It was days like these that pissed me off to no end

And it was only 7:36.

I jumped out of my dad's truck, yelling a "thanks", and sprinted into the school, leaving my sister, who was a year my junior, in the dust.

Every single morning it was the same. I would wake up extra early to make sure I had everything together, get ready, and maybe have some time to myself. While my sister Hanna would wake up at 6:45, take her sweet time getting ready, and make me late to school, all the while her teacher would never mark her tardy.

Number of referrals for Dani-3

Number of referrals for Hanna-0

Luckily for me, my schedule had recently been changed and I now had the football coach as my first period teacher, and he couldn't care less if I was late. So, I hurried over to my classroom, got to the door and took a breath before walking in.

Coach Carr loved to pick on students, but as long as I kept up an attitude, it usually didn't get to bad for me.

"You're late!" Carr yelled as I sauntered in.

"Oh, yea, sorry. I forgot, do we always have school on Mondays?" I gave a small grin. He rolled his eyes in return and told me to take a seat.

We began learning basic review and I didn't pay much attention, doodling in my notebook.

"I'm so bored." Moaned my friend, Emma, who sat right next to me. I looked at her, but ended up focusing behind her. There was that cheeky devil again, staring at me. You see, the curly headed green-eyed Harry Styles was one of those guys that loved to make you feel awkward and flirt. It was his thing.

And first hour, I was the target.

Almost every day it was the same, I'd look over and he'd just stare at me. Sometimes he'd smile. Sometimes he'd have a straight face. He would do it even when I wouldn't look. Sure it made me laugh, sure I blushed sometimes, but come on. He was "one of those boys." I couldn't take it seriously.

I rolled my eyes in return to his stare and looked back to the bored, copying down the problems Carr had given to us. As I worked on them, I heard shuffling. Apparently everyone decided to work with others in the room.

"Dan~i" Emma moaned. "He's looking at me again." I knew she was talking about Harry. I didn't know how to tell her it was me he was always doing that too. Or maybe I was wrong and he really was looking at her. Either way I shrugged and laughed. "That's what you get for being so sexy." I raised my eyes suggestively at her and we laughed together.

That laugh was interrupted by another moan. "He's coming over here." She pointed out. I looked up and sure enough the curly headed hottie was saying something to his friend and turning his eyes in our direction.

I frowned slightly. He was like a boy you would see on tv. Like, he was to good to be real. I turned back to my work as Harry pulled up a stool between my and Emma's desk. Emma was pretty. She had a round face and tan skin. Her hair was long and brown, parted to the right and she had a big smile with perfectly white teeth.

"You're such a creep!" She told Harry and laughed.

Emma was a flirt, but the farthest thing from a whore. She was athletic and very sarcastic.

"Hey, I can't help if two beautiful girls are in my class; I gotta stare." He winked. I looked up at him and raised my eyebrows.

"It's true, Emma." I told my friend. "He does the same thing to Cindy in second hour, Francey in third, Lucy in fourth, and every girl that crosses his path at lunch!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

Like Emma, I could be a flirt, but I refused to flirt with guys like Harry, who flirts with every girl. I'm just like any other teenage girl; I believe what I hear, and I wasn't about to let myself get caught up in what was Harry Styles.

"You love me." Harry stated, and I rolled my eyes and went back to my work. He went on to flirt with Emma as I tried to concentrate on fractions. It was kind of distracting, listening to his voice though. The soft accent was like none other; it was soft, silky… Seductive.

The bell rang some time later and I quickly gathered up my things and rushed out of the classroom to beat the hallway traffic. I passed one tinted window, and stopped, checking out my reflection.

I ran my fingers through my chestnut brown hair, pulled down my shirt, and whipped mascara from under my eye. Then I hurried to my next class.

The day went by uneventfully until lunch. I was with my usual group, standing in the quad at the very left of the school. We stood in our awkward circle, not saying much. Most days, the 10 of us had nothing to say.

We would always laugh about how awkward we were, but never do anything to fix it.

Harry and his friend, Sam, walked my direction.

Let me explain Harry Styles. He's 5'10. He has gorgeous, curly brown hair. His eyes are green, sparkling green. His smile is usually happy, and he has deep, beautiful dimples. He has a strange, grandpa sense of style, but pulls it off.

Sam is fairly attractive, built with tan skin, a blonde beach boy you might see in California.

"Dani!" Harry waved as he entered the circle. Everyone made room to let them in. There were only 3 girls in the group, including me. The group was usually big whenever the guys had girlfriends, but they were all single at the moment. Harry greeted the guys with a basic guy handshake and turned his attention to me.

"Hi." He smiled.

I smiled back. "Hey," I said and turned my attention to the guy next to me, Jose. He was one of the few Mexicans at our school. He definitely was not cholo, but not cute. He was muscular, but had a small belly. His skin was dark and he had big lips. He was my ex. "Give me some of your sandwich!" I requested.

"No!" Jose replied and held me back as I attempted to grab his sandwich.

Harry cleared his throat to draw my attention back to him. Sometime Jose and I flirted so much it became uncomfortable to those around us.

"Let's take a lap." Harry smiled at me. That's what people said when they wanted to walk around the school and talk.

I bit my bottom lip. "Well, ok..." I decided it was better than standing here awkwardly with this group.

Harry said bye to Sam and we began to walk together. Jose, and another boy, Darren watched us go. Darren was another ex. Not to sound conceited, but having the two boys stare a bit jealously after Harry and me made me feel pretty good about myself.

I think I'm pretty. I have long chestnut brown hair, and pale skin with freckles that dot my nose. My eyes are blueish green. I'm average height and have a kind of nice smile.

"So, what's up?" I asked him.

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you." Harry looked down at me.

I shrugged. "Well, talk!"

Okay, I was obviously making this awkward.

Harry chuckled. "You're not like most girls, are you Dani?" I grinned at him. "I pride myself on that."

"You're kind of... I dunno, I wanna say heartless almost." Harry looked forward thoughtfully.

"Eh..." Well that wasn't good.

Harry laughed. "But, you're not! I just mean, well you don't care. You don't care about what others think. You do your own thing. I like that." He turned that dimpled smile in my direction.

I rolled my eyes, but let a small smile play on my lips. "Oh great, now I need to do something else so you WON'T like it." I nudged him playfully with my shoulder.

Harry gasped. "What, Dani, are you FLIRTING with me!?" He joked.

I gave him a disgusted look. "Ew, don't flatter yourself!" I flipped my hair and walked forward, leaving him behind. It wasn't hard for him to catch up. Harry casually slung his arm around my shoulder. I looked up and he captured my gaze and held it. Another grin played on his lips.

"So, Dani, what are you doing tonight?"