The Whos thought the Grinch's mean heart had melted

but a few months after Christmas he belted,

"Why, it's nearly Easter, you mangy old mutt

and I find myself in a N-I-C-E rut!

I can't stand it, Max. I feel like a phony.

The Grinch isn't nice. That's pure baloney!

I will steal Easter from every Who

and prove to them all that I'm M-E-A-N through and through!"

The Grinch grabbed a basket-the biggest around

and threatened Max with a trip to the pound

if he refused to put on the long ears and smile

and play a good bunny...just for awhile.

Down, down the mountain the Grinch led his bunny.

He couldn't stop laughing. It was so FUN-ny!

Those Whos were in store for an Easter surprise

and just maybe they'd learn that it's wise

to never, ever trust a Grinch.

"Isn't that right, Max?" (and he gave Max a pinch!)

When the Grinch got to Who-ville

he saw eggs in the grass

and he gathered them up while the Whos were in Mass.

Into the basket flew green eggs, pink too,

lavender, yellow, orange ones and blue.

Then into their homes The Grinch quietly crept

and he found not one Who who was lazy and slept.

They were all in church-oh this was too easy!

And he loaded his basket with theirs in a breeze-y.

"Mmm...chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks,

jellybeans and for you, Max, fresh carrot sticks!"

The Grinch hauled the loot to the mountaintop,

pleased he'd made the Whos Easter stop!

He ate a few jellybeans and closely listened.

His heart sang and it glisteny glistened!

But a few minutes later the Grinch heard a...NOISE!

The Who children were singing-the girls and the boys!

And when he peered down the mountain the Grinch's jaw dropped.

Why...Easter...HADN'T been stopped!

The Whos were singing and circling in the sun.

They were actually having FUN!

"Those rotten Whos. They have tricked me again!"

The Grinch hoisted his giant basket and then

marched down the mountain with his sniveling beast

and joined the Whos for a family feast.

Seeing Cindy-Lou Who in her best Easter gown

simply erased the mean Grinch's frown.

And, as they dined on eggs and white chocolate crosses

the Grinch thought, might as well cut my losses.

Christ is alive. My heart's been reborn!

And he hugged Cindy-Lou Who that bright Easter morn.