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"Max-Ernest, sweetie, will you pass me the salt?"

It was dinnertime and Max-Ernest still couldn't get that memory out of his head.

"Sweetie, did you hear me? The salt?"

It was so strange. So weird. So unthinkable. At least by him.

"You know what, I'll just get it myself."

"Wha-?" Max-Ernest landed back down on Earth.

"Has something been boggling your mind lately?" his mother questioned.

"Oh, psh! Nothing…nothing a-at all! I'm j-just very…tired." He replied. Then to persuade his mother he yawned.

"On that thought, may I be excused? I want to go to bed."

"But it's only 7:30."

"Haha…ha…Well, wasn't school so overwhelming, huh?"

Max-Ernest practically srinted up the stairs before his mother could question him like the FBI.

He thought of listening to music. He grabbed his iPod, and played a random song.

"Last Night On Earth" started playing (if you do not know the song, it's a love song. The un-cheesy kind).

Quickly he closed it. It was no use.

He thought of looking up factoids on the internet. He opened his MacBook pro (a gift from his aunt for his 13th birthday, and also for becoming a freshman).

He found out that about one billion nanoseconds make up a second.

And then he read that a woman's heart beats faster than a man's.

And then he read that Mona lisa had no eyebrows.

And then thoughts came back.

And then came back thoughts of the new guy.

And then Cass.

And then the whole thing all over again.

And then a MacBook Pro being thrown out of a window.