Nat's POV 3 years ago… "Mal, I need to tell you something. The FBI offered me a job at Quintico, and I took it. Oscar and I decied we needed to start over fresh. I'm sorry, but after what we did, I can't stay here Mal." I bit my lip and lowered my gaze. I couldn't look into his blue eyes and still continue with my plan. " I'm sure we'll meet again." With that, I turned heel and fled. Looking back, I wish I had stayed there in San Fransicsco with him. Mal's POV Present day…. I strode through my priecnt, I looked away and felt a pang. Ken and Blasie were dead, Amy was who knows where,Maria was retired, Kai was on the run(dont ask), and Nat was- no going there. The old gang was almost gone. "Captain, there's a FBI agent here to see you?" "Send him in…" "Actually, it's um- uh- well it's S.A. Santos." She had come back. Hope surging in my chest, I eagerly awaited her arrival. Nat slid in without great ado, and I could tell something had happened. Her face was grave and lacked it's ussal light. A small boy, about three, followed her in. "Nat? What happened?" 'Oscar, he- he found out Mal. He left. Jace, the boy, he's yours Mal." Upon closer inspection, I relieazed there was no doubt he was, He had my cruelan eyes and messy brown hair. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you,but I thought you wouldn't want to know." "Nat, I thought he knew?" "I thought he did. Oscar had his supicions but that is all it was." She looked older and haggard. The secret must have eaten her alive for the past three years. "I quit my job at the FBI to be little homemaker mom, and I went back but they wouldn't take me." "Welcome to the team, Consultant San- Williams?" "It's Willaims now. I'm sorry I left Mal. Honestly, I was running from you. I was scared, because I did the worst the possible thing. I fell in love with my partner."