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Magnus rubbed a tired hand over his forehead as the computer in his cubicle blurred in and out of focus for the fifth time that afternoon. A month after that fateful day and still, he was so tired, his mind couldn't think straight.

'Ahhh Magnus, you ok?' a wary voice, his mind only just managed to process as belonging to Kurt spoke up from behind him, making him turn.

Magnus looked up at his senior detective for a moment before nodding his head, and turning back to the computer screen. 'Yeh, I'm fine.' he mumbled darkly.

Surprisingly, the older man did not immediately walk away with some profound sarcastic comment as he expected, instead, continued to stand there, shifting his posture every-so-often awkwardly, 'Look I know now might not be the best time, but...'

Something in Magnus snapped then, presumably because of just how bone-weary tired he was, 'Just say it Kurt.' He growled, glaring up at the other man.

'Well, you were right about her Magnus. She was a good one.' Wallander said awkwardly, leaning against a nearby table and tapping his fingers against the top.

'What are you saying?' Magnus grumbled, shifting in his seat uncomfortably.

Wallander sighed impatiently, and stared the younger detective down. 'I was wrong, you were right.' he said hurriedly, almost as if he were ashamed to be admitting he had been wrong, 'I shouldn't have given you reason to doubt her, and I regret that now.'

Magnus' eyebrow shot up as he stared at Kurt incredulously, 'You're apologising? To me?' he gaped.

Wallander snorted, 'Yeh yeh I know, shock horror. But sometimes Magnus, once in a while, a person in our line of work finds something worth coming home to.' he said softly. 'You found it.'

There was silence for a few moments as Magnus considered his partners words. As much as he didn't like to admit it, the man's support and approval with his work meant more than he dared to say. When Wallander turned to walk away, his piece said, Magnus spoke up 'You know what the last thing I said to her was?' he whispered, 'Before that day?

Kurt turned back to the younger man and frowned at his stricken face, 'What?'

'I told her to get out, that I thought she had killed her own father. I'd been living with her for weeks and seen what she was like, how beautiful, and kind and sweet she was; and I still said that.' Magnus half groaned tortuously, his haunted eyes turning to the older man's, 'What kind of guy does that?'

Wallander considered the broken young man in front of him for a few moment, before finally answering 'A human one.' he said startlingly, 'One that makes mistakes.'

Magnus sat in gobsmacked silence as he considered Wallander's logic. 'Go home Magnus.' the man said, walking away, down the hall, 'You need a rest. You shouldn't have even come back to work, not after that. Trauma and all.' he shrugged, walking away.

'Says he, the king of following orders,' Magnus replied flippantly, his usual arrogant charm coming back, hiding once more his fears and sadness under a tough outer shell.

'Yeh, yeh. Go HOME Magnus.' Wallander called over his shoulder as he strode out the door.

• • •

When he walked into his apartment, Magnus shook off his coat, droplet's of water splattering all over the floor. With a tired sigh, he took one look around at the darkened rooms and then down at the muddied floor and decided he'd clean it up later.

Kicking off his muddy shoes at the door, Magnus ran his fingers through his wild curls as he made his way to the bedroom and listened to the rain beat down on the window. As he moved, the tiny kitten Fluffy (who was not quite so tiny anymore) twined herself about his legs in a small display of comfort that made him smile. When he stepped through the door into the darkened room, the first thing he saw was an empty bed before a pair of arms came from the darkness behind him and snaked around his waist.

'You didn't think I'd let you come home and not say hello did you?' the voice that belonged to the arms said, as Magnus turned and smiled down into those captivating green eyes.

'Never.' he whispered, as one of his hands reached up and gently stroked the side of Anja's face, all his energy coming back to him. Her cocky raised eyebrow, full of sarcastic humor was just one thing about her that always made him smile, 'Although by doctors orders, you were supposed to be asleep approximately three hours ago.' he said as he feigned checking his watch.

'Doctors.' Anja sniffed imperiously, her fingers tangling themselves in his hair as she smiled devilishly up at him, 'What do they know?'

Magnus let out a bark of laughter as he pulled her to him and pressed his lips to her own in unrelenting passion. It was several hours later, in the dull light of pre-dawn that he woke from his short and fitful sleep. His dreams were full of blood and death now, and he kept seeing Anja fall as she jumped in front of him; saving him from the bullet that might very well have claimed his life.

But she was here now, safe, and sleeping peacefully beside him, oblivious to the fears that haunted his mind. Magnus watched with a small smile on his face, as her chest expanded and constricted with each breath. Gently, with the hand draped languidly over her waist, he began drawing soft patterns on her skin, tracing every line, every curve and contour of her body. Memorising the feel of her on his skin. A painful frown settled on his features as his fingertips traced the still puckered scar on her back. The one that he had been the cause of.

With a sigh, Anja rolled over to face him and stared intently up into his face. He hadn't even realised she was awake 'It is not your fault, you have to stop blaming yourself Magnus.' she whispered, reaching up with one hand to cup his cheek, 'It was my choice and everything is all right now. You have nothing to fear.'

Magnus squeezed his eyes shut and leaned into her palm, 'I cannot help it.' he whispered, before his eyes opened and he grimaced at her 'Anyway, I thought you were asleep.'

Anja simply raised her eyebrow at that, 'Hmmmpf. Like I'd still be asleep with you doing that,' she growled, snuggling closer, 'You have to stop worrying Magnus, all that is over and done with. You've got to live in the present, not the past. Stop worrying about what might have happened and be glad what did happen, happened. I am.'

It was Magnus' turn to raise his eyebrow at that comment, 'You're happy you got shot?' he mused darkly, 'Happy that I let you out of my sight? Happy that I said so many unforgivable things to you?'

'They were forgiven as soon as they were said Magnus you know that!' Anja said, sitting up and glaring down at him with angry emerald eyes, her wild curls falling around her shoulders and over her breasts, 'Stop beating yourself up about it. Yes I am happy, because I am content with the way things ended. Are you not?'

Magnus sighed, and sat up also before pushing away a single dark curl from her face. 'More-so than I ever have before.' he said simply, his blue eyes soft, 'But that does not mean I will ever fully forgive myself for it.'

Anja glared at him a moment longer before flopping back onto the bed with a huff, 'Fine.' she said sulkily, turning once more on her side, facing away from him. The move was one that made Magnus grin as expertly, he moulded himself against her back.

'I can however, spend a lot of time making up for it.' he growled hotly in her ear, as one of his hands slipped under Anja's waist and pulled her closer.

'Really? How?' came the faint reply.

'I would do anything you wanted,' Magnus whispered silkily in her ear as his hand splayed over her stomach.

Anja seemed to consider him for a few moments before replying, 'Really?' she asked, 'Anything?'

Magnus smirked into her shoulder as he answered 'Your wish is my command.'

'Ok then.' Anja said, turning once more in his arms to face him, and looking at his chest as she traced light patterns on it with her fingertips as he had done earlier to her, 'I think I want to go back to school, there are some good colleges here in Ystad I could go to.'

The request caught him off guard and his arms tightened around her instinctively as if she might run from his grasp right then and there. 'Ok.' he said slowly, 'May I ask why?'

Anja blushed and didn't look up into his eyes as she answered, 'Well, I never got to finish school and it's something I feel like I have to do,' she murmured, a light frown on her forehead, 'I want to do things Magnus, get a job. I want to be someone.'

'Hey,' Magnus said, sternly, tilting her chin up with a finger so she met his gaze. 'You ARE someone to me, and if this is what you really want then I'm behind you all the way. Never forget that.'

A radiant smile flashed across her face, as Anja processed his words, 'Oh Magnus,' she cried happily as she enveloped him in a hug, wrapping herself around him as he rolled on top of her. She kissed him again and again, until they were both out of breath, their foreheads pressed together as they gasped for air.

Smiling, Anja reached up and stroked the side of his face, as Magnus leaned down and kissed her lovingly once more. When they broke apart and he nuzzled into her neck, she barely caught the whispered words as he moved, his soft 'I love you.'

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