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Chapter 2:


There was a garden. A garden filled with roses planted along a stone path – which was where she found herself standing. She smiled up into the face of a man . . . a man who's features she couldn't quite make out . . . but she knew she loved him. They were holding hands, and he was gently leading her through the garden. "Serenity. . ." he whispered, gently squeezing her hand. She frowned. Who was Serenity? And why did this feel so . . . right to her? Who was he? His fingers moved towards the mans face – and then she gasped as he faded from her reach – replaced by fire . . . and the smell of blood and burnt flesh all around her. A sinister face loomed in front of her – and then flew towards her at an alarming rate.

Usagi shot up and screamed. She panted, terrified as she looked around the room. Her room. She sighed as she began to relax. It had been a dream . . . but it had been so real . . . she whimpered and then frowned, looking around again. When on earth had she gone to bed the previous night? The last thing she remembered was -

"The park!" she gasped, moving her long legs out of the bed and heading quickly to her bathroom. She stopped very suddenly as her eyes caught the time on her alarm clock and she faltered. 4 PM? That couldn't be possible! - could it? She frowned, walking into the bathroom anyways and quickly cleaning up. She heard a knock at her door and frowned, leaving the bedroom and padding to the other end of the room. She opened it and looked at her concerned mother, who had not known Usagi to sleep so late ever!

"Is everything okay?" Ikuko asked, taking in Usagi's frumped state. Usagi smiled.

"Of course." she said, "I was studying -"

"This whole time?" Ikuko asked – and then her eyes darted to the cast on Usagi's wrist, "What on earth happened?" she asked.

"I fell – running yesterday . . . wasn't that big of a deal." Usagi smiled cheerfully, hoping her mother would buy her ridiculous amount of lie. Ikuko frowned and crossed her arms, shaking her head before moving towards the stairs.

"Well come down and eat – you must be starving – papa is watching the news and Shingo is doing homework at the table." Ikuko took one last look at her daughter before shaking her head once more and leaving her standing in the doorway. Usagi paused before sighing, closing the door and running a hand through her hair.

The dream she'd had . . . it had felt as though it was something she had done before. But that would be completely impossible. She sighed again, thinking back to the Sailor Senshi trying to take her memories of them away. How had it now worked? A better question though was how on earth had she gotten back to her home – tucked in bed. She looked quickly around the room for Luna – but didn't see her anywhere. Sighing, she decided it was for the better. Even though it was stupid – she felt as though one of her best friends had lied to her. About being a talking cat? Well that was almost silly. But still a lie.

Heading out of her room, she decided she didn't care that she was in her pajamas and quickly dashed down the stairs to the large living room below. She frowned when she spotted her entire family – including her mother – sitting around the television – the promised food sitting in an unknown location beyond the wall.

She walked forward and realized what the three of them were looking at with such worry . . . the same thing everyone in Juuban had worried about for nearly three years – monsters and the sailor senshi. It usually took the four girls many hours to beat a monster – and in that time there were usually casualties – and always hospital trips. Usagi bit her lip – her eyes recognizing each of the senshi now that she knew who they were. She watched as Sailor Mars – Rae – was hit by something that looked dreadfully like acid and felt ill.

"Actually Mama . . ." Usagi said, "I'm not hungry – I think I'm going to go and lie down . . ." Ikuko's brown eyes went to her daughter's face and she frowned.

"Are you feeling okay?" she asked the blonde. Usagi nodded – lying – and quickly headed out of the room and back up the stairs. Everything started to shake – the world spinning around her. 'Is this because of whatever Luna did to me?' she thought as she fell to her knees and crawled the rest of the way to her room. She pulled herself onto her bed and gasped as she suddenly started sweating – the world completely falling into a warm, bright white light. Her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep.

Usagi awoke much later and looked around her now dark room. She could hear Luna purring at the foot of her bed – and as she sat up, she could see the cat was obviously asleep. She ran a hand through her bangs and looked around the dark room – spotting a crescent moon out her window. She bit her lip and sighed, feeling much better than she had that afternoon.

What on earth had happened? She shivered, suddenly remembering the dream she'd had before she'd woken up. She had been a senshi – and she'd defeated the youma . . . with almost no effort! How unusual . . . She looked out the window and a flash of her being scooped up by strong arms entered her mind. She shivered again, pulling her blanket up over her shoulders and sighing.

What had happened to make her so sick? And why was she now having dreams of being a Sailor Senshi . . .? It really made no sense to the blonde. She closed her eyes and sighed again, wishing she had never stayed in the bathroom on Friday . . . none of this would have happened!

A silent tear slipped down her cheek. If she was more brave she wouldn't have even been in the bathroom to begin with! If she had just stood up for herself. . . if she had done what Naru had always done for her . . . she opened her eyes and sighed, hugging her knees to herself. If only she was someone else . . . someone who could be brave . . . who didn't get treated like crap for whatever the reason. She looked out her window again and then stood, walking over to get a better look of the moon. She pushed the window open, feeling the cool evening air on her face and sighed.

She could always transfer to Juuban Private . . . her marks weren't as good as they could be but she could work on them . . . the only problem with that would be not getting to see Naru and Umino as much . . . but at least she wouldn't be bullied.

'Or you would be. Maybe it's you.' she thought sourly. Shaking her head, she walked back to her bed and sat down, eyeing up the seemingly innocent cat at the end of the bed. She bit her lip and lay down – wishing things weren't so hard to figure out and deal with. Feeling sleep take her again, she momentarily wondered why she was so tired before once more falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning Usagi woke up to the sound of pounding on her door. Frowning, the girl got up and sleepily walked to the door, opening it and seeing a very excited looking Shingo standing before her. He was her younger brother – two years younger to be exact – and normally the two of them argued as siblings normally did.

"What do you want twerp?" Usagi asked. Shingo grinned, grabbing her good arm and pulling her from her room. Protesting, the blonde followed, wondering what was going on as the two of them went down the stairs towards the television. Usagi suddenly wondered if the senshi were still fighting – and then remembered she'd seen Luna sleeping peacefully in her bed the night before – so wondered what was going on.

Shingo pushed her onto the chair and turned the news on – where a stern looking news anchor looked back at them – her voice unwavering as she talked about the battle from the previous night. Usagi gave Shingo a confused look, but the boy ignored her.

"And for the first time since the attacks on Juuban began – we have no one in hospitals – no deaths – or anything troubling to report." the woman said. Usagi's eyes widened a fraction, "What appears to be a new Senshi has appeared and saved us – disappearing as quickly as she came. Who is this new hero – and will she continue to aid the senshi in their battle against the monsters?" the woman went on as some footage from the battle flashed across the screen and Usagi frowned, eyeing the new senshi curiously. She was short with long blonde hair – kept in the same hairstyle as – herself. Usagi paled slightly – but was unable to see the girls face as the footage cut and more stories about the new fighter came on.

"Isn't it great?" Shingo asked excitedly, his brown eyes bright with happiness. Usagi nodded slowly and then stood, heading up the stairs to her room and leaving a very confused Shingo to watch her go. She went into her room and shut the door quickly before going into the bathroom and undressing. She climbed into the shower quickly and frowned when she felt slight pain on her left leg and looked down – seeing a nasty looking scar she hadn't had the day before there.

'What on earth is going on?' she thought wildly, cleaning up quickly and getting out of the shower before towelling off and dressing. She pulled her hair up into her usual style and quickly headed out of the house – yelling a goodbye behind her as she went. She wasn't sure what was going on – but had an idea that the library might be a place to start looking.

'though really . . . who's going to have a book on the senshi?' she thought, shaking her head as she ran. Running was something that had always come easy to the girl. She had always found it to be something she could do well – something that not everyone was good at. She wasn't sure what started her on running – When she had one time been late for school every day – it had been one of those things that kept her sort of on schedule as she went through life.

After roughly fifteen minutes, the girl came to a stop in front of Juuban Public Library – and after catching her breath – headed inside. What was she going to ask for? Maybe a book on the planets? The senshi were named after the planets . . . would there be something in a book like that about such things? She sighed and walked into the quiet building, heading in the non fiction section at the back. She walked slowly as she was thinking, wondering if there was even a point of being there – and then grunted as she ran into someone taller than her.

"Watch it Odango Atama." she heard the person say in annoyance. She frowned, bowing slightly.

"I'm so sorry – I . . . Odango Atama?!" she asked, looking up and seeing an annoyed, very tired looking Chiba Mamoru. He wore a rumpled green coat and black sweater – and appeared as though he'd been there for a lot longer than normal.

"You heard me – what other name would I give someone with hair like that?" he smirked, taking a seat at a table covered in books. Usagi folded her arms in annoyance and glanced at the books he'd collected. She frowned. They were all about planets. Looking at him the blonde frowned. It couldn't be that he was looking for the same thing as she was – could it? She realized that he had some books about the moon as well – and wondered what that was all about. He raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"What?" he asked, looking slightly annoyed.

"Why space?" she asked curious, "Do you have a project coming up?" Mamoru stiffened and then glared at her.

"It's not your business, Odango -"

"My name is Usagi." she bit out, annoyed with him. He looked at her and shrugged.

"Tomato, Tamato." he smirked. Usagi glared at him and glanced around, not having time for his rudeness.

"Where did you get these?" she asked, hoping he'd be decent and tell her. He raised an eyebrow.

"Well . . ." he looked thoughtful, "We are in the library . . . where do most people get books in the library?" Usagi glared at him, annoyed.

"Whatever. You're a jerk and I'm not dealing with it." she said, crossing her arms and walking off. He shrugged as he watched her go, amused.

Usagi swore under her breath as she headed in the direction he had been coming from when she'd run into him and looked around for the books she needed – when she spotted two women standing in the back, talking in a low whisper. She would have completely ignored them if she hadn't heard the words, 'Sailor Senshi,' and 'Sailor Moon'. She frowned, glancing around quickly to make sure no one saw her, before taking refuge behind a large bookshelf and straining her ears.

"She's got to be Sailor Moon, Setsuna." one of the women said. The other woman, who was apparently Setsuna looked thoughtful, her crimson eyes on the girl in front of her.

"I believe you . . . but . . . there was never supposed to be a Sailor Moon, Micheru . . . there's something completely wrong with this picture -" The girl known as Micheru sighed and folded her arms.

"Well . . ." she began, looking as though she was thinking it over very carefully, "Maybe because we can't find the princess . . . she's been sent to help us – because she is the senshi of the moon?"

"Maybe she is the princess." Setsuna said, "But why would she have our powers . . . she's not supposed to be a warrior – she's supposed to be protected." Usagi frowned, wondering what on earth they were talking about. She moved to hear them better but inwardly swore as they walked off to continue their discussion. Pouting, the blonde straightened herself and continued her journey to find the books she was looking for.

Who were Micheru and Setsuna – and what did they know about the senshi? She shook her head, knowing it really wasn't any of her business. She spotted the books with planets on the front and smiled in triumph. Grabbing a few of them, she went to sit down, hoping to at least find something.

After roughly an hour of search however, the blonde realized her first fears of finding nothing were probably coming true. The senshi were new – not something that would be in a book about space! She groaned at her own stupidity before setting the book she had been searching through aside and standing up. So where else would she find information about her dream – and her scar?

She wandered back to the front of the library and saw that Mamoru was still sitting there, pouring over his own books. She went to walk past him, not wanting to deal with him again – but stopped in her tracks when he looked up, his dark eyes hard.

"What do you want, Odango?" he asked, obviously annoyed. Usagi glared, putting her hands on her hips.

"Excuse me – I didn't say anything – I was just walking by you grumpy jerk!" she answered, her voice getting louder with every word.

"Just go away." he ordered, motioning for her to leave with his hand. Usagi glared at him.

"What on EARTH is your damage?" she asked, "You're so . . . so -"

"Kicked out – both of you now." Usagi and Mamoru both looked over to see Setsuna standing over them – looking very annoyed. Usagi blushed apologetically and quickly headed for the door – followed by a cussing Mamoru.

"Really?" he asked, annoyed as the door was shut on the two of them. Usagi looked up at him, her blue eyes serious.

"If you hadn't been such a jerk you could have stayed – I was already leaving." she said, turning from him. Mamoru raised an eyebrow, shoving his hands in his pockets. Usagi did the same and turned from him and then frowned, glancing back, "Why the moon anyways?" she asked, wondering if he would answer this time.

"Mind your own business, Odango." he growled, walking off. Usagi glared after him and went in the opposite direction – towards her house. Mamoru shook his head, wondering why she was so damn curious and quickly headed to his car.

He needed to figure out who the new senshi was. What was it about her that had made him stop what he was doing and jump into battle? Tuxedo Kamen didn't fight monsters . . . he was looking for the Silver Crystal – and that was interrupted by a blonde in a short skirt and boots? He shook his head, getting into the red vehicle and relaxing against the seat. He didn't have time for all that!

But the pull . . . and when he'd gotten to the fight and seen the girl there – his need to protect her as she fought – it was stronger than anything he'd ever felt before. Swearing, the man sighed, looking out his window. He was sure he was getting closer to finding some sort of story about Moon people when the Odango girl had interrupted him – and now he couldn't remember what he was doing with it at all. He sighed again, rubbing his eyes as he tried to figure things out. First a moon princess – and now a Sailor senshi from the moon? what did it all mean? He sighed, starting the car and driving towards his apartment. He would eat lunch and worry about it later.

Usagi trudged along as she headed towards her home, wishing her weekend wasn't nearly gone with all of the questions she had running through her head. She kicked a stone ahead of her and sighed, keeping her eyes on her feet as she went. Her head moved upwards when she heard a scream rather close to her, and quickly turned to move in the opposite direction. She couldn't be around if the senshi showed up – imagine getting in the middle of a fight. 'Though you might have done that already.' she thought sourly, her legs taking her back towards the library.

Suddenly a green and purple monster landed in front of her and she shrieked, falling back on her rear. She looked up at the creature in fear, swearing inwardly as she tried to think of some way to escape – anything . . . but she couldn't think of anything.

"Give me your energy!" the creature shrieked. Usagi tried to move away from it, but failed as she was grabbed around the middle. She suddenly felt very weak as the creature lifted her in the air, a soft sigh escaping her lips. She reached towards it – her movements slow and shaky – and placed a hand on the creatures face. A bright white light escaped her hand and the creature screamed as it dropped her – leaving Usagi in a tired heap at its feet.