and more experienced than she was (not to mention more skillful with close quarters combat). She would never stand a chance against Snake in a race or a physical battle, even without his sneaking suit.

Fortunately for her (even with his IQ of 180) she still had some knowledge that she could use to her advantage. She maintained a steady and speedy thought process even as he caught up to her. With a false cry of defeat - a half-lie acted out with perfection as he closed the distance between them - she was snatched into his arms. She resisted only briefly before emptying out a tiny compartment of the camera.

"All I need is the memory card," she declared with a smirk - a misleading facial expression - and she dropped the small object down her shirt to land, as far as Snake knew, somewhere in her bra.

It was a "no entry" zone for Snake. Was he tempted to reach in anyway to grab would could otherwise become potential blackmail in the future? Of course, as a single man in front of a single, younger and not-so-innocent girl who must have been aware of the risk of invasion long before tossing a desired item between her boobs, he was tempted, as anyone would be. But, he was aware of the trauma that sexual harassment (no matter how inappropriate her actions were) inflicted on a woman her age by a man his age could cause… And Meryl's voice was still ringing in his head…

"I'll never forgive that womanizing piece of shit… Men… selfish, egotistical pigs!"

He had thus concluded that it was in both of their best interests (or perhaps mostly her best interest) that he… abort. Was this really game over? Was there no alternate route?

Meanwhile, she considered this to be a partial victory. Partial in that it seemed that Snake was no longer after the photo, and partial in that as she pulled away from him, she knew his touch would be missed. With her victorious smirk still in place, she began to move away from him.

It was a flawed exit. As she pulled herself free of his reluctantly loosening grip, his fingers brushed against a sensitive part of her abdomen (and the fact that it was Dave's fingers only enhanced the feeling). She let out an involuntary giggle and twitched away from him.

If it had only been a subtle movement, he may not have noticed. However, the combination of the supressed giggle and the nervous glance back at him told him everything he needed to know.

"You're ticklish."

This was not something he would discover very often about people, considering he was often surrounded by people involved with the battlefield, and they never engaged in tickle fights. Despite this, and despite her denials and protests, Snake found the act of tickling to be easy and its results to be effective. Within moments he had her pleading for him to stop, and a few moments after that she surrendered and gave him the tiny object that he presumed to be the memory card.

"Otacon, delete everything on this."

"Why?" Otacon had been preoccupied with Naomi until this point, and held out his hand for Snake to give him the object in question.

"Just do it," Snake commanded, and he could hear her behind him saying "Don't do it!" It was too late for her to do anything about it, now. Snake had triumphed, Otacon was about to load the file on to his computer and delete it.

"Uh, Snake, this is the battery for the camera. There won't be anything stored on it."


Snake turned around to check on the camera that he had abandoned. Sure enough, she was there, staring like a deer in headlights with the camera in her possession again.

"You know, if you wanted his attention… well… have you asked him?"

Snake ignored Otacon's teasing tone and wrote it off as one of their geeky inside jokes. She, on the other hand, knew that Otacon was addressing her, and felt her insides turn, remembering how Otacon would tease her while Snake wasn't listening (and how the teasing would gradually become less and less innocent than what she would expect from the otaku).

"You do know that you're attractive, right? If you asked him, I'm sure he'd tell you the same thing."

"If you asked him to kiss you, I'm sure he'd do it."

"If you asked him if he stared at your behind for as long as you stared at his…"

And so it was that Otacon could say "Have you asked him?" and she would become flustered because she knew what he was talking about and Snake wouldn't because he didn't (although, Otacon also frequently told Snake that she was crazy about him when she wasn't listening, to which Snake's only reply would be a grumble and a shake of the head).

No longer paying attention to Otacon, she turned and ran around the helicopter as if her photo of Snake doing a ridiculous-but-cute dance depended on it. And so Snake pursued her as if he would be able to retrieve the actual memory card this time. Using the same tactics as before (tickle/torture her until she had to surrender the camera) Snake managed to retrieve the device and hand it to Otacon.

"Huh?" Otacon said immediately after grabbing the memory card, "This isn't the memory card that I put in here! It must have been switched around."

Again, Snake turned around and again, his target had a futile attempt at hiding and escaping. Behind the helicopter, Snake had her pinned down in seconds.

"Where's the memory card?" Snake asked, allowing her to breathe so that she could speak.

"If you really want to know… you'll have to kiss me!" It sounded stupid, even to her. She couldn't believe she had asked something like that of him, and she was starting to regret it, but she was more than ready to say something like "I was only kidding! I'm not about to give you the memory card!"

Solid Snake was not easily surprised Dead bodies? No problem. Deadly mechanically armed women killing everyone around him? Barely a grunt from the shock. A man who he watched die appears years later alive and well? A simple 'What the hell?" that could be mistaken for frustration is sufficient enough to summarize his emotions at the time. Indeed, Snake had calmly faced multiple bizarre and frightening experiences without showing much of an emotional reaction.

Now, here he was pinning down a woman to the floor of the Nomad, a strange enough situation as it was, but now she was asking him to kiss her, a possible sign of attraction towards him, something he had given up on at the first sign of his untimely wrinkles.

Excited? Hopeful? Pleased? Were these emotions crossing his mind?

Unimpressed? Awkward? Disgusted?

She waited for an emotional response that she knew would never come. His facial expression had not faltered for even a moment. The only change to his features that he allowed to show through was the transition from playfulness (from chasing her around) to seriousness from the genuineness and vulnerability of her question). Aside from the faded grin, Snake displayed no emotion whatsoever, except perhaps that he was thinking. But what he was thinking was what she wanted to know.

Of course, she has a name. I decided not to include it, since she may be intolerable to read about, anyway. I'm under the impression that Snake would not kiss her. I do have more planned, but I'll save myself the trouble of typing it out if the story is no good.