If He Asked, I'd be His

Author's Note: So… NEW STORY :D It's a Les Mis fic so if you don't know what that is… Go to YouTube and search "Les Miserables 25" and it'll be the 5th down from the top (: Enjoy guys!

Chapter 1: Every Word He says is a Dagger in Me

Éponine burst through the doors of the ABC Café, tears streaming down her face. The students glanced up at the rue fille and returned to the work, realising that she was nothing of great importance. She took a seat at the table where leader of the revolution, Enjorlas, sat reading a fairly thick book. Enjorlas would never admit it, but he had always secretly fancied Éponine. So when she sat across from him in tears, he couldn't just sit there and ignore her. He folded down the corner of the page, shut his book, and got up. Éponine sniffled and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. When she looked up, Enjorlas was crouching in front of her, giving her a peculiar look.

"What?" Éponine whispered harshly.

"It's stupid to cry over a silly boy like Marius." Enjorlas quipped.

"I wouldn't expect you to understand. Patria is the only thing you've ever loved. A country. I don't even understand why you love our stupid country so much. That is stupid." Éponine replied.

Enjorlas bit his tongue; he didn't want to make Éponine more upset. "What happened today?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Cosette! Cosette happened. I was telling Marius to get out, to go away so he wouldn't get in trouble. And then she showed up!" Tears fell again.

Enjorlas brought his hand to Éponine's cheek and wiped her tears away. "Shhh. Who's Cosette?"

"She's… She's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. She used to live at my house; my parents treated her like a slave. I was young; I copied my parents. My mother," she spat the word as if it had a bad taste. "Treated Azelma and I like princesses. She'd make us treats like honey bread and tiny cakes. We'd hide them and say she took them. They'd beat her so hard…" A sob shook Éponine's body. "Mother would make us fancy dresses and Cosette wore the same old rags she'd gotten the first day she came to our house. She ate almost nothing for weeks at a time. Then one day, she was just… Gone. Mother said some man had come and paid to take her away."

Enjorlas grabbed Éponine's hands and held them tight. "Oh, 'Ponine…"

"And then Azelma took off. I haven't heard a word from her since. I see her around, living on the streets, begging for food… I don't even think my parents noticed she has gone…" She inhaled sharply. "I miss her so much…"

Enjorlas pulled her into a tight hug. "Shhh mademoiselle; it'll be alright."

Éponine sat up and cocked her head to the side. "You're right. Everything will be alright." she said as she got up and ran out the door, deep in thought.

"Oh dear…" Enjorlas muttered, pulling on his coat and following the heartbroken girl out of the café.

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