Sora and Riku were in the back seat of Riku's 1954 Chevy Nova. They were parked behind a McDonalds as the hot summer rain poured down. Soon, the windows were covered in a thick layer of precipitation as the heat continued to fall.

"I had a really good time tonight Riku," said Sora as he stared into Riku's misty eyes. They had just got out from watching The Punisher at their local I-MAX. The night was still young as Sora's body stiffened from sitting in the car so long. Riku, who was busy reading a MAD magazine, turned to face him.

"Just tell me what you want Sora. I know you have desires like any other man." A hint of anger could be heard in Riku's voice as he slammed the magazine against the window. "Fuck Sora! I'm tired of this shit! I know you want me, so why don't you grow some fucking balls and take me already!"

"Riku…. I… I'm afraid," said Sora as he leaned away from his forbidden lover. Thunder roared in the distance as Riku grabbed Sora by the shoulders and slammed him against the car door.

"If you're not man enough to tell me how you feel, then I'll fuck you until you do!" said Riku as he punched Sora hard in the face. The door window cracked as Sora's head slammed against it. "You see what you made me do!" Riku raised his hand to slap Sora, but before he could make contact, Sora grabbed his wrist and held it tight.

"Riku, please! I don't want it to be like this!" said Sora as tears began to fall from his eyes. Riku, seeing Sora's pain, lowered his hand and started to sob.

"I'm sorry baby! I didn't mean for it to be so rough! Let me hold you." Riku wrapped his arms around Sora's trembling body. His hands ran down Sora's back as he attempted to soothe his lover.

"Riku, I just want you to love me. That's all I ever wanted," said Sora as he cried against Riku's strong shoulder. Riku gently pushed Sora off him so he could stare into his misty-blue eyes.

"I've always loved you Sora… always." Without warning, Riku pulled Sora into a fierce, passionate kiss. Sora eagerly opened his mouth allowing Riku to slide right in. Their tongues danced the dance of love as Sora ran his hands all over Riku's strong body. After a few minutes, they broke the kiss as Sora's breathing became heavy. "Show me Sora. I want to see your body. Let me pleasure you and protect you from the evils of this world," said Riku has he ran his hand over Sora's crotch. Without hesitation, Sora took off his pants to reveal his fully erect penis. A small amount of precum had already leaked out around the head.

"Riku, please, take care of me tonight. I need your strong hands around me. I need your caring heart to understand," said Sora as he leaned against the door. Using his thumb, Riku gently smeared Sora's precum along the length of his shaft. "HMMMM!" moaned Sora as his body raged with pleasure. Without warning, Sora came hard as the pleasure was too much. With lighting fast speed, Riku moved out of the way as the cumshot landing on the opposite door window. As Sora's body started to relax, Riku's eyes filled with anger.

"You stupid dick! You got cummy juice all over my Chevy! You know how much it's gonna cost to get this cleaned! I'm gonna punch you in the face until my fists bleed!" Before Sora could respond, Riku began to punch him in the face until his fist was covered in blood.

"Riku! Please stop!" shouted Sora. His words were slurred by the blood dripping into his mouth. While Riku continued to punch Sora with one hand, his other reached to open the car door. Sora fell out as his head banged hard against the wet cement.

"Get the fuck out of my car! Just do everyone a favor and eat a gun!" said Riku as he slammed the door shut. Before Sora could do anything, Riku drove off leaving Sora standing in the rain with his dick out.