"G-General Braginski," Francis muttered.

Lovino recognized the name Francis had said earlier. Lovino stared at him but really couldn't see the others face well in the dark. He also couldn't help the feel of terror coursing through him if he looked for too long. He eventually stopped trying to get a look at the demon and just stared at the floor.

"What do you want," Francis asked but his voice was fairly shaky. It was as if he wanted to speak in a more demanding tone but really couldn't muster it.

"Huh? Shouldn't you be much more grateful right now? I'm helping you out and doing your boss a favor Francis. Ah, wait maybe the two of you like it down here? I wouldn't find the stone floor comfortable but I'm not one to judge if that's what you like," the demon general spoke. He said it without paused with an amused tone. He definitely didn't sound offended He didn't sound all that offended. The demon mostly spoke in an amused, almost mischievous child.

"Wait," Francis perked up and he voice sounded much more solid in his relief. "You're releasing us?"

Mm-hm," the general hummed. "Yao wasn't happy and didn't want to. I think he was considering skipping procedure and going on ahead with executing. Lucky for you, he couldn't bring himself to do so," the general laughed. Francis gave a nervous chuckle himself but Lovino kept quiet. "Then your boss came in and went a little crazy. It's been awhile since I've seen him like that! It was great! For a moment I thought him and Yao were going to destroy the entire room."

"Toni and Yao fought?" Francis questioned. The general was about to answer but Lovino piped up and interrupted him.

"Toni. Is that your boss's name?"

"Ah, yes," Francis answered. He looked back to General Braginski whose gaze had shifted to Lovino. Lovino still wasn't looking up from the ground. Francis feared that the general had gotten offended at being interrupted but instead just looked curious.

There was a moment of silence before someone spoke again. "Ah," General Braginski started, breaking the silence. He snapped his finger like he'd come up with a brilliant idea or had remembered something. "I should say before I forget! I'm only here for one of you."

"What?" Francis gasped. "You just said that we were free?"

"You are, you are! Don't get so ruffled little fairy. It was Yao's stipulation. He wants me to escort him," the general pointed to Lovino, "to his new room. Yao doesn't trust him at all. Your friend will be here shortly to get you. The loud pale one I believe."

"Oh," Francis sighed feeling much more relieved. Lovino didn't share his feeling.

"Like hell I'm going anywhere with a fucking demon," Lovino snapped. He glared up at the demon in the doorway. It was a small moment of rebellion. The moment swiftly died when his eyes locked with the general luminous purple ones.

"Unfortunately you don't get a choice. While the fairy is free you are not, you just aren't going to die today. Yao is still pushing for your execution, though, I'm willing to bet he'd use any excuse given, like if I was to say that you were very resistant?" Lovino felt sick. He looked back down towards the ground and crossed his arms. They were shaking so bad he couldn't hide them anymore. He saw Francis glance at him knowingly but he didn't say anything.

A loud clap sound through the room making Lovino and Francis jump. Their attention was drawn back to the general in the doorway. "Well, let's get going. I'm actually really busy and my subordinates are probably wondering where I went." Without another word, he took a few steps in towards Lovino.

Fear spiked through him and Lovino jerked back. Moving so suddenly wasn't the best idea though as his head throbbed and he was overcome with a harsh wave of vertigo. "D-Don't touch me," Lovino managed to get out feebly. His protest was completely ignored as he was lifted and effortlessly tossed over the general's shoulders. His dizziness suddenly increased.

Even after he was settled on the general's shoulder he couldn't bring himself to even kick at him. Everything felt like it was swimming. He heard Francis call out to him in worry when he groaned in pain. "Ah, I forgot you're injured. Well, don't worry it's not too far of a walk."

Lovino was taken out of the room and he heard the door shut with a loud clang. The hall outside was excruciatingly bright to his eyes. "Shit," Lovino snapped. He started wiggling and trying to kick his feet. "Put me down fucker! I can walk on my own! I don't want you fucking touching me you monster!" He suddenly felt a hard unrelenting force clamp down on his legs almost painfully. Lovino yelped at the sudden pain around his knees and turned his head to see the demon's arm holding them down.

"It would be smart for you to stay still now and not cause trouble yes? If you move around too much. You might fall and hurt yourself. I've seen plenty of others fall from being carried like this and break their legs as a result," the general hummed. His grip tightened and Lovino winced. "Be good," he chuckled."

"Fucker," Lovino muttered under his breath. He wasn't happy being carried like he was, it was humiliating, but he wasn't stupid enough to ignore the general threat. The motion of the other walking wasn't helping his dizziness in the slightest, though, he felt that if he'd had any food on his stomach he'd have already thrown it up. The thought of food seemed to wake up his stomach though as it decides just then to growl.

He suddenly felt starved and he was embarrassed at the noise his stomach was making. He was actually grateful the demon carrying him didn't comment on it. The general started walking up a long flight of steps and Lovino started to wonder if he was adding more sway to his steps on purpose. As they walk a flash of motion caught his eye and saw someone pale walking down the steps on the other side of them.

"Ah, he got here sooner than I expected. Looks like the little fairy won't be staying in that cell much longer," the general hummed. Lovino glanced at him before looking back at the other demon now at the bottom of the stairs. He had white hair and skin but Lovino was even more unnerved by the bright red eyes he caught a glimpse of. The other demon quickly disappeared around the corner.

Lovino was carried the rest of the way up the stairs and through multiple hallways. He had tried to keep track of them all but between the general's fast pace and his dizzy spell he soon lost track of the turns. His headache didn't help either. Eventually, they came to a stop. Lovino heard a door opening and he was carried a few more steps into a room before he was slung backward. He was startled by the movement and then even more so by the soft landing.

"Enjoy your reunion while you can, it won't be long until the meeting starts." With that, the general left and Lovino sat up just as the door was closing.

"Reunion," Lovino muttered in confusion. He didn't know what the demon meant. He took a moment to reorient himself and let everything stop spinning. It was only after a few minutes that something else caught his attention.

A smell. The incredibly delicious smell of food. Lovino slowly turned to see a full mouth-watering plate that looked piping hot sitting on the table for him. He stood up with the intention of going over and devouring it when he spotted something else. He tensed and shrunk back, immediately of suspicious a person sitting in a few off corner looking at him.

"Who the fu…," Lovino trailed off as he took in the other person. The man was dressed casually and had hs long brown curl's tied back in a small gave a small,nervous smile to Lovino. His emerald-green eyes that locked with Lovino's shone with happiness.

"Lovi...It's been a long time."

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