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Anja Fahlstrom walked along the quaint street, posting leaflets in every mailbox she passed. Her long, curly brown hair was pulled back in an untidy plait, and her green eyes appeared luminous against her thin cheeks.

Head down, she pulled up her hoodie in an attempt to block out the freezing cold that chilled her to the bone. Anja could feel the mist being created by her every breath blow back into her face, the wind nipping at every exposed inch of skin.

Shivering, her frozen hands struggled to fit the pamphlets she was being paid to distribute into peoples letterboxes. Anja turned the corner at the end of the street and abruptly ran into a heavily clothed figure, walking the other way. With a whoompf, the leaflets clutched in her hand's went flying and they both stumbled, the other person falling into the snow

'I am so sorry!' Anja exclaimed, ignoring the leaflets that were slowly being blown away by the wind as she raced to the prone figure. 'Here let me help you...'

Whatever she was about to say was cut off as she pulled her suddenly sticky hands away from the person's chest. All the colour drained from Anja's face as she lifted her hands to her face, covered in the blood of the figure before her.

• • •

'Right, what've we got ?' Kurt Wallander asked, sitting down at the large table and taking a swig of his coffee. The clock ticked 5pm and several officers were already packing their things away.

'One dead man, name unknown, approximately fifty-one years of age.' Magnus Martinsson said as he walked around the table, handing out profiles to the other detectives, Anne-Britt Hoglund and Karl Svedburg. 'Multiple stab wounds to the chest.'

'Says here we've got a witness?' Anne queried as she frowned at the pages in front of her.

'Yes. Anja Fahlstrom, twenty-two years of age, no place of residence named. She was delivering pamphlets at the time when she ran into him. Apparently she called for help as soon as she discovered he was injured.' Magnus replied, sitting down and relaxing back onto his own chair. 'She's been taken to the hospital for shock, the blood was a bit much for her presumably.'

'Have we got a statement yet?' Kurt asked abruptly, thumbing through the brief. When Magnus shook his head, Wallander stood, 'Well then that's what we're doing now. Martinsson, you're with me, Hoglund and Svedburg, see if you can find out anything else about our victim.'

'On it.' Anne and Karl replied as one, as the room erupted in a flurry of activity as detectives collected coats and gloves.

• • •

'Are you Anja Fahlstrom?' Wallander asked the young woman sitting alone on a hospital chair. Her eyes just stared blankly back at him and he sighed as he reiterated his question. 'I'm detective Kurt Wallander, and this is my associate, Magnus Martinsson. We're here to talk about what happened to you today.'

Anja nodded back mutely, suddenly able to speak as a lump formed in her throat. The detectives could see the traces of blood still on her shaking hands, and Magnus; suddenly feeling sorry for the situation this young woman found herself in, sat down next to her, placing a soft hand on her arm.

'Can you tell us exactly what happened Miss...it is Miss?' Magnus asked gently, receiving her nod of assent, before continuing, 'Tell us what happened Miss Fahlstrom.'

'I was delivering pamphlets along a street, and suddenly as I walked around a corner, I ran into a man, accidently knocking him into the snow.' Anja said softly, having to stop to clear her throat, 'When I tried to help him I found he was injured, and I...I got..I...blood,' she took a deep, shaky breath, steading herself before continuing with more conviction. 'I found I had blood on my hands after I touched him.'

'What did you do after that Miss Fahlstrom?' Kurt asked, scribbling in a small notebook he had pulled from a coat pocket

Anja's eyes became unfocused as she stared straight ahead. 'I didn't know what to do - I didn't even think about the phone in my pocket, so I ran up to the closest house and got the owners to call an ambulance.' she replied. 'That is all.'

'You were taken here as you were in shock?' Magnus asked her and Anja turned to face him as she answered his question.

'Yes, apparently.' she said vaguely, her eyes flickering shut, a tired hand ghosting over her face, 'I'm more just tired now I think.'

Wallander looked up from his notebook, flipping it shut, 'Well that will be all for now Miss Fahlstrom.' he said, looking over the young woman in front of him, 'Will you be going home now?' when she nodded mutely back at him, he continued, 'Do you have anyone to pick you up?'

Anja looked up at him with startled eyes, 'No..yes...I, erm well...no.' she stuttered. When she saw the raised eyebrows of the two men, she blushed and coughed awkwardly, 'No Sir I don't.'

Kurt turned to Magnus, his raised brow almost disappearing into his hair line. The younger man stood, and turned to her, his eyes kind as they looked down at her. 'I'll take you home then.' he said, ignoring her protests, 'Don't argue, you're in no state to drive, and the weather's too bad to walk in.'

Anja gave them both a shy half-smile as she stood and followed them out of the hospital. Once in the car park, the two men went their separate ways and she followed Magnus to his vehicle, tapping her hands against her side anxiously.

• • •

'So...' Magnus said after they had been driving for a few moments, smiling over at the woman in the seat beside him, 'Where am I going?'

Anja remained silent for a moment, mulling over what to tell him, 'Wendts Väg.' she said, giving him a shy smile, 'Do you know where that is?'

'Off Saftsjöbadsvägen yes?' he replied.

'Yes. Well done inspector Martinsson.' Anja grinned, 'You know your streets well.'

'Comes with the job,' Magnus replied flippantly, his eyes flicking over to her in a smile, 'Call me Magnus, please.'

'Alright,' she smiled shyly back at him. 'I am just 'Anja' to you also then...Magnus.'

They settled into a comfortable silence and Anja watched as the snow drifted down in light flakes from the dark sky. The snow swirled past the car as it turned onto the quiet street. 'Tell me which one's yours.' Magnus said quietly.

Suddenly anxious, Anja began to fiddle with her hands as she fretted about what to do. 'Uhhh that one.' she pointed to a pretty pair of cottages and Magnus pulled to the curb, and stopped the car. 'Thankyou for taking me home,' Anja said, giving him a tentative smile, 'I'm sorry that I cannot ask you in, but I would just like to rest tonight. I will wave you off.'

'Wait one moment,' Magnus called, leaning over the gear stick as she opened the door of the car. 'We'll need a contact number, just if there are any further questions please Anja.'

'Of course, sorry.' Anja shook her head before reciting the number to him, which he clicked into his mobile.

'Thankyou Anja.' Magnus said, flashing a smile at her, as she stepped from the vehicle.

'Maybe I'll see you again Magnus.' Anja replied, as she shut the door, giving him a wave as he drove off.

Pulling her thin jacket closer, Anja looked longingly at the quaint house she had pointed out as her own, before walking off down the road. She walked through several streets, slugging through the snow until she came to her home.

She jumped the run-down fence and walked through the ramshackle garden to her front door. The windows in the decrepit house were dark and the door stuck as she shoved it open. Anja tried to flick on the light as she entered and cursed when the bulb blew. Shivering from the cold, she went out to one of the back rooms, and collected several blankets. She peeled off her wet clothes and curled up under the blankets on the tattered couch that served as her bed, she fell asleep, facing nightmares of dark figures covered in blood. Upon entering the house, she had failed to notice through all the snow, the dark car that had followed her.

• • •

Magnus had seen her enter the crumbling house and immediately knew she had been too embarrassed to show him her real home. He had seen the discomfort and shame in her emerald green eyes before she had randomly picked a pretty cottage.

Pity surged in him for the young woman as slowly, he turned the car around. Tomorrow, he would report to Kurt and let him know about Anja's circumstances, but for tonight, he was too tired to think.

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