Aokuro future AU fic

Aomine had a dream of the old days that night.

The days of being away from Tetsu - constantly remembering that he wasn't by his side anymore, and that he was helping some other guy reach his dreams. And not him. He focused more and more on winning in those days, even letting out his anger on others, making everyone scared of him. He never really cared what the others thought of him.

All he cared about was Tetsu, and missing him with his whole body every day and every night. In which he was never successful in filling the void of Tetsu's space after he left him for Kagami.

Even when he played against Tetsu, his heart ached to see them fist bump, and he would slowly bring his hand upwards into a fist, clenching it tighter as he realized he'd never bump fists with him again. He had a new light now.

It wasn't until he finally lost against them during the winter cup when he realized they may be able to build something new again. A new friendship, and not the awkward silence they held to each other as before.

He helped Tetsu to gain his new skill, and always after their sessions at the court he went home trying to hide his smile that forced it's way onto his mouth.

He knew that he couldn't get him back from Kagami then, but having the consolation of a new beginning with Tetsu was what mattered to him most.

A light tap of his arm awoke him from his dream of the past, and he blinked groggily up at what (or who) had woken him up from the dream.

"Daiki, you're going to be late," Tetsu said, staring down at him with his unwavering light blue eyes.

"Nn….." He muttered groggily, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Kuroko reached over across him grabbing the little electronic clock that sat by their bedside.

"See Daiki. It's already 8:00. You have the mid-morning shift today at the station, don't you?" Tetsu asked, tilting his head to side, his lips a tight line of worry.

Aomine smiled, reaching up and pulling Tetsu's head down for a quick good morning kiss.

"Yeah- guess you're right. Man, if it wasn't for you Tetsu I would probably have lost my job by now."

Tetsu shook his head, punching him lightly on the arm.

"Of course you wouldn't. I know you'd still be perfectly fine even if I wasn't here."

Aomine rolled his eyes, sitting up and kissing him on the top of his head this time.

"Idiot, I wouldn't be anywhere without you."

Kuroko stood in the kitchen by the time Aomine finished getting ready for work, preparing a bento filled with dozens of variations of boiled eggs. Some were peeled into shapes, others combined with spices, and others were just the boiled egg by themselves, all neatly placed into a small dark blue bento box, laid over a blanket of lettuce.

A large Husky came over to Aomine, nuzzling his pant leg, and looked up at him, his large tongue dropping out of the side of his mouth. He still kept the same Kuroko like eyes that he had ever since he was a puppy.

Aomine chuckled, leaning down to pet the large fuzzball.

"G'morning to you too Nigou. Oi! Tetsu! Don't you think Nigou's gettin' a little chunky these days?" Aomine wondered aloud as he petted the sides of the Husky.

Tetsuya turned around, looking at the husky with a worried expression, a boiled egg still in his hand.

"I don't know how that'd be possible. I take him on walks every day before I head to the Kindergarten; as well as feeding him twice a day with the balanced portions."

Kuroko looked over at Aomine suspiciously.

"The only reason I can think of would be that someone has been feeding Nigou table scraps while I'm not looking…" Kuroko said, frowning over at Aomine.

Daiki's eyes widened in surprise, and laughed carelessly, knowing he had been caught. He always snuck pieces of meat to Nigou when they had it for dinner. After all he really had no resistance to Kuroko's eyes-the same eyes the dog himself had. What else could he do but give in after Nigou gives him such a weak and helpless expression?

Aomine glanced over at the clock on the wall, grateful for the distraction to get Tetsu off his case for feeding Nigou table scraps. Looked like he was about to be late if he didn't get out of the house soon.

"Ah! Time for me to go Tetsu."

Kuroko looked at the clock as well, his eyes widening slightly in shock at just what time it was as well. He quickly placed the last egg into the bento and snapped the lid on, wrapping it with a single white ribbon with quick precision. He slips in the chopsticks underneath the ribbon and finally hands Aomine the finished product.

"Here you are, Daiki," he says, and reaches up on his tip-toes, giving Aomine a quick peck on the lips. As Kuroko begins to draw away, Aomine reaches around to Kuroko's back, pressing Tetsu tighter against his body, and elongating the kiss.

He slides his tongue in briefly, just barely touching Tetsu's tongue, before he releases the shorter young man, and sees him blushing slightly from the kiss.

Kuroko looks up at him, flushed, at first, before he playfully hits Aomine on the top of his head.

"Now you're really going to be late you know."

"It was worth it. And we'll definitely continue where we left off when I get back. Our anniversary is tonight after all," Aomine says softly as he kisses Kuroko once more.

He leaves the apartment, whistling a cheery tune from some drama that came on while he was getting dressed, leaving a blushing and smiling Kuroko getting ready to take Nigou on his morning walk before he headed to the Kindergarten.

The first part of the morning is fairly boring for Aomine, only one or two people coming by to report a lost cat, or some random item. Then again, for the most part Aomine's days were like this. He didn't mind it either since if a more drastic case came in he'd have to actually leave his sitting position at the booth, and couldn't take his secret naps every hour or so.

It wasn't until around noon time when things really started getting noisy at the station.

The other female officers gossiped loudly behind him, in which he could clearly hear every word about him.

"Ahhhh~ Aomine-san's skin just seems to be getting even smoother and darker every day doesn't it?"

"Ehh! You're definitely right Otose-chan. He's also so muscular and dark, yet all he does is sit at the same spot everyday! And even naps all the time!"

"Go ask him Chika-san…You're more curious than me!" Said the taller one, giving the girl named Otose-chan a shove in Aomine's direction.

Aomine sighed, preparing himself for stupid girls talking to him once more. He swore he got these about every other day. Who the hell cared why he was as dark as he was…..

"U-um, Aomine-san?" The bullied girl asked him cautiously.

"Eh?" Aomine answered back, turning his head back at her, even though he already knew everything they were going to ask.

"W-we were wondering what you did to keep your skin color! And the way you keep so fit all the time!"

Aomine sighed, turning his head back to the front, and kicked up his legs up on the booth table, the heels of his boots smacking against the top.
"Who the hell cares…"

"But Aomine-San!" the girl behind him whined looking at him with pleading eyes. "We really want to know the secret to what you do!"

He waved his hand at her as if shooing a fly away, and pulled out his cellphone noticing it was already lunchtime, and his hunger gnawed at his stomach as he remembered the bento Tetsu made for him.

He reached down by his chair, pulling out the neat blue box, the ribbon slightly in disarray due to his carelessness. Aomine untied the ribbon, quickly catching the chopsticks before they fell on the table.

Daiki clamped his hands together before opening the Bento, whispering, "Thank you for the meal," under his breath. He opened the lid quickly, taking in the wonderful sight of Tetsu's handiwork with the eggs and the way they've still maintained their freshness despite it being several hours after he made them.

He dug into it with his chopsticks, striking each piece of egg in a flash and stuffing it into his mouth, one after another.

"Um…. Aomine-san. Are those… Boiled eggs in your lunch?"

"Eh? What about it?!" He snapped, annoyed she was interrupting his lunchtime.

The girl remained silent, but turned back to look at her friend with a grimace, and quickly stepped back retreating from him.

He rolled his eyes before digging back into the eggs, not understanding how they didn't think it was the most delicious lunch in the world.

Then again, he was sure they didn't have to put up with Satsuki's cooking for those eighteen odd years when she looked after him.

Aomine finished eating the bento quickly, licking his fingers to get off the salt that stuck to him from the eggs, and could feel the weird glances the girls gave him from behind. He honestly didn't care much about what others thought of him though, as long as Tetsu loved him and cared for him that was all he needed. What use were all the other people's opinions anyways? They didn't matter to him.

Tetsu… Just the thought of him always waiting for him at home, or even picking him up on the way back from work made him smile. He honestly felt like there wasn't a day that they haven't been together despite those 3 years where they were separated in high school.

Though they were painful times for him, it seems like just a Blip on the map in comparison to all these years he spent together now. They were already 26 this year, and had already been together for 8 years now. And tonight was there anniversary already.

He dug into his pocket, thumbing around for the small black box he had picked up months ago, preparing for their next anniversary. He held it in his hand, the black box fitting perfectly into his palm. Aomine opened the lid with his thumb, peering inside once again at the small silver ring, with Tetsu and his initials, engraved on the inside, along with their anniversary.

He knew it felt stupid getting Tetsu a ring, especially given the fact they couldn't marry in Japan.

But with this… He felt like the promise would still be there, even if they government wouldn't call them specifically "married".

At least he and Tetsu would know, even if no one else even came to know of their promise they'd share to spend the rest of their lives together.

But as long as Tetsu knew of his feelings for him, that was all he needed.